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Groww Complaints

Groww Detail

Groww is a Bangalore based broker offering online flat fee discount brokerage services to invest in Equity, IPO, and Direct Mutual Funds. Groww is the brand name for Nextbillion Technology Private Limited who is a SEBI registered stockbroker and a member of NSE and BSE. Established in 2016, Groww initially started as a direct mutual fund investment platform. In the mid-2020s, Groww expanded its product offering to include Equity trading. The company also offers Digital gold, US Stocks, and Fixe... Know more about Groww

Complaint against Groww Broker

Groww brokerage complaints report provide detail about the number of complaints received by the stock exchanges from the Groww customers. The Groww complaints report analyzes the Groww online complaint data provided by BSE and NSE. This report shows the health of the broker.

These complaints are serious grievances against Groww broker which the broker and customer failed to resolve. The customer then filed these legal complaints with the stock exchange.

The Groww complaint no. report also provides Groww’s number of active clients. This shows the growth of the broker year on year.

Groww Complaints

Exchange Financial Year Total Complaints Active Clients
BSE 2021-22 38 894,812
NSE 2021-22 78 2,964,344
BSE 2020-21 2 2,650
NSE 2020-21 32 780,570
BSE 2019-20 1 2,650

Groww complaint at NSE

Active Clients2964344780570
Resolved through the exchange5628
Non actionable162
Advised / Opted for arbitration00
Pending for redressal with exchange62
No. of arbitration filed by clients
Decided by arbitrators in favour of the clients
Decided by the arbitrators
Pending for redressal with arbitrators

Groww complaint at BSE

Active Clients89481226502650
Resolved through the exchange3721
Non actionable300
Advised / Opted for arbitration000
Pending for redressal with exchange100
No. of arbitration filed by clients000
Decided by arbitrators in favour of the clients000
Decided by the arbitrators000
Pending for redressal with arbitrators000


  • * Including against its sub brokers, authorised persons, employees, etc.
  • ** Non actionable means the complaint that are incomplete / outside the scope of the Stock Exchange


11. Gds  Jan 21, 2022 10:32:54 PM I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
I faced a technical issue from groww options are unable to sell due to technical error on groww app. I had lost around Rs 7500 due to the lagging of groww app...
10. Abhishek pal  Jan 17, 2022 11:42:36 AM I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
My mail I'd change krna h modification form bheja hu but abhi tk clear nhi hua help me mera Paise withdrawal krna h jarurat h Bangalore office me bhej hu
9. Shivam Pandya  Jan 13, 2022 11:58:35 AM I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
My 5000 money debited from my bank account but no add my groww account
Why ?
Where you give my refund?
8. Dr.Ganesh  Jan 13, 2022 9:51:47 AM I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
App not opening most of the time . Crashes often
7. Chetan Verma  Dec 27, 2021 10:15:54 AM I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
Order not execute due to app not working properly
My order Bank Nifty 30 december 21 -34300 PE -25 lot buying price 254 today I I limit an 400 but order not execute due to app problem
Bank Nifty 30 december 21 -34100 PE -25 limit at 300 but order not execute due to application problem
7.1. Aditya Kumar  Dec 27, 2021 4:44:09 PM I Like It. | Report Abuse
Same bro I have 100qty of 16750 put , initially I was in profit but groww didn't let me close my position and my profit turned into loss
6. Pandurang Kalyan Khudanpur  Dec 26, 2021 7:24:34 PM I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
I opened demat account in Groww after confirming all the facilities including physical shares certificates dematerilization. Now since last 8 months I am corresponding with Groww for dematerializing of my physical share certificates. But I am told that due to covid situation the facility is discontinued.
I am in dilema.

Groww should not have lied to me while account opening. How other brokers like Zerodha etc. are able to provide dematerilzation service?
5. Abhirami AP  Dec 2, 2021 8:25:23 PM I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
Invested Rs 5000 through groww app in tata digital fund and redeemed after some weeks. In the process I submitted to add my sbi bank account to groww also to remove my federal bank account attached to groww initially.. They keep on rejecting my sbi bank details each time i submit it. They keep on asking he to reupload the same bank details again and again. So my money is stuck in Groww wallet. I am unable to withdraw it.
4. Vivek Kumar Singh  Sep 23, 2021 8:19:11 AM I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
मेरा ईमेल आईडी चेंज करने के लिए मैं ऑफलाइन फॉर्म भर के 24 अगस्त 2021 को कोरियर किया था लेकिन अभी तक मेरा खाता एक्टिवेट नहीं किया गया है कृपया इसको चालू करने की कृपा करें एमडीडीए कोरियर नंबर Mdd520791
3. Kushal Arya  Aug 6, 2021 1:12:26 PM I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
They missed to write First Name in KYC.
I asked them to resolve this, but due to low skilled customer support and long response times; they have not helped me yet.
It turned out to be nightmare for me to use Groww platform. They are the worst.
2. Bikash ch chakraborty  Jun 11, 2021 5:28:48 PM I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
Tata steel bsl 365 sold and 265 snatched not yet been returned on 11 jun 2021
1. shivanand  Jan 19, 2021 9:36:59 AM I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
groww site will not properly in emergencies