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Groww offers Groww web and Groww mobile app as trading platforms to its customers for online trading. These trading applications are available for free to all the clients of Groww. 

Groww started as an investment platform for direct mutual funds with Equity stocks investments added recently in June 2020. Groww is one of the fastest-growing investment platforms in India, expanding at jet speed with many products lined up to be added in web and mobile app versions in a phased manner. Groww currently offers online trading services in Equity, mutual funds, and digital gold (on the web only) with other products like US Stocks and Fixed Deposits in the development and testing phases.

Groww Trading Software

Groww offers a robust trading platform with the below trading software and tools:

  1. Groww (Web browser-based trading website)
  2. Groww trading app (mobile trading app)

Groww does not have an installable trading terminal or call and trade facility and currently offers to trade via web and mobile app only.

Groww also provides a range of online trading calculators to its customers. The online trading calculators are useful in quickly calculating brokerage and other fees, margin, returns on SIP/Lumpsum investment, etc.

Groww Online Calculators:

  • Groww Brokerage Calculator
  • Groww Margin Calculator
  • Groww SIP Calculator
  • Groww Lumpsum Calculator
  • Groww SWP Calculator
  • Groww Mutual Fund Return Calculator

Apart from these basic trading calculators, Groww also has many other calculators that help manage, assess, calculate returns/interest and decide on other personal investments like PPF, RD, FD, HRA, Home loan, NPS, etc.

Groww Trading Platform

In this section, let us see the details and features of the Groww trading platforms:

1. Groww Trading app (mobile app)

Groww trading app is a mobile app by Groww. The mobile trading software is available for Android and Apple smartphones. Groww customers can download this app for free and use it to trade at BSE and NSE. Groww app is one of the highly-rated apps in Play store and AppStore with a rating of 4.5 and 4.6. Groww is a secure app with a high level of encryption standard. Currently, the Groww app allows you to invest in Equity stocks and mutual funds. The app offers many essential trading features as listed below:

  • Instant and paperless online account opening.
  • Available for Apple and Android devices.
  • Secure app with 128-bit SSL encryption.
  • Candlestick chart to track stock movements.
  • One-click buy/sell.
  • Simple user interface.
  • Access to financial reports of listed Indian companies.
  • Seamlessly connected with Groww web.
  • Access to 5000+ direct mutual funds.
  • Option to switch to direct mutual funds.



Groww Mobile App Download

The Groww mobile app is available for free in Play store and App Store for Google Android and Apple iOS smartphones.

2. Groww (web-based trading platform)

Groww is also offered as an online trading website along with a mobile app. You can access the Groww website from any computer or phone which has a web browser installed on it. The Groww web allows you to invest in Digital Gold along with Stocks and mutual funds. The website is intuitive with a host of features as per below: 

  • Super-fast execution.
  • Seamlessly connected with Groww app.
  • Access to various online calculators
  • Access to resources, eBooks on basics of investment.
  • Informative and educative blogs.
  • Access to financial reports of Indian listed companies.
  • Option to invest in digital gold.
  • Option to explore and compare Stocks, MF for better investment decision.
  • Online IPO Application.




Groww offers in-house built proprietary trading platforms to its investors for trading at BSE and NSE. These evolving Groww trading platforms aim to make the trading and investment journey simple, efficient, transparent, and seamless for its customers. You can choose to invest either via the web or mobile app based on your preference or switch seamlessly between them as desired.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. Does Groww allow short selling?

    Groww allows only Intraday short selling that can help investors book profits in case of adverse market situations wherein you can sell stocks at a higher price and then square off the position by buying at a lower price.

    Groww does not allow STBT (Sell Today Buy Tomorrow) orders.


  2. 2. Does Groww allow stop-loss orders?

    Yes, Groww allows stop-loss orders. Groww has recently introduced the Stop-loss order feature that can help the investors to limit their losses and reduce the risk.

    You can find the Stop Loss feature in the Advanced Options on the order placement screen.




  3. 3. Is it secure to use Groww trading platforms?

    Groww trading platforms are safe and secured with SSL certification and 128-bit encryption, one of the highest levels of encryption standard. The personal information and transactions are stored securely through these high levels of encryption.


  4. 4. What are the order types available with Groww?

    Groww offers basic order types like Limit Order and Market Order. The company has recently introduced a Stop-Loss Order feature. It also allows BTST.

    A limit order is an order to buy/sell the stock at a specific price.

    A market order is an order to buy/sell the stock at the current market price.

    A Stop-loss order feature is a trigger to limit the loss and reduce the risk.


  5. 5. What are the trading platforms offered by Groww?

    Groww offers a proprietary trading platform to its investors in the name of Groww. Groww trading platform is available on the web and as a mobile app only. It does not have call and trade services.

    Groww Trading platforms:

    • Groww website

      Groww website is a web-based trading platform that can be accessed from any computer or phone that has a web browser installed on it.

    • Groww trading app

      Groww trading app is a mobile app by Groww that is available for Android and Apple smartphones.


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