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Prostocks Trading Software Review | Download, Demo

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Founded in 2016, ProStocks is a Mumbai based online stock broker. The company offers online trading services in equity, currency and derivatives segments. It also offers mutual fund and depository services.

ProStocks USP is its low brokerage fee. The company has 2 different pricing models; per trade flat fee brokerage and unlimited trading plans.

The flat fee brokerage plan charges Rs 15 per executed order, regardless of the size of the order.

The unlimited monthly trading plan offers truly 'brokerage free' unlimited number of trades in a month at Rs 899 for unlimited Equity and Equity Derivatives trading and Rs 499 for unlimited Currency trading. Customers don't have to pay any brokerage fee but only the monthly plan fee. There is no restriction on the number of orders, quantities, etc. in unlimited plans.

Major Advantages of ProStocks Discount Broker

  1. Ultra low brokerage fee of Rs 15 per trade.
  2. Unlimited monthly trading plans for high volume traders.
  3. Zero Professional Clearing Members (PCM) Fee.
  4. Lowest stamp duty of maximum Rs 50 (except Maharastrarstra and Rajasthan customers).
  5. Free access to desktop, web and mobile trading platforms.
  6. Instant online paperless account opening process.
  7. Cheaper call & trade. Charge only Rs 10 per executed order extra.
  8. Zero account opening fee.

ProStocks Trading Software

ProStocks offers free online trading software to its customers. The Company offers both, in-house built trading platforms as well as NSE NOW to its customers. ProStocks trading platform includes:

  1. ProStocks Desktop (Installable Trading Platform)
  2. ProStocks Web (Web-based Platform)
  3. ProStocks Mobile (Mobile Trading App)
  4. NSE Now

All the trading platforms offer good features to invest across equity, currency and derivatives at NSE and BSE. The online trading software caters to the needs of both experienced and new traders.

1. ProStocks Desktop (Installable Trading Platform)

ProStocks Desktop is an installable trading terminal. It is online trading software that offers a dealer terminal like experience to the traders. The software can be downloaded in a desktop computer and can be used for trading via the internet. Some of the major features of ProStocks desktop are:

  • Trade across NSE and BSE
  • Create multiple market watches based on multiple indices
  • Advanced real-time charting features with good analysis tools
  • Intra-day, tick-by-tick, 1 min, 5 min, 15 min, 30 min, 60 min, daily, weekly, monthly quarterly, half-yearly and yearly charts.
  • Place buy/sell orders directly from Charts
  • In-built Index Options strategies and Options calculator
  • Monitor multiple scrips for new high/ low, new 52 weeks high/ low etc.
  • Bulk trades across segments and exchanges
  • Support After Market Orders (AMO)
  • Set order and price alerts
  • View and monitor positions and holdings
  • Secured fund transfer facility
  • Hotkeys for faster trading
  • Several customization features


Prostocks Desktop


ProStocks Desktop App Download (ProStocks Trading Software Download)

ProStocks offers a range of features to analyze and trade in stocks, derivatives etc. The ProStocks Trading software can be downloaded from its website.

Steps To Download ProStocks Desktop App

  1. Visit ProStocks website
  2. Click on the 'Support' tab on the top right side menu and then click on 'Downloads'
  3. On the 'Downloads' page, click on 'Trading Platforms - Download' on the left side menu
  4. Click on 'ProStocks Desktop Trading Application' to download the app

ProStocks Desktop App Demo (ProStocks Trading Software Demo)

The ProStocks desktop trading software is designed for both experienced and new traders. Users would need a demo to understand many advanced features offered by the platform.

ProStocks offer online demo through a remote screen share. Simply call or email their customer support to request a demo. A company representative will explain all the features and functions of the platform.

2. ProStocks Web (Web-based Platform)

ProStocks Web is an online trading website built using the latest internet technologies. The platform enables easy, fast and secure trading. It offers all the features of the desktop app on a web-based interface. Key features of the platform include-

  • A single platform to trade across equity, derivatives and currency across NSE and BSE
  • Get live quotes and reports
  • Create multiple market watch based on segments, industry etc
  • Set email and SMS price alerts
  • Real-time rule-based risk management
  • Hotkeys for terminal-like experience
  • Fund transfer facility with leading banks
  • Multi-level security check for secured trading


Prostocks Web


3. ProStocks Mobile (Mobile Trading App)

ProStocks Mobile provides traders with the convenience to monitor and trade from anywhere using Smartphone devices. It offers many useful features like:

  • Place buy/sell orders on stocks, derivative contracts etc. across NSE and BSE
  • Get live quotes on stocks
  • Charting features with analysis tools to analyze trades
  • View and monitor positions and holdings
  • Secured and reliable trading


Prostocks Mobile Trading App


ProStocks Mobile App Download

The ProStocks mobile app is available for Google Android and Apple iOS smartphones. The mobile app can be downloaded for free from:


ProStocks also offers its customer access to NSE NOW trading software. NSE NOW is a platform built by National Stock Exchange and is available in Desktop, Web and Mobile versions. Key Features of NSE NOW platform are-

  • Live quotes and streaming news
  • Create multiple watchlists
  • Advance order types like bracket orders (BO) and aftermarket orders (AMO)
  • Trade from market watch
  • Advanced interactive charts

ProStocks NSE NOW Desktop App Download

You can download the NSE NOW desktop as a ProStocks customer and trade on it.

Steps To Download ProStocks NSE NOW Desktop App

  1. Visit ProStocks website
  2. Click on the 'Trading' tab on the top menu and then click on 'Trading Platforms'
  3. On the 'Trading Platforms' page click on 'NSE NOW' tab, scroll down the page and in the 'NOW Desktop' section, click on 'NOW Desktop Download'

ProStocks NSE NOW Mobile App Download

The NSE NOW mobile trading app is available for Apple, Android and Microsoft Windows mobile users. The app can be downloaded for free from-

ProStocks Call & Trade Facility

ProStocks also offers Call-N-Trade facility to its customers wherein they can place buy/sell orders over the phone.

ProStocks has a dedicated call and trade desk which you can call to enquire/cancel/modify or place a fresh order. There are no additional charges for cancellation as well as modification of order through call and trade desk. Rs 10 per executed order is charged extra for executed orders placed through call and trade desk.

ProStocks Commodity Trading Software

ProStocks doesn't offer commodity trading services. Company is planning to launch it in the near future.

ProStocks Forex Trading Platform

ProStocks offers currency derivatives trading. ProStocks customers can use any of the available trading software online to trade in currency F&O. The steps to download ProStocks trading software is discussed in the ProStocks Desktop Review section.

Key Takeaways

  1. ProStocks offers both in-house built online trading software as well as NSE NOW trading platforms to its customers
  2. ProStocks trading platforms are available in desktop, web and mobile versions
  3. The platforms are available free to the customers
  4. The ProStocks online trading software offers advanced features in trading, charting etc
  5. With multiple choices in trading software, ProStocks endeavors to offer the best trading experience to its customers.
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  • API for alog trading.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. How to activate segment in ProStocks?

    Prostocks offer six trading segments to trade including Cash, F&O, and Currency at BSE and NSE. You can change the allowed trading segments in your prostocks account at any time by submitting a paper signed segment activation form.

    Steps to activate segment in ProStocks

    1. Download segment activation form PDF.
    2. Print it, fill it and sign it.
    3. Send scan copy to
    4. Send a paper copy to the address on the form.



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