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IIFL Securities offers a Trader Terminal (TT) trading platform to its customers for online trading. This platform includes 3 trading software designed for different devices and investor types. These trading applications are available for free to all customers.

  1. IIFL Markets App (Mobile App)
  2. TT Web (Website)
  3. TT Desktop (Installable Trading Terminal)

IIFL Trading Software

IIFL offers several online trading software for trading under the Trader Terminal (TT) Platform. As they use the same back-end, you could switch between any of the trading software seamlessly.

1. IIFL Markets App

IIFL Markets App is an online mobile trading app build for Android and iOS smartphones. With lakhs of download, this app is the most popular trading software used by IIFL customers.

The app is designed for trading on-the-go. It is loaded with rich features like an advanced dashboard, a customizable watchlist, stock trading tips, single swipe buy/sell, advanced technical charting, price alerts, guest login, and access to real-time stock quotes.

IIFL Markets App Demo

IIFL Markets App Features

  • Create a customized market watchlist
  • Access intraday charts and companies list
  • Place trades for equity, derivatives, commodity, and currency
  • Advanced dashboard for commodities, indices and currencies
  • A quick view of the top 500 stocks chosen by IIFL research team
  • Live trading calls to buy or sell securities
  • Get price alert notification for the favorite stocks
  • Check and manage your holdings, net position, profit-loss and margin

IIFL Mobile App Review

IIFL trading app is among the most popular trading app in India. The app has been rated 4.4 by 13500+ mobile app users on Google Playstore.

IIFL Markets app has all the critical features an investor and trader need to invest/trade in stock, commodity and currency at BSE, NSE, MCX and NCDEX. Unlike other popular apps like Zerodha Kite, the IIFL Markets app offer trading tips, price alerts, IPO and a range of reports inside the app itself.

The guest login helps investors to check if this app fulfills their trading needs before even opening the demat account with IIFL.

IIFL Markets mobile app is actively used by 10+ lakh Android, 1.5+ lakh iPhone and 60k + iPad users in India as of April 2020.

2. IIFL TT Web

The trading terminal on the web (TTWeb) is a trading website. It can be accessed from any computer or phone which has a web browser installed on it. It works well on Microsoft IE, Edge as well as Google Chrome browser.

The India Infoline TTWeb is loaded with critical trading tools for advanced traders. It has a simple user interface which makes it easy for beginners and casual investors.

IIFL TT Web Demo

3. IIFL Trader Terminal

IIFL Trader Terminal is installable trading software (exe based). It is designed for frequent traders who require faster execution of orders, shortcut keys, advance charts and stock analysis tools.

The TT Desktop allows trading across cash, derivatives, commodities and currencies at NSE, BSE, MCX and NCDEX. It also offers online mutual fund and IPO investment.

The popularity of this excellent software going down in recent times as the IIFL Markets mobile trading app becomes a popular trading tool.

IIFL Trader Terminal Key Features

IIFL TT Desktop is loaded with 100's of tools and reports which makes it among the most powerful trading software in India.

  • One screen for trading in Cash, F&O, MF, IPO, Currency and Commodity.
  • Live news, research and trading tips.
  • Shortcut Keys to access almost all tools.
  • Customizable view
  • Live-chat with customer care
  • Advanced charting and technical analysis tools
  • Single-click access to MTM P/L, ledger, depository statement

IIFL Trader Terminal Download

IIFL TT Desktop is an exe based installable software for Windows computers. Following are the steps to install TT Desktop:

  • Visit the IIFL TT Desktop download
  • Click on the 'Download Trader Terminal Desktop' link.
  • Once downloaded, run the software with admin access on the computer.

IIFL Call and Trade

IIFL Call and Trade facility is for its customers to place buy/sell orders over the phone. Unlike most other full-service brokers, IIFL charges additional Rs 50 per call for these broker-assisted trades.

IIFL Commodity Trading Software

IIFL customers can use Traders Terminal (TT) to trade in commodities at MCX and NCDEX. The commodity trading is available on TT Web, TT Desktop and IIFL Markers App. IIFL offers one single platform for trading in Equity, Commodity and Currency.

IIFL Currency Trading

IIFL customers can use Traders Terminal (TT) platform to trade in currency derivatives at BSE and NSE. The currency trading is available on TT Web, TT Desktop and IIFL Markers App. IIFL offers one single platform for trading in Equity, Commodity and Currency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. What do I need to trade through IIFL Markets mobile app?

    You will need the following to trade with IIFL Markets app:

    • An iPhone or Android device
    • Internet connection
    • An IIFL online trading account



  2. 2. Can I access the app without IIFL trading account?

    Yes, you can also access the IIFL Markets app without a trading account as a guest user.



  3. 3. Is it secure to use IIFL Markets App?

    Yes, IIFL Markets app is completely secured with two-level authentication. It asks for trading account password and DOB/PAN details. Each section in the app lasts for 15 minutes if no activity is detected during this duration.



  4. 4. Can I access IIFL Markets information through IIFL Trading Terminal and vice-versa?

    Yes, you can access your orders placed through IIFL Markets app on IIFL Trading Terminal and vice-versa.



  5. 5. Whom to contact for any issues related to IIFL Markets App?

    You can contact on 022 4007 1000 for Customers care support and on 022 4151 4151 for technical support.



  6. 6. How to download IIFL trader terminal?

    IIFL Trader Terminal is a downloadable trading software. You need to download the software and install it on your computer to start using it.

    Steps to download IIFL Trader Terminal

    • Visit www.indiainfoline.com
    • Click on the downloads tab on the menu bar.
    • Click on the download button.

    Note: .NET VERSION 4.0 is required to download the software. Install the .net framework in case your operating system does not have it pre-installed.

    You can refer to the Trader Terminal Demo and Trader Terminal User Manual available on the same page for ease.



  7. 7. What is VTD in IIFL?

    Valid Till Date (VTD) is order type offered by IIFL for placing buy and sell limit orders in the Cash Equity segment. You need to specify the number of days for which the order placed should be valid. The period specified by you should be within the maximum validity date defined by IIFL.

    Once you place an order using the VTD facility, it remains valid until the entire quantity gets executed or until the validity period whichever is earlier. In case, only a partial order gets executed on a trading day, IIFL places a fresh order on the next trading day for the remaining unexecuted quantity if the order has not reached the validity date.

    For example: If you have placed a buy order to purchase 100 shares of ABC Ltd. on 23rd September 2020 with a validity period of 20 days, the order will remain valid till 13th October 2020 if the full quantity does not get executed within that period. If on 1st October, the order gets executed only for 25 shares, IIFL will again place a fresh order for 75 shares on the next trading day. However, if an order remains unexecuted till 13th October 2020, the order will get closed and marked as Expired.

    Note: If the validity date falls on a holiday or a non-trading day, the order gets expired on the previous trading date.

    The VTD (Valid Till Date) facility is available for all the existing and new clients of IIFL to place buy or sell orders in all the scrips enabled for Cash Equity trading.



  8. 8. What is IIFL Market App?

    IIFL Markets is a secured mobile trading app offered by IIFL to invest at fingertips anytime anywhere across various investment products like Equity, Derivatives, Commodity, Currency. IIFL Markets help you monitor your investments and track the market movements on a real-time basis. IIFL Markets is one of the next-generation highest-rated trading apps in the Country available for Andriod and I-Phone users.

    Features of IIFL Markets:

    • Price alert notifications.
    • Track your margin and position holdings.
    • Free Guest Login.
    • Expert advice.
    • Track stocks/Markets movements on a real-time basis.
    • Get latest Stock/Market news
    • Secured trading access.
    • Advanced chart views.
    • Detailed dashboard view.
    • Customizable watchlist.

    Benefits of IIFL Markets:

    • Place/modify/cancel orders at fingertips.
    • Apply for IPO.
    • Secured access.
    • Instant notifications.
    • Free research reports.



  9. 9. How to close IIFL Demat and Trading account?

    IIFL Demat and trading account can be closed by sending an account closure request form to the IIFL office. It takes 7 business days to close the account once the request is received by the broker.

    Steps to close IIFL Demat and Trading Account

    1. Download the Account Closure Request Form.
    2. Fill in the below details:
      1. Tick on Both under 'Closure For'
      2. Date
      3. Login ID
      4. CDSL/NSDL Client ID
      5. Names of all the account holders
      6. Address of the primary account holder
      7. Reasons for closing the account
    3. Sign the form.
    4. Courier the signed form along with unused DIS slips to the nearest branch/head office.

    Before submitting the closure form, ensure,

    • There are no outstanding dues in the account.
    • All the holdings are transferred from the Demat account.
    • All open F&O positions are squared off (if any).



  10. 10. How do I use IIFL on my PC?

    IIFL offers both a website and an installable trading terminal for trading on PC. The IIFL trading software are available for free to all customers.

    IIFL Trading website can be accessed using any web browser installed on the personal computer.

    IIFL trading terminal is advanced trading software for frequent traders. It requires software to download and install on the computer.

    Steps to download IIFL Trading Terminal on PC

    1. Visit the IIFL Securities website.
    2. Go to the footer and look for Trading Documentation.
    3. Click on Download TT.
    4. Click on the Download Trader Terminal Ver X.X button.
    5. Click on Trader Terminal User Manual for detailed guidance.
    6. Enter Client ID, Password, and Date of Birth or PAN to login to the TT Desktop.



IIFL Securities Account Opening Enquiry

Pay flat Rs 20 per trade for Delivery, Intra-day and F&O + FREE Account Opening Fee. Open FREE Instant Account online with IIFL and start trading today.

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Special Offer: Pay flat Rs 20 per trade for Delivery, Intra-day and F&O + FREE Account Opening Fee. Open FREE Instant Account online with IIFL and start trading today.


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