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NSE NOW Review


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NSE NOW Detail

ExchangeNSE, BSE, MCX
SegmentsEquities, Currency and Derivatives
ProductsMIS, CNC, NRML
Order TypesLimit Orders, Market Orders, Stop Loss Orders, After Market Order and Cover Orders

NSE NOW Key Features

Mobile AppYes
Installable Trading TerminalYes
Online IPOYes
Mutual FundsYes
Integrated BackofficeNo
Chart Types15
Chart Indicators80
Charts in same window

NOW is a trading software build and maintained by NSE, the leading stock exchange in India. NOW offers direct connectivity to the exchange for trade execution and live data feed as the servers are collocated at NSE data centers.

NOW offers to trade through installable trading terminals, web-based browsers and mobile app. The trading platform is offered for free of charge to all the brokers who are the member of NSE. NSE charges a small fee for using NOW to trade at BSE.

NOW support trading in all products traded at NSE. This includes Equity Cash, Equity Derivatives, Currency Derivatives, Debt funds and Mutual Funds.

NOW has a built-in risk management system and the order management system. This makes NOW among the fastest trading platform available in India today.

NSE NOW Advantages / Disadvantages

  • Extremely stable trading platform.
  • Downtime or performance issues rarely reported in past.
  • Now has the least latency compared to other popular platforms like Omnesys Nest Trader and ODIN.
  • The mobile trading app is available for iOS, Android, and Windows.
  • Up to 30 scripts can be added in the watchlist.
  • Over 37 indicators are available.
  • Some brokers don't allow trading at BSE and MCX from NOW while others charge extra to trade on BSE.
  • Now does support additional plug-ins, java/c# apis etc.
  • Custom indicators cannot be created in NOW.
  • Technical Screening and Scanning runs only on 1 script at a time. It cannot run on the whole portfolio or set of scripts.
  • NOW doesn't offer API's.

Trading Platform Owner

National Stock Exchange of India Ltd.

NOW Trading Platform is owned by NSE subsidiary Dotex International Limited. NSE is India's leading national stock exchange. Mumbai based NSE was established in 1992 to offer online trading to investors in India. NSE offers to trade in Equity, derivatives, and currency. NSE is the 4th largest exchange in the world in terms of equity traded volume.

NSE NOW Product Highlights

  • NOW is build and maintained by NSE.
  • The servers are co-located in NSE datacenters which makes it fast.
  • The RMS and OMS are the inbuilt part of NOW.
  • Available for free of charge to brokers who are the member of NSE.
  • NOW have 3 versions - installable trading terminal, trading website, and mobile trading app.
  • NOW mobile app is available for Android as well as iOS phones.

NSE NOW Key Features

NOW offers a wide range of functions which are critical for trading in the stock market. NOW Website and the Mobile app is designed for casual stock market investors. The trading terminal the powerful trading software for frequent traders. Here are some of the key features of NOW Trading Platform:

  • Online trading through desktop, web and mobile app.
  • Trade at multiple exchanges and across multiple trading segments.
  • In-build OMS and RMS makes it faster.
  • NOW trading platform is maintained by NSE. No installation is needed on broker side. No security issues on the broker side.
  • A wide range of shortcut keys are available for frequent traders.
  • Live quotes, stock analysis, historical data, reports etc are available.
  • Custom stock alerts/notifications can be set up.
  • Additional plug-ins are provided by NSE for specific needs.

NSE NOW Features Explained

Fastest order execution

NSE now offers high-speed performance as servers of NSE NOW are located inside the exchange's premises and has Direct connectivity. As the servers are closest to order matching system, they have the lowest latency compared to trading servers of other brokers. This allows it to offer fastest order execution in India.

NSE NOW Trading Platform Demo

How to use NOW Trading Platform

Achiievers Mobi

NSE NOW Trading App Features

Achiievers Web

NSE NOW Platform Features

NSE NOW Feedback by Customers

  • Customers love NSE NOW for its high speed, reliability and stability of the trading platform.
  • Poor user interface is one of the major complaint from customers

Products Offered by NSE NOW

  1. MIS

    Margin intra-day square off the product, is for intraday trading in Equities Cash, Equity Derivatives, Commodity and Currency Derivatives. You square off the position the same trading day under this product. If positions are not closed by the trader, they are automatically squares off the same 30 min before the closing of market hours.

  2. CNC

    Cash & Carry is used when trader would like to take the delivery of Equity shares. No leverage is given under this product by most brokers.

  3. NRML

    Normal Product is used for trading in Equity, Commodity and Currency Derivatives (F&O) trading.

Order Types Offered by NSE NOW

  1. Limit Orders

    A limit order allows place an order of buy/sell at a specified price. A limit order to buy can only be executed at the specified limit price or lower. A limit order to sell will be executed at the specified limit price or higher.

  2. Market Orders

    A market order is a buy/sell order to be executed immediately at current market prices.

  3. Stop Loss Orders (SL)

    This is an order placed to sell a security when it reaches a certain price called trigger price. A stop-loss order is designed to limit an investor's loss on a position in a security. In stop loss order, a trader needs to give both limit price and trigger price.

  4. After Market Order (AMO)

    AMO orders allow trader to place an order for stocks beyond regular market hours. The orders get queued up and sent out once the markets open the following day.

  5. Cover Orders(CO)

    A Cover Order is a market or limit order that is placed along with a Stop Loss Order. In a Cover Order the buy/sell order is always accompanied with a compulsory Stop Loss order, in a specified range as pre-defined by the system. These orders give you higher leverage by ensuring that you place a stop loss. This is beneficial only for intra-day trades.

 Note: Bracket order is not available on NOW trading platform.

NSE NOW User Customization Options

  • Multiple market watch can be created. A verity of fields can be added to monitor using the market watch.
  • Set Alerts to track the market movements through various modes.

NSE NOW Reports

  1. Hourly Statistics - View hourly stats of a particular security or contract with the verity of parameters.
  2. Order Book - To display buy or sell order placed by the user in different exchanges.
  3. Trade Book - To display the completed or traded buy or sell orders across exchanges.
  4. Holdings - To view the client's security holdings on the real-time basis.
  5. Net Positions - To view the real-time positions for the trading day.
  6. Limits - To view the cash limit available for trading.

NSE NOW Charges / Fees

NSE charges a fee from brokers.

Brokers using NSE NOW

Almost all discount brokers and many traditional brokers offer NOW trading platform.

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