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Equities, Currency and Derivatives



Order TypesLimit, Market, Stop Loss, Stop Loss Market, Cover Orders, Bracket Orders

Upstox Key Features

Mobile AppYes
Installable Trading TerminalNo
Online IPONo
Mutual FundsNo
Integrated BackofficeNo
Chart Types13
Chart Indicators100
Charts in same window4

Upstox is a web-browser based online trading platform for traders. The Upstox trading software's can be accessed through mobile and web browser. It helps the users in trade across segments and exchanges.

Upstox trading platform offers advanced charts with 100+ technical indicators, basket order, heat maps, watchlists and personalized user experience.

The trading platform also offers API and 3rd party integration for app developers and advanced traders. AlogLab is offered for integrating with AmiBroker for Algo Trading.

Upstox Advantages / Disadvantages

  • Best user interface among web-browser based trading platform. It runs on a web browser and doesn't require any downloads or installs.
  • It offers advanced charting feature for technical analysis.
  • Customizable workspace is similar to a installable trading terminal. Multiple watchlists are available.
  • Under active development. New features are launched every few weeks
  • Bridge available for 3rd party software's like AmiBroker.
  • API is available for developers and Algo traders.
  • Brokerage free delivery trading (truly no brokerage). Pay flat Rs 20 per trade for unlimited trades in all other segments.
  • Can be accessed through mobile, laptop, desktop, tablet, etc.
  • Built on robust API, OMS and RMS by Omnesys.
  • Adding money through UPI is free. No fund transfer charges.
  • Mobile app and trading website data are synced on real-time basis.
  • Doesn't offer installable trading terminal which is the requirement for many frequent traders.
  • Users cannot access the MF platform directly from it.
  • The back-office is not integrated with the trading app. A separate login is required for analysis of historic trade data.
  • Higher brokerage charges (Rs 20 per trade) in comparison to other discount brokers like 5paisa (Rs 10 per trade) who offer a very similar trading platform.
  • Trading platform dependent on 3rd party (Omnesys) API's.
  • News and major stock events are not available in the trading app.
  • Doesn't offer research, recommendations and tips.
  • Good till canceled (GTC) order type is not available.
  • Orders cannot be placed from charts.

Trading Platform Owner

RKSV Securities

Incorporated in 2009, Mumbai based Upstox (RKSV Securities) is India's 3rd largest discount stock broker. They offer stock and commodity trading at BSE, NSE, and MCX. It also offers online mutual funds services.

RKSV was a proprietary trading firm for a few years before they started retail brokerage operations in 2012.

Upstox Product Highlights

  • Built in-house by upstox engineers from scratch.
  • HTML5 browser-based trading platform.
  • Mobile trading app for on-the-go trading and monitoring.
  • 100+ technical indicators.
  • 10 drawing tools to make analysis easy.
  • Opens 5 different windows at a time.
  • Customizable workspace.
  • Easy to use interface
  • Doesn't offer installable trading terminal.
  • Uses powerful Omnesys API, RMS and OMS in the background.

Upstox Key Features

Key features of the platform are:

  • Trade in stocks, F&O, currencies and commodities through a single window.
  • Powerful charting tools with 100+ indicators to deeply analyze scrips.
  • Real-time data feeds on the scrips.
  • Access predefined stock list and indices.
  • Universal search tool.
  • Prepare a list of stocks with detailed information in quote panel.
  • Set price alerts for desired scrips.
  • Buy and sell stocks in one click.
  • Customizable workspace.
  • Add widgets to create a personalised experience.

Upstox Features Explained

Advanced charting:

  • Watch historical & intraday data of any scrip.
  • Use 18 chart types for better analysis.
  • Customizable charting duration.
  • 100+ technical indicators.
  • Draw lines, use Fibonacci retracements and mark spots with drawing tools.
  • Directly place orders from the chart.

Market Watch list:

  • Track all the desired scrips.
  • No limit to add a number of scrips in a watchlist.
  • Create a watchlist group.

Price alert:

  • Traders can set a price alert for the desired scrips to keep an eye on the price level.
  • Set alerts for both the rising and falling scrips.
  • Receive alerts directly on the phone in the form of mobile app notifications.

Upstox Trading Platform Demo

Upstox Feedback by Customers


  • Easy for beginners.
  • Cheaper for long term investors as delivery trading is free of brokerage.


  • Poor customer service
  • GTC orders not available.
  • Options chain is missing.
  • Charts with technical indicators only work only in landscape mode.
  • Can't place orders from charts.
  • Switching between order book, portfolio, balance, etc is difficult in the mobile app.

Products Offered by Upstox

Each trade placed must have a product code and an order type. Upstox provides a wide array of product codes and order types. 

  • Margin Intraday Square-off (MIS)

    It is an Equity and F&O intraday order which automatically squares off at the end of the day. Extra exposure/leverage is provided to the customer when placing MIS orders. MIS applies for Equity (Cash) and Futures products.

  • Cash and Carry (CNC)

    A standard order type used for delivery based equity trading.

  • Normal Product (NRML)

    This is a delivery order where the investor has the flexibility to pay the remaining amount in T+5 days. NRML orders do not get automatically squared off by Upstox. There is no leverage offered for these orders. NRML product code is applied for F&O. Note: For equity delivery, NRML and CNC product work in the exact same way.

Order Types Offered by Upstox

Limit order

In this order, the price is specified by the investor or trader. As the scrip touches the trigger price, the order is executed.

Market Order

This order is executed immediately on the available market price.

Stop-Loss Order

SL order is placed to sell a scrip at a certain price to limit loss. The order will be executed once the price of the scrip touches the trigger price.

Stop-Loss Market Order

In the SL market order, the exit trigger price is defined by the trader to sell at the best price after the price touches the trigger price.

Cover Order CO

It is a market order with an SL order which cannot be canceled.

Bracket Order BO

A special order which provides extra exposure to the trader. The system place 3 orders for each BO. A limit order, a corresponding stop loss market order and a corresponding profit objective limit order.

After Market Order (AMO)

Traders or investors can place an order even after market hours through this option. The orders are executed during the market hours.

Upstox User Customization Options

  • Create up to 5 different workspaces.
  • Add widgets to the workspace.
  • Customize the trading screen with widgets.
  • Customize charts with 100+ indicators and 10 drawing tools. 

Upstox Reports

Order History:

It represents the current status of all the stock which are traded, canceled, pending in the trading day. The order book has three tabs which are Open, Closed and All. The Open status will show open and triggered pending status and Closed will show rejected, canceled and completed the status of the stocks.

Trade Book:

Trade book provides information on the orders which are executed in a trading day on a particular price and quantity.

Holding & Valuation

This report shows the total information mentioned for demat holdings.

Quote Panel:

It is similar to watchlist widget but consists of detailed information of the scrips. Each scrip will show bid price, ask price, net quantity and MTM in intraday. Users can place an order directly from the scrip by simply clicking buy or sell button to place the order.

Upstox Charges / Fees

Upstox is a free trading platform for all RKSV customers.

Brokers using Upstox

RKSV Securities

Special Offer

Exclusive offer by Upstox

  • Pay flat Rs 20 for Eq Delivery, Intra-day and F&O Trades.
  • Pay Rs 0 commission for Mutual Funds.

It is a limited-time offer. Open Instant Account and start trading the same day.

Special Offer: Pay flat Rs 20 per trade for delivery, Intra-day and F&O. Open Instant Account and start trading today.


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