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Fyers One Detail

ExchangeNSE, BSE, MCX
SegmentsEquities, Currency, Commodities and Derivatives
ProductsRegular, Cover Order, Bracket Order, AMO, Intraday, CNC, Margin
Order TypesLimit, Market, Stop Loss, Stop Loss Limit

Fyers One Key Features

Mobile AppYes
Installable Trading TerminalYes
Online IPONo
Mutual FundsNo
Integrated BackofficeNo
Chart Types4
Chart Indicators65
Charts in same window8

Fyers One is a desktop trading terminal launched in May 2016. It is built in-house by a team of engineers at Fyers. It uses Omnesys API, RMS and OMS in the back-end.

It offers advanced charting features for traders to deeply analyze the stocks and trades. The inbuilt stock screeners available in the platform help traders to gauge the market trends, intraday movements, support and resistance levels, etc., and identify profitable trading opportunities. The F&O Analysis tool helps traders make informed decisions at high speed.

Fyers One is under active development. Many new features are added in every new release based on customer feedback.

The charts offered by Fyers trading platform are powered by Tradingview Inc, the industry-leading charts provider.

Fyers One Advantages / Disadvantages

  • Low flat brokerage of Rs 20 per executed order. Equity delivery trades are brokerage free.
  • Advanced charts with 300+ icons, 65+ indicators, historical EOD Data, intraday data and drawing tools.
  • With index meters, Heatmap, stock scanners, etc, users can do quick technical analysis.
  • Real-time stock scanners to grab the opportunities.
  • Only stock broker in India providing MCX trading in TradingView charts.
  • The trading platform is built in-house and it's under active development.
  • It uses Omnesys API, OMS and RMS which are very stable.
  • Do not provide research reports and trading tips.
  • Dependency on 3rd party services including Omnesys API and TradingView charts.

Trading Platform Owner

Fyers securities

Fyers is a Bangalore based discount stock broker offering its services to retail investors since 2015. It is a trading member of the NSE, MCX and BSE and offers online trading services across equity cash, F&O, commodity and currency derivatives segments.

The company offers low brokerage plans where the equity delivery brokerage is free. The orders across all other segments are charged at flat Rs 20 per executed order brokerage fees.

Fyers offers its trading services through 3 in-house built online trading platform - Fyers Web (web-based trading platform), Fyers One (trading terminal), and Fyers Markets (Mobile trading app).

Fyers One Product Highlights

Highlights of the Fyers One Trading Terminal are mentioned below:

  • In-house built trading platform.
  • The trading platform built on active feedback from customers.
  • Trading charts powered by Tradingview
  • Advanced charting with more than 65 technical indicators
  • In-built Live Scanner & Trend Scanner
  • 10+ workspaces
  • Multi-time frame charts
  • F&O Analysis tool available
  • EOD reports
  • Range of shortcut keys are available


Fyers One Screenshot


Fyers One Key Features

  • Advanced charting providing intraday data and historical EOD data.
  • Inbuilt stock screeners to find real-time opportunities.
  • 65+ technical indicators to provide 3-dimension analysis.
  • Charts with multiple time frame options to spot indices.
  • Stock screeners to analyse a trend, view intraday moments, etc.
  • Market Meter to gauge stocks responsible for the market up/down.
  • F&O Analysis for the informed traders to make trading decision speedily.
  • 10+ different types of workspaces.

Fyers One Features Explained

Advanced Charting

  • Uses TradingView charts which is industry leading chart provider.
  • Charts are available with intraday data of up to 30-days and historical EOD information of up to 10+ years.
  • Intraday charts are available for indices.
  • 65+ technical indicators and other features to make an advanced analysis.

Market Watchlist

  • Users can track 2 different watchlists at a time.
  • Provide indices view, support & resistances and indices map.
  • Users can select multiple scrips from different exchanges.


  • List of information widgets to fulfill the specific trading requirements.
  • More than 10 predefined workspaces to suit the charting, watchlist, and market scanning requirements.

Portfolio Tracker

  • A tool to help in tracking the performance of investments.

Technical Screeners

  • Find profitable opportunities in the market by gauging intraday movements, trends, circuit breakers, and support & resistance level.

Heat Maps

  • Check price action in a graphical format in one single window to assist you to gauge happenings during the day through color codes and box sizes.

Market Meter

Get more information over Heat maps for technical analysis. It is quite a useful feature for traders to do quick research on stocks.

Fyers One Trading Platform Demo

Fyers One Demo

Fyers One Feedback by Customers

Most customers are satisfied with its easy to use framework and performance.

Products Offered by Fyers One

Regular (NRML)

For trading in Equities (cash)/Equity Derivatives/Commodities and currency derivative.

Cover Order (CO)

An intraday order which can be either placed in a market or a limit order type with a mandatory Stop-loss order.

Bracket Order (BO)

An intraday order with 3 legs, It allows you to take a fresh position (either long or short) with a compulsory 'stop-loss' and a 'target/book-profit' order. 

After Market Order (AMO)

AMO are orders which can be placed after the market closes. These orders are executed on next trading day.

Intraday (MIS)

It is used for intraday trades and placing an order with this product code allows the system to square off the order at the end of market hours.


CNC is used for placing an order to buy or sell shares for delivery. No leverage is given under this product.


Margin orders are for overnight derivatives.

Order Types Offered by Fyers One

Limit Order

A limit order is placed to buy or sell securities at a specified price. While this order guarantees a price, it doesn't ensure the fill. It will only be executed when the price is in the limit price range.

A limit order to buy is executed at a specified price or lower, whereas a limit order to sell is executed at a specified price or higher.

Market Order

This order is executed at the current market price.

Stop Loss Order (SL)

A conditional order which gets executed only when the market price of the selected stock reaches above the threshold. They are designed to limit the investor's loss Example if you set stop-loss order for 10% below the buy price, the position gets close when the stock falls 10% limiting your maximum loss to 10%.

Stop Loss Limit Order

A sell stop limit order is placed below the current market price. When the stop price is triggered, the limit order is sent to the exchange and a sell limit order is now working at, or higher than, the price you entered.

Fyers One User Customization Options

  • Users can customize watchlist by changing colors, font, columns.
  • 10 customizable workspaces.
  • Different time frames to choose for each scrip/stock.

Fyers One Reports

Order Book

This report shows a list of buy/sell orders placed by users. They can modify and cancel pending orders directly from the report.

Trade Book

This report shows a list of all the executed orders. 

Net Positions

Net Positions shows consolidated information on buy and sell trades of trade day, timestamps, net positions, realised/ unrealised profit & loss, existing positions, etc.

Live Scanner

It shows predefined stock screener conditions based on technical facts to provide an objective view. With the help of stock scanners, traders can take a trading decision and find opportunities within the daily price action.

EOD Reports

This report shows the end of the day data. EOD reports are available after market hours on a regular basis.

Fyers One Charges / Fees

Fyers One trading software's are available for free of charge to all its customers.

Brokers using Fyers One

Fyers Securities

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Free Equity Delivery Trading and Mutual Funds

  • Brokerage-free Equity Delivery. Flat Rs 20 per trade for Intraday & F&O.
  • Brokerage-free Direct Mutual Fund investment.
  • Trade with one of the best trading platforms in India.

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Special Offer: Invest brokerage-free Equity Delivery and Direct Mutual Funds (Zero brokerage). Pay flat Rs 20 per trade for Intra-day and F&O. Open FREE Demat Account online with Fyers and start trading today.


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