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Launched in May 2016, Fyers One is an installable trading terminal for online trading. It offers trading across multiple segments including commodity, equity cash, F&O, and currency derivatives. With advanced charting features, market scanners, technical indicators, and customizable workspace, it is a platform designed for professional traders.
  1. Can I trade in commodities at Fyers One?

    Yes, you can trade in commodities at Fyers One.

  2. Is it possible to trade directly from charts in Fyers One?

    Yes, users can directly buy/sell stocks from the charts.

  3. Does Fyers One trading platform work for Mac users?

    No, Fyers One is still not available for Mac users.


  1. Who owns Fyers One trading platform?

    Fyers securities own's Fyers One trading platform.

    Fyers is a Bangalore based discount stock broker offering its services to retail investors since 2015. It is a trading member of the NSE, MCX and BSE and offers online trading services across equity cash, F&O, commodity and currency derivatives segments.

    The company offers low brokerage plans where the equity delivery brokerage is free. The orders across all other segments are charged at flat Rs 20 per executed order brokerage fees.

    Fyers offers its trading services through 3 in-house built online trading platform - Fyers Web (web-based trading platform), Fyers One (trading terminal), and Fyers Markets (Mobile trading app).

  2. Does Fyers One offer install-able trading terminal?

    Yes, Fyers securities owned Fyers One trading platform offer installable trading application for windows computers.

  3. Does Fyers One (Fyers securities) offer website for trading?

    Yes, Fyers One platform offer browser based trading website.

  4. Does Fyers One offer mobile app for trading?

    Yes, Fyers One offer mobile app for trading.

  5. Does Fyers One offer API's?

    Yes, Fyers One API is available for Algo Trading.

  6. Does Fyers One offered by multiple stockbrokers?

    No. This platform is specific to Fyers securities

  7. Can I trade in equity (cash, intra-day, futures and options) using Fyers One?

    Yes, Fyers One offers equity trading at BSE and NSE.

  8. Can I trade in currency derivatives using Fyers One?

    Yes, Fyers One offers trading in currency futures & options at BSE and NSE.

  9. Can I trade in commodities at MCX using Fyers One?

    Yes, Fyers One offer commodity trading at MCX.

  10. Does Fyers One offer online IPO Applications?

    No. This platform doesn't allow online applications in IPO's at BSE and NSE.

  11. Does Fyers One offer online mutual fund investment?

    No. You cannot buy Mutual Funds online using Fyers One.

  12. Does Fyers One has integrated back office?

    No. The broker offer a seprate back office software. The backoffice is not part of Fyers One.

  13. Can I trade directly from charts in Fyers One?

    Yes, you place order from charts in Fyers One.

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