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Omnesys NEST Review

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Omnesys NEST Detail

SegmentsNSE, BSE, NSE FNO, Currency, MCX and NCDEX Commodity
ProductsCNC, MIS, NRML, BO, CO
Order TypesLimit, Market, SL, SL-M

Omnesys NEST Key Features

Mobile AppYes
Installable Trading TerminalYes
Online IPONo
Mutual FundsNo
Integrated BackofficeNo
Chart Types5
Chart Indicators64
Charts in same window5

Omnesys NEST is among the most popular trading platform available in India. The platform is built by a Bangalore based Omnesys Technologies Pvt. Ltd. The company was later acquired by Thomson Reuters Corporation; a Canada based multinational mass media and information firm in 2013.

NEST is the abbreviation for Next Generation Electronic Securities Trading platform.

NEST offers a verity of tools for trading. These tools are customized for institutional and retail brokers, proprietary desks and exchanges.

For retail brokers, NEST offers online trading, order management, risk management, order routing, and franchise and branch management related software.

NEST platform supports share trading in equity, currency and commodity markets in India. NEST caters to individual retail customers, HNI customers, branches, sub-brokers and franchises for the broker.

NEST trading platform has set of 4 trading software for individual retail clients:

  1. NEST Trader - An desktop trading terminal for frequent traders
  2. NEST Web - An online web trading portal for casual investors
  3. NEST Mobile - A mobile trading app for people on-the-go.
  4. NEST API - An API for developers and Algo Traders.

Trading Software's Explained

  1. NEST Trader

    The flagship Trading Work Station (EXE) for trading at BSE, NSE, and MCX. NEST Trader is among the fastest trading frontend software.

    This trading software comes with advanced charts. The charts have over 64 technical indicators in a single script. They capture a, the detailed price movement of the scripts and presents the portfolio in the simplest way.

    Loaded with shortcut keys, this installable trading terminal is undoubtedly fastest trading software.

  2. NEST Web

    A browser-based website for trading. NEST Web is fast, reliable and east trading software. It allows the investor to do all the things that are possible from a Trading Work Station (EXE) and more.

    The key features include online trading, market watch, view contact information, order book, trade book, positions, quotes, and charts.

  3. NEST Mobile

    A mobile trading application which works across the platforms. This app offers streaming quotes, live news alerts, and exceptional trading experience.

    The customer can use this mobile app to trade in Equity, Derivatives, Currency, and Commodity at BSE, NSE, and MCX.

    The key features include place orders, modify/cancel orders and view order book / trade book / position book / holdings / limits / live quotes / market picture.

  4. NEST APIs

    The application programming interfaces (APIs) for developers and Algo Traders. Most brokers have built their own custom trading platforms (front end) using these APIs. Omnesys NEST API is used in Zerodha Kite, Upstox, Finvasia etc.

Omnesys NEST Advantages / Disadvantages

  • NEST offers trading in all segments at BSE, NSE and MCX.
  • The managed services offered by the company for NEST platform makes it most stable platform in the industry.
  • Omnesys has years of experience in building software for India Stock Market. Company has a market reputation of best trading tools provider.
  • The OMS and RMS are part of the trading platform.
  • NEST Trader Hot Key Manager allows user to manage / customize the shortcut keys.
  • In case of internet connectivity lost, NEST Traders reconnects automatically. This is unlike ODIN where you will have to login again.
  • This trading platform is offered by both traditional broker and most discount brokers.
  • Instant fund trader from 30+ banks.
  • Omnesys allows rebranding of its NEST platform. Most brokers use their own name and logo but the software uses is NEST.
  • The user interface is not as good as other trading platforms.
  • The user cannot create custom indicators in NEST Trader. This is unlike ODIN which allows its user to create custom indicators.
  • Technical screening and scanning have to be run on individual scripts. This is unlike ODIN where you could run it on multiple scripts or even entire portfolio.
  • NEST Trader doesn't support 3rd party plug-ins.

Trading Platform Owner

Thomson Reuters International Services Private Ltd

Thomson Reuters Corporation is a Canada based multinational media and information company. Thomson Reuters acquired Omnesys Technologies in 2013. Omnesys Technologies is Bangalore based software development company focused on the stock market. Omnesys is the creator of the Omnesys NEST trading platform.

Omnesys NEST Product Highlights

NEST is used by over 200 traditional and discount stock brokers in India. NEST is stable, fast and powerful trading platform for trading at BSE, NSE, and MCX. Here are few key highlights of the Omnesys NEST:

  • Omnesys has experience in building fine products for India Stock Market.
  • Omnesys offers Managed Service for NEST. They take care of all the operational responsibilities of the trading platform. This includes hardware, software, exchange connectivity, client connectivity, backups and disaster recovery.
  • NEST has integrated OMS and RMS.
  • Offer API to brokers, developers, and Algo traders. The APIs are available in Java, COM, C++ and REST API.
  • The desktop trading terminal is among the most stable and powerful.
  • Advance Order Types like cover order and bracket orders are available.

Omnesys NEST Key Features

Omnesys NEST has a range of products catering to the need of a seasonal investor to the frequent trader in India Stock Market. Other than the standard trading features, here are some of the key features of the NEST Trading Platform:

  • NEST offers online trading through it desktop, web and mobile trading apps.
  • NEST offers to trade at multiple exchanges in multiple segments.
  • Integrated OMS and RMS make it really fast, stable and reliable.
  • Omnesys offer managed services to install and maintain the infrastructure for this trading platform. This results in far less downtime.
  • NEST Trader offers an ability to manage shortcut keys.
  • NEST Trader offers 360-degree analysis of stocks using streaming data, advanced charts, and live news.
  • Alerts and trigger help to keep track of the stock.
  • NEST Trader Shortcut Manager helps the user to customize shortcuts.
  • NEST has many approved strategies for Algo Trading.
  • Various plug-ins are available for advanced users.    

Omnesys NEST Features Explained

  1. Reports

    NEST offers a wide range of reports to the users. The list of the report includes Order Book, Trade Book, Net Positions, Spread Order Report, Order History, Bulk Trades, Modified Trades, View RMS Limits, View Holdings/Collateral Values and View T1 Holdings.

    The user can generate Order Reports and Trade Reports and save the file. The user also has the option to filter orders by any of the columns.

  2. NEST Trader Preferences

    NEST Trader software has many preference setting. These settings helps users to customize many areas of the software. The detail about these preferences is provided under the user customization section below.


    NEST PLUS is a free starter plug-in pack offered by Omnesys. This pack has a verity of plug-ins including:

    • Advance Charts – Charts with configurable interval and over 50 built-in indicators.
    • Market Monitor – An alert tool that streams in real-time updates on all stocks that breach certain market indicators i.e. 52 weeks high/low
    • Market Movers - A tool that scans stocks based on certain pre-defined conditional queries.
    • NSE-IPFT Research Report – a tool that offers research reports provided by NSE and CRISIL.

    All NEST PLUS tools are available for free of charge to all NEST users.

  4. NEST PLUS Advance Charts

    The key features of Advanced Charts in Nest Plus are:

    • Intraday Charts with back data of up to 7 days and configurable intervals in minutes.
    • Historical Charts with daily data since the time of inception.
    • Multiple charts view.
    • Over 50 built-in technical indicators.
    • Default Template settings.
    • Numerous Price Styles used for charting.

Omnesys NEST Feedback by Customers

Except for few user interface related issues, most customer loves Omnesys NEST trading platform for following reasons:

  • Extremely stable
  • The platform is offered by multiple brokers. This makes it easy to switch to another broker for other benefits.

Products Offered by Omnesys NEST

NEST offers a verity of products which customers need to select when placing the order. These products are basically a category of the order.

  1. CNC

    For trading Equity in delivery

  2. MIS

    For trading Equity & F&O in intraday. All MIS trades are squared off by the system at the end of the trading session.

  3. NRML

    For an overnight position in Equity F&O, Currency F&O and Commodities F&O. Orders placed under NRML products are not squared off at the end day.

  4. BO

    A Bracket Order is advance order through which you can take an intra-day position and take advantage of extra exposure while being protected through a stop loss order and a profit booking order.

  5. CO

    In cover order, buy/sell order is automatically placed along with a stop-loss order in a single click. CO allows trading with higher exposure.

Order Types Offered by Omnesys NEST

To place an order, a user must select one of the below order types in NEST:

  1. Limit Orders

    Order in which the price is specified by the trader. Order gets executed only when the price reached at the limit price on which order is placed.

  2. Market Orders

    Orders which get executed at the best price available in the market. These orders get executed instantly as long as there is a buyer/seller on other side.

  3. Stop Loss Orders (SL)

    A SL Order is a Stop Loss Limit Order. This is an order for exiting a position, in which the price is specified by the trader.

  4. Stop Loss-Market Orders (SL-M)

    A SL Market Order is a Stop Loss Market Order at which trader specify the exit trigger price. This is an order for exiting a position.

Omnesys NEST User Customization Options

NEST Trader is highly customizable trading software. Hundreds of settings are available to the user for the personalized experience. Some of these settings include:

  • Shortcut manager to manage shortcut keys
  • Appearance settings allow users to specify colors, fonts etc.
  • Marketwatch preference, Order preference, Basket orders preference.
  • RMS related settings
  • Managing toolbar settings
  • Managing message bar and status bar.

Omnesys NEST Reports

NEST provides a number of order and trade reports.

  1. Order Book

    To check the status of an order placed. The filters are available to slice the data. The user can modify orders and cancel orders from this report directly.

  2. Trade Book

    The trade book shows all the executed orders. The summary displays the Total Buy Quantity, Total Buy Value, Total Sell Value, Sell Quantity and the Net Amount.

  3. Net Positions

    The user can view the consolidated positions in this report. These positions can be further split according to the exchange/segment or according to the scripts. The user can square-off an open position from this report.

  4. Spread Order Report

    This report shows all the spread orders placed by the user. User can modify, cancel or filter results in this report.

  5. Order History

    This report shows the complete history of orders placed by the user using NEST.

  6. Bulk Trades

    This report shows the size of the order (in %) in terms of issue capital.

  7. Modified Trades

    To view the list of modified trades.

  8. View RMS Limit

    To view the RMS (Risk Management System) limit of the customer.

  9. View Holding or Collateral Values

    To view the demat holdings.

  10. View T1 Holdings

    To view the T1 holding quantity. T1 quantity means the quantity which client has not got that stock in DP but still it is in pool account of the broker or it can Buy Today and Sell Tomorrow quantity.

Other Omnesys NEST reporting features:

  • The customer can save order reports and trade reports in a file for backup.
  • The customer can generate custom reports by filtering over 10 fields.
  • The historical data is moved to back office. The customer can login to back-office software and get many more reports.

Omnesys NEST Charges / Fees

The fee for using Omnesys trading platform varies by the broker to broker. The brokers pay a licensing fee to offer this trading platform to its customers. Some brokers bear the cost while others pass it over to the customers who use the software for trading.

Brokers using Omnesys NEST

Traditional Brokers

  • Karvy Stock Broking Ltd.
  • Bonanza Portfolio Ltd

Discount Brokers

  • Zerodha (Zerodha Trader)
  • Trade Smart Online
  • SASOnline
  • Finvasia (INFINI-TRADER)
  • Tradejini

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