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National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. NSE NOW FAQs

NOW (NEAT on Web) is the flagship online trading platform offered by National Stock Exchange (NSE). NOW is a shared platform which is offered to the customer of many brokers. NSE exchange runs on a fully automated trading system named NEAT (National Exchange for Automated Trading).
  1. How much is the idle logout time for NSE NOW?

    The idle logout time for NOW is 20 minutes. After this user has to log in again.

  2. How to download NOW?

    Contact your broker to provide you with the link to download NOW.

  3. Are all features available for free in NSE NOW?

    Yes, NSE NOW is available for free to trade at NSE. To trade at BSE or MCX, your broker may charge a fixed monthly fee.

  4. What for NRML in NOW?

    NRML is the short form of Normal Product type. NRML is applicable for trading in F&O (Equity, Commodity, and Currency).

  5. Can I use NOW on my mobile?

    Yes, NOW Mobile App is available for iOS, Android, and Windows. Same user ID and password can be used across the installable desktop trading terminal, NSE NOW Website and NOW mobile apps.

  6. How do I add more columns to my market watch in NOW?

    On your market watch, right click on the header and select re-position columns option to open a window to edit the columns you want to see on your market watch.

  7. How do I place Conver Orders (CO) in NOW?
    • Login to NOW
    • Go to Orders and Trades menu item on the toolbar
    • select Cover Order Form (buy or sell)
    • Fill the order form to place the cover order


  8. Can I do Intraday trading using NOW?

    Yes. Simply choose 'MIS' order type while placing the order. Note that any MIS order which is not closed by you before 30 minutes of market close will be squared-off automatically by the trading system.

  9. How to find available cash margin on NOW?
    • Login to NOW
    • Go to Menu items and click 'Surveillance' > 'RMS Limit' > View Limit


  10. I forgot the password for NOW. How do I get it reset?

    Please contact your broker. The broker should be able to help you reset the password.


  1. Who owns NSE NOW trading platform?

    National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. own's NSE NOW trading platform.

    NOW Trading Platform is owned by NSE subsidiary Dotex International Limited. NSE is India's leading national stock exchange. Mumbai based NSE was established in 1992 to offer online trading to investors in India. NSE offers to trade in Equity, derivatives, and currency. NSE is the 4th largest exchange in the world in terms of equity traded volume.

  2. Does NSE NOW offer install-able trading terminal?

    Yes, National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. owned NSE NOW trading platform offer installable trading application for windows computers.

  3. Does NSE NOW (National Stock Exchange of India Ltd.) offer website for trading?

    Yes, NSE NOW platform offer browser based trading website.

  4. Does NSE NOW offer mobile app for trading?

    Yes, NSE NOW offer mobile app for trading.

  5. Does NSE NOW offer API's?


  6. Does NSE NOW offered by multiple stockbrokers?

    Yes, NSE NOW is offered by many brokers in India.

  7. Can I trade in equity (cash, intra-day, futures and options) using NSE NOW?

    Yes, NSE NOW offers equity trading at BSE and NSE.

  8. Can I trade in currency derivatives using NSE NOW?

    Yes, NSE NOW offers trading in currency futures & options at BSE and NSE.

  9. Can I trade in commodities at MCX using NSE NOW?

    Yes, NSE NOW offer commodity trading at MCX.

  10. Does NSE NOW offer online IPO Applications?

    Yes, you could apply in IPO's online using NSE NOW.

  11. Does NSE NOW offer online mutual fund investment?

    Yes, you could buy Mutual Funds online using NSE NOW.

  12. Does NSE NOW has integrated back office?

    No. The broker offer a seprate back office software. The backoffice is not part of NSE NOW.

  13. Can I trade directly from charts in NSE NOW?

    Yes, you place order from charts in NSE NOW.

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