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Pay Rs 1999 per month and get 199 orders per day or flat Rs 9 per Trade. Open Instant Demat Account and start trading today.

Incorporated in 2013, SAS Online is a discount broker. The company offers online brokerage services for stocks, futures and options, currency and commodities at NSE, BSE and MCX exchanges. SAS Online has grown to 55,000+ traders through referrals, and 1 Lac Cr+ Daily Turnover and 3 Lac+ Executed Orders Daily, offering brokerage services for stocks, future and options, currency and commodities at NSE, BSE and MCX exchanges.

The broker offers unlimited trading facility through a Rs 999 monthly plan. It also has a flat rate plan where you have to pay Rs 9 per executed trade across all the segments. SAS Online 1999 Pro Plan offers 199 orders per day to its subscribers under the 1999 Plan. After 199 orders, Rs 0.99 per order will be charged. The margin trading facility against shares is also available with SAS Online.

On average, the broker processes more than 1 lac orders per day. It offers real-time support for customers via call, chat and email.

Reasons to Trade with SAS Online:

  • Access to advanced online trading platforms
  • Low maintenance cost and low minimum brokerage fee
  • Offers unlimited trading plans for active traders
  • Take full control of your investments through online trading
  • Quick order processing and execution in a few clicks
  • Offers high exposure leverage to its customers

SAS Online Trading Platform Review

SAS Online offers a wide range of trading platforms to its customers. You can access SAS Online trading platforms through Tablet, Mobile and Desktop. The broker also offers an instant trade confirmation facility via SMS. With the span margin calculator available on the website, customers can calculate carry forward and intra-day margins.

This SAS Trading platform review will help you understand the product range, trading tools, and trading-related services offered by the broker.

SAS Online Trading Software:

  • Alpha Trader- Desktop Trading Platform
  • Alpha Web- Online Trading Website
  • Alpha Mobile- Mobile Trading App
  • Nest Trader - Desktop Trading Platform

The features and capabilities of trading platforms offered by SAS Online are a key consideration for traders. SAS Online offers an Alpha platform which is fast, intuitive and light. The servers of the Alpha platform are co-located with the stock exchange to offer quick order routing and tick-by-tick rate updates. Alpha Platform is available in desktop, web and mobile-based applications.

1. Alpha Trader

SAS Online Alpha Trader is equipped with integrated trading experience and excellent charting features. It is a desktop-based application to provides high speed and flexibility to active traders.

Key Feature of Alpha Trader

  • Provides fast trade execution facility
  • Trade across BSE, NSE, MCX from a single platform
  • 10+ chart types and 80+ technical indicator for technical analysis
  • Get to know about emerging opportunities using market scanners and scripted alerts
  • Get real-time data with market information
  • Access to market scanners and expert advisors
  • Transfer funds and get instant limit updates through the Pay-in feature

Alpha Trader Demo

Alpha Trader desktop trading platform has several useful trading features. To understand its various features and see how it works, you can watch a demo video created by the company. Here's how to watch the Alpha Trader demo-

  • Visit the official website
  • Click on Trading menu
  • Select Trading Platform from the drop-down list
  • A demo is available under the Alpha Trader heading

Download Alpha Trader

Alpha Trader is a downloadable trading platform that can be installed on your desktop. Once connected to the internet, you can use the online trading software to buy & sell securities. To download Alpha Trader, please take the following steps-

  • Open SAS Online official website
  • Click on Trading menu.
  • Click on Alpha Traderto download.
  • Log in with credentials to start desktop-based trading with the broker

2. Alpha Web

Alpha Web is a browser-based application available for SAS online customers. They can use this web-based application from anywhere across the world. You just need to sign in with your credentials to start investing across various segments available with SAS online. It is a fast, light and adaptable website-based trading platform.

Key Features of Alpha Web

  • Provides real-time data feeds through advanced socket technology
  • Place instant buy or sell orders even during high volatility 
  • Use the keyboard shortcut to navigate easily and place orders rapidly
  • Use 100+ technical indicators, 10+ chart types and customizable themes
  • Find most active stocks, 52 weeks high/low breakers and volume shockers through market screeners
  • Create and modify alerts as per your conditions

Access Alpha Web Online

  • Visit the SAS Online Stock Broker website
  • Click on the Trading tab.
  • Click on the 'Alpha Web' heading.
  • Put your User ID and password to start trading
  • Get an instant view of the account summary
  • Buy and sell instantly even in high market volatility
  • Get trending financial news and current market status

3. Alpha Mobile

Alpha mobile is a feature-rich and mobile-based application offered by SAS Online to enjoy the trading experience in your palm. Alpha Mobile provides access to Equities, F&O, Currency and Commodity segments across NSE, BSE and MCX. You can easily download this application from the SAS official website.

Key Features of Alpha Mobile

  • Get stock market quotes in real-time
  • Cover Orders (CO), After Market Orders (AMO) And Bracket Orders (BO), are available
  • Get notifications for price alerts and order execution
  • Pay-in fund option to get money in your SAS account
  • Multiple intraday charts are available to make the right investment decision
  • Check and manage your holdings

Download Alpha Mobile App

Alpha Mobile App is available for iPhone, Android and Windows phones. Here is how to download the app-

  • Visit Trading segment on SAS Online official website
  • Two options under the 'Alpha Mobile' heading are available
  • Google Play and App Store
  • Click on the download option suitable to your device

4. NEST Trader

Key Features of NEST Trader:

1. Customizable interface: Each component can be fully customized to the user's requirements. Edit headings, functions and colours according to your specific requirements.

2. Advanced charting: Identify trends and perform technical analysis with a wide range of indicators.

3. Connectivity: Trade across NSE, BSE and MCX from a single window. Get lightning-fast real-time quotes.

    To download NEST Trader follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • 1. Open website or click here to download Nest Trader.
  • 2. Download and run.

SAS Call n Trade Facility

The SAS Call-N-Trade facility allows you to place orders over the phone. You can dial a dedicated phone number provided on the company's website and a company executive will place the orders. The facility is available between 9 AM to 11:30 PM and is charged at Rs 20 per executed order.

SAS Commodity Trading Software

SAS is a leading online discount broker offering commodity trading services at MCX and NCDEX. Customers can use the same trading platforms to trade in commodities. SAS commodity trading software download is available on its website. Steps to download the software are explained above.

SAS Forex Trading Platform

SAS offers currency derivatives trading at BSE and NSE exchanges. Traders can use any of the available SAS trading software online to trade in currency futures and options.


SAS Online provides full control of investment decisions to investors. Online trading through SAS trading software is a fast, cost-effective, convenient and transparent investment option for customers. It offers good charting options with 10+ chart types and 100+ technical indicators.

SAS Online Special Offer

Monthly Trading @ Rs 1999

  • Pay Rs 1999 per month and get 199 orders per day or flat Rs 9 per trade +
  • Get margin against your shares +
  • API for alog trading.

This is a limited-time offer. Open Instant Demat Account and start trading today.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. Do SAS Online provide offline trading?

    No, SAS Online doesn't offer the offline trading facility. Instead, it offers an online trading platform named Alpha to trade and invest across various segments in India.

    With Alpha Trader, Alpha Web and Alpha Mobile, you will get real-time stock quotes. Wherever you go, you just need to login to your account to get quick access to the platforms.



  2. 2. How can SAS Online account auto-settled?

    As per the SEBI compliance norms, online account settlement occurs automatically once in a calendar quarter.

    Here are the conditions when the account is auto-settled without security transfer to the client's account:

    • Minimum 50% of the margin is used by the F&O positions.
    • When intraday or delivery turnover or delivery trades are more than or equal to funds and securities.



  3. 3. Which trading platforms are offered by SAS Online?

    SAS Online offers a wide range of trading platform. Based on your investment choice, you can choose the SAS online trading platform. The broker has an Alpha trading investment platform to access from mobile, desktop and browser-

    • Alpha Trader- Desktop Trading Platform
    • Alpha Web- Online Trading Website
    • Alpha Mobile- Mobile Trading App



SAS Online Account Opening Enquiry

Pay Rs 1999 per month and get 199 orders per day or flat Rs 9 per Trade. Open Instant Demat Account and start trading today.

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Special Offer: Pay Rs 1999 per month and get 199 orders per day or flat Rs 9 per Trade. Open Instant Demat Account and start trading today.


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