How to fill Groww Demat account closure form?

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Groww Demat account closure form needs to be filled and signed manually to initiate the account closure.

Steps to fill the Groww account closure form:

  1. Fill in the Date.
  2. Tick BO in the Closure Initiated By section.
  3. Tick Demat in Closure for tab.
  4. Provide your Groww Client ID.
  5. Input Name and Address of the account holder.
  6. Provide the reason for requesting account closure.
  7. Mention the DP ID and Client ID of the beneficiary account to transfer the securities in the Demat account. (Not required in case of no stock in the Demat account)
  8. Sign the form. (By all account holders)
  9. Send the form to Groww's correspondence address.

The Acknowledgement receipt section should be left blank for the DP to fill in.

You receive an email confirmation from CDSL (depository) and Groww once the account is closed. Contact customer service if you do not get the confirmation in 3 working days.


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