Upstox Options Trading Review - Platform, Brokerag

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Upstox Options Trading Review - Platform, Brokerag

Upstox Review-Pros & Cons



Reliable and user-friendly trading platforms.

Doesn't offer 3-in-1 accounts.

Low brokerage fee of Rs 20 per order.

Higher demat debit transaction charges.

Offers APIs to build apps on the Upstox platform.

Upstox Option Chain Tool for Option traders.

Mutual Fund platform to invest in mutual funds.

Upstox Review 2018- About the company

Earlier known as RKSV, Upstox is a popular discount broker in India. The company is backed by reputed investors including Kalaari Capital, GVK Davix, and Ratan N Tata. Upstox offers trading and investments services in Equity, Equity Derivatives, Commodities, Commodity Derivatives, Currency, Currency Derivatives, and Mutual Funds etc.

Upstox has over 1 lakh customers conducting over Rs 15000 Crores of daily exchange turnover.

Upstox is a tech-savvy company that leverages advanced technology to offer a range of useful trading tools to its customers. It offers developer API to build apps on the Upstox platform. Upstox's algolab allows traders to write strategies on AmiBroker AFL & place trades on the Upstox platform.

Upstox Trading Platforms

Upstox Dashboard

Pro Web: The platform brings to you the performance of a trading terminal in a web browser. It is built in-house using HTML 5 technology and offers a range of features to trade like-

  • Live data for market analysis
  • Advanced charts with over 100 indicators
  • Pre-set orders for trading during high volatility
  • Customization to suit individual trading needs

Pro Mobile: One of the highest rated trading app by users, Pro mobile offers great features to help traders trade on the move. The app gives you access to features like-

  • Trade even with slow internet connectivity
  • Notification to monitor your order and trades anytime, anywhere
  • Price alerts to keep an eye on desired scrips
  • Make use of Cover Orders and Bracket Orders

Algo Lab: It allows traders to integrate AmiBroker AFL with Upstox and place trades on the platform. Algo Lab is a dedicated panel available on Pro Web and Pro mobile for viewing, placing and modifying orders sent from AmiBroker. Traders can send orders from Pro web and Pro mobile. Also gives you access to the market data feed plugin.

Developer: It gives you access to APIs to allow developers to build an app on the Upstox platform at low cost and quick time. Developers get access to libraries and documentation to quickly build apps. The APIs supports C++, Node JS, Java, and Python.

Dartstock: Upstox has partnered with iDarts to offer a desktop trading platform that offers traders access to multiple scanners to analyze markets and identify opportunities, advanced charting tools, and special watchlists. Other features of the platform are-

  • Visualization tools for easy understanding
  • 60+ technical indicators and 10+ market studies
  • Open Interest Change Graph
  • Resistance and support watch

Nest Trader: It is a desktop app that offers multiple features like-

  • Customization option such as edit layouts, fonts, colors, and keyboard shortcuts as per individual trading needs.
  • Stability at high loads and speed
  • Multi-Monitor support
  • Advanced Charting to analyze and spot trends
  • Advanced orders like Cover Order (CO) and Bracket Orders (BO)
Upstox FoxTrader

Fox Trader: The software helps traders in-

  • Live scanning and conducting backtesting with 300+ studies, 200+ conditions
  • Automate trading strategies
  • Market & Trading Insights
  • Manage risks by tracking current positions, automating trailing stops & stop levels.

Upstox Trading Tools & Calculators

Upstox offers some very good tools and calculators to make trading easy and faster.

  • Brokerage Calculator- An easy to use calculator that tells you the brokerage charges and breakeven for your trade.
  • Margin Calculator- It calculates exactly how much margin is required for a particular trade. The SPAN Margin Calculator breaks down the margin required into Span, Exposure, VaR, ELM, and Net Premium etc.
  • Option Strategy Builder- It allows you to construct different option and future strategies with payoff graphs and study it in detail.

Upstox Options Brokerage Charges

Upstox Trading Plans

Upstox offers 2 trading plans: Basic and Priority.

Upstox Options Brokerage 2019

Upstox Trading & Demat Account Charges

Account Charges Amount

Trading Account Opening Charges

Rs 150

Trading Account Maintenance Charges


Demat Opening Charges

Rs 150

Demat Account Maintenance Charges

Rs 150 per year

Upstox Options Trading Brokerage, Taxes & Charges

Equity Options

Currency Options

Commodity Options

Brokerage Charges

Rs 20 per executed order

Rs 20 per executed order or 0.01% (whichever is lower).

Rs 20 per executed order or 0.01% (whichever is lower).

Security Transaction Tax (STT)

0.01% on Sell


0.05% on sell

Transaction Charges


Exchange turnover charge: 0.05%

Clearing charge: 0.005%


Exchange turnover charge: 0.04%

Clearing charge: 0.025%


Exchange turnover charge: 0.001%

Clearing charge: 0.025%

Exchange turnover charge: Nil

Clearing charge: 0.002% on buy + sell [Rs 200/crore]

Demat transaction charges





18% (Brokerage + Transaction)

18% (Brokerage + Transaction)

18% (Brokerage + Transaction)

SEBI Charges

Rs 5 per crore

Rs 5 per crore

Rs 5 per crore

Stamp Duty

0.003% (Rs 300 per crore) on buy-side

0.0001% (Rs 10 per crore) on buy-side

0.003% (Rs 300 per crore) on buy-side

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