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Incorporated in 1994, Anand Rathi is Mumbai, India based firm engaged in financial and advisory services which includes wealth management, investment banking, corporate advisory, brokerage & distribution of equities, commodities, mutual funds and insurance. Anand Rathi is a full service broker offering brokerage services to retail and institutional customers. Anand Rathi has a presence in India as well as internationally through offices in Dubai and Bangkok. Anand Rathi has network of 350+ br... Know more about Anand Rathi

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Anand Rathi brokerage complaints report provide detail about the number of complaints received by the stock exchanges from the Anand Rathi customers. The Anand Rathi consumer complaints report analyzes the Anand Rathi online complaint data provided by BSE and NSE. This report shows the health of the broker.

These complaints are serious grievances against Anand Rathi broker which the broker and customer failed to resolve. The customer then filed these legal complaints with the stock exchange.

The Anand Rathi complaint no. report also provides Anand Rathi’s number of active clients. This shows the growth of the broker year on year.

Anand Rathi Consumer Complaints

Exchange Financial Year Number of Clients   ? Total Complaints  ?
NSE 2020-21 73,253 11
BSE 2019-20 30,807 6
NSE 2019-20 73,021 31
BSE 2018-19 26,752 5
NSE 2018-19 75,064 45
BSE 2017-18 46,195 13
NSE 2017-18 77,554 57
BSE 2016-17 48,007 16
NSE 2016-17 64,451 44
BSE 2015-16 42,977 10
NSE 2015-16 58,264 51
BSE 2014-15 40,774 19
NSE 2014-15 57,205 85
BSE 2013-14 319,834 25
NSE 2013-14 49,860 74
BSE 2012-13 306,917 44
NSE 2012-13 296,977 76
BSE 2011-12 288,563 83
NSE 2011-12 281,176 138

Anand Rathi complaint at NSE

Defaulter Yes/NoNoNoNo
No. of clients at the beginning of the year
No. of active clients732537302175064
No. of complaints received *113145
Resolved through the exchange52540
Non actionable **020
Advised / Opted for arbitration000
Pending for redressal with exchange645
No. of arbitration filed by clients51
Decided by arbitrators in favour of the clients41
Decided by the arbitrators10
Pending for redressal with arbitrators10
% of No. of complaints as against No. of active clients0.010.040.05
% of complaints resolved as against complaints received45.4587.0988.88

Anand Rathi complaint at BSE

Defaulter Yes/NoNoNoNo
No. of clients at the beginning of the year441199419492392338
No. of active clients308072675246195
No. of complaints received *6513
Resolved through the exchange6514
Non actionable **000
Advised / Opted for arbitration003
Pending for redressal with exchange000
No. of arbitration filed by clients000
Decided by arbitrators in favour of the clients000
Decided by the arbitrators000
Pending for redressal with arbitrators000
% of No. of complaints as against No. of active clients00.020.03
% of complaints resolved as against complaints received100100107.69


  • * Including against its sub brokers, authorised persons, employees, etc.
  • ** Non actionable means the complaint that are incomplete / outside the scope of the Stock Exchange

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4. Abhishek  Apr 13, 2020 19:59 I Like It. | I Don't Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
When you need genuine help regarding no payment of dividend which was close to 7k INR in my case, they did noy attention despite struggling for past 6 months.They are worse in services fow which i hv no words.
Nita jadav
3. Nita jadav  Mar 13, 2019 14:17 I Like It. | I Don't Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
Anandrathi is the worst stock broking firm. I got very bad experience in vadodara. My certificate is given for demate purpose after 3 months I got in the office at the employee drawer. They neither send for further processing nor then contact us for anything. Whenever we call for status they just reply its in processing. One day we visit at office and we find the certificate at Mr. Darji at baroda office employee's desk. Very wors service. His not knowing the value of this certifice its costing around 2 lacks in this days for only one company. Very bad services.
2. manan  May 24, 2018 22:39 I Like It. | I Don't Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
call me on 91-8980010178
1. Avadhut  Aug 6, 2016 07:08 I Like It. | I Don't Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
Worst performance and worst service I have ever received from Anand Rathi pune, Law college road.
In my account I had 29,000 when I opened my account in the Month of March,2016 now (August 2016) only 120 Rs. Left in my account, I never wanted have share trading account however month on month followup conveninced me to open an account, marketing exe. Informed me that we have good resources, good analytical team and experience agents will take case of my account.
I do not have any knowledge of share trading and I informed the same to them, they gave me assurance to take care of my acount, I used to get a call from agent to buy shares however every time they called the share went down, when I asked manager about loss they gave up and blamed me saying that it was purely your decision.

Guys, I am working with IT company I have no knowledge about share trading, I can’t afford to have a loss of 29,000 in just 4 months.
I request you to never ever try for share trading, it’s a gamble you would loose your money, think about your family you cannot just loose your money, just think how much efforts you put to earn money.
I have trying to contact Anand Rathi regional manager and Sr. manager however from last 7 days they are not picking up my call, everyday I tried calling at least 30 to 354 times however they didn’t pick my call.
Below mentioned are their numbers:
Address: Office No. 6, 3rd Floor, Rachana Trade Estate, Pune, Maharashtra 411004, Law College Rd, Apex Colony, Erandwane, Pune, Maharashtra 410004
Don’t ever trust on Anand Rathi share broker, don’t be a victim of their inducement.
Never ever trust Anand Rathi. BELIEVE ME GUYS I DON’T WANT ANY ONE TO FACE SUCH SITUATION, this is high level of frustation when you loose money by someone else’s mistake.

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