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Minimum Brokerage Charges For Trading

Published on Monday, November 17, 2014 by Team | Modified on Sunday, August 9, 2020

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Most share and commodities brokers in India charge 'Minimum Brokerage', a fee which the trader has to pay in case the total calculated brokerage is below a certain amount.

If the brokerage calculated is lesser then the minimum breakage set by the broker; the broker charges the minimum brokerage fee.

Exception to Minimum Brokerage

SEBI, the market regulator has guidelines about maximum brokerage fee a broker can charge. As per the SEBI Rule 'no broker can charge more than brokerage of 2.5% of total traded value'.

Example of the Minimum Brokerage Fee

ICICI Direct minimum brokerage charge is Rs 35. Let's say that the brokerage charged by ICICI is 0.50%.

  • Scenario 1

    Buy 100 shares of a company at the rate of Rs 50 per share; the total brokerage calculated is Rs 25 (100 * 50 * 0.50%). As Rs 25 is less then Rs 35 minimum brokerage; the trader has to pay Rs 35 brokerage to ICICI Direct.

  • Scenario 2

    Buy 100 share of Rs 10 each; the brokerage as per ICICI 0.50% is Rs 5 (100*10*0.50%). ICICI charge minimum brokerage of Rs 35 but in this case they cannot charge minimum brokerage as it is higher than 'Maximum brokerage set by SEBI' which is 2.5%. So you pay Rs 25 (100*10*2.5%).

Traditional Vs Discount Brokers Minimum Brokerage Charges

As SEBI doesn't have any guidelines on the minimum brokerage, each broker has their own minimum brokerage charges. In some cases, customer can negotiate on minimum brokerage with the broker.

Traditional brokers (i.e. ICICI, Sharekhan, HDFC Sec, Motilal Oswal etc.) usually charge very high minimum brokerage; while most discount brokers (i.e. Zerodha, Upstox etc.) do not charge any minimum brokerage.

Zero minimum brokerage is one of the key features offered by discount brokers.

Challenges with Minimum Brokerage Charge

There are multiple problems with the minimum brokerage charges:

  1. Trade in penny stocks becomes very expensive.
  2. As the breakeven point moves high; trading in small quantity doesn't make sense.
  3. Also the GST tax (18%) is charged on actual brokerage paid, which is higher when paying minimum brokerage for small transactions.

Example 1:

When trading with ICICI Direct; any trade below Rs 7000 costs very high; As in above examples; In scenario 1, the actually brokerage paid is 0.70% and in scenario 2, the brokerage paid is 2.5% which is extremely high for one side of the transaction. Note that if you buy and sell the same quantity, you end up paying 5% of brokerage.

Example 2:

With Zerodha you pay taxes on Rs 6 brokerage. For the exact same transaction, you pay tax on Rs 35 brokerage with ICICIDirect. Note that Zerodha doesn't charge minimum brokerage and ICICI charges Rs 35 as a minimum brokerage.

How does minimum brokerage calculated?

Each broker has different way to calculate minimum brokerage fee. There are few common methods used:

  1. Flat Fee Minimum Brokerage Per Executed Order

    Brokers like ICICI Direct; HDFC etc. charge flat minimum brokerage i.e. Rs 35 or Rs 25 per executed order.

  2. Per Share Minimum Brokerage

    Many traditional brokers charge minimum brokerage by number of shares traded. For example

    Sharekhan: Minimum of 5 paisa to 10 paisa per share
    IIFL Minimum Brokerage: Minimum of 5 paisa per share


    In Sharekhan say the brokerage is .03% subject to minimum of 5 paisa per share.

    When you but 1000 shares of company A at Rs 10 per share and sell them on the same day at Rs 11 per share.

    Total Transaction = (1000 * 10) + (1000 * 11) = Rs 21,000
    Actual Brokers (@ 0.03%) = 21,000 * 0.03 % = Rs 6.30
    Brokerage as per Minimum Broker defined by Sharekhan = 2000 Shares * 0.05 = Rs 100

    So Sharekhan charges Rs 100 as a brokerage instead of Rs 6.30; which is way high.

  3. Per Contract Minimum Brokerage

    Most traditional broker charges flat rate minimum brokerage per contract for F&O derivative trading in stock, commodities and currency derivative segments.

    i.e. Geojit charges minimum brokerage of Rs 20 per contract.

Minimum Brokerage Explained by Brokers

Here is how some broker explains minimum brokerage charges:

  • Minimum brokerage charges by ICICI Direct

    ICICI Direct charges the minimum brokerage fee of Rs 35 per trade or 2.5% of the trade value whichever is lower.

  • Minimum brokerage charges by Sharekhan:

    • Brokerage charges For Intra-day Trades

      Sharekhan charges minimum brokerage of 0.1% on the buy side and 0.1% on the sell side for intraday trades. This is subject to a minimum brokerage of 5 paise per share. This means that if the share price you trade in is Rs 50 or less, a minimum brokerage of 5 paise per share will be charged.

    • Brokerage charges For Delivery Based Trades

      Sharekhan charges minimum brokerage of 0.5% on the buy side and 0.5% on the sell side for delivery based trades. This is subject to a minimum brokerage of 10 paisa per share. Minimum brokerage of 10 paisa per share will be applicable when the share price is Rs 20 or less.

      Brokerage of Rs 16 per scrip will be applicable when the total traded value is Rs 3200 or less in case of sell transaction.

  • Minimum brokerage charges by HDFC Securities:

    HDFC charges the minimum brokerage fee of Rs 25 per order (subject to ceiling of 2.5% of total traded value). These charges are applicable for both buy & sell orders.

  • Discount Brokers (i.e. Zerodha, Upstox)

    There is no minimum brokerage with most of the discount brokers in India. Low-cost brokers like Zerodha, Upstox have zero minimum brokerage charges.

  • Minimum brokerage in Zerodha

    Zerodha do not charge any minimum brokerage. This is one of the best features Zerodha offers.

  • Upstox minimum brokerage

    Upstox, the popular discount broker also doesn't charge minimum brokerage.

  • Trade Smart Online (TSO)

    Unlike most discount brokers, TSO, the discount broker offering Rs 15 per trade plans, charge Rs 15 per trade as minimum brokerage. This is an exception in discount brokers offering in India.

No Minimum Brokerage Trading / Account in India

Discount brokers offers 'no minimum brokerage' trading in India. They are no minimum online brokerage firms.

This gives huge advantage to traders who are interested in frequent trades in small quantities for a little margin. Also this makes it possible to trade in penny stocks.

Are you paying high minimum brokerage? If answer is Yes; then you should visit our brokerage comparison page and look for column 'minimum brokerage' for more information about no minimum brokerage trading.

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12. R B vaidya   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|October 15, 2021 2:12:36 AMReply
I want clarity on maximum brokerage. As per NSE CERCULAR IT SAYS” it should be maximum 2.5% of premium amount but it can be up to ₹ 100 per lots at maximum. So what to understand. Does it mean broker can charge brokerage 100 per lot as standard practice wherein case of BANK NIFTY it would be ₹ 4.00 per unit. (In case of option contract, brokerage is to be charged on option premium amount and shall not exceed 2.5% of premium amount or Rs. 100/‐ per lot whichever is higher)
Can some one clarify it?
11. Parkashkhule   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|April 16, 2019 8:57:24 AMReply
Great article that explains the actual brokerage charging. Very easy to understand. Thankyou
10. Rajmanti kumari   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|December 6, 2018 4:26:25 PMReply
Demat open krbane ke Bad check krna ni aa rha hai

9. Rajmanti kumari   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|December 6, 2018 4:23:38 PMReply
Demat open krbane ke Bad check krna ni aa rha hai

8. Soumyendu   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|June 22, 2016 11:19:38 AMReply
I bought a share @Rs.0.06 for 100000 nos., total value Rs.6000.00, Ventura Securities Ltd, my broker has charged me @Rs.0.02 per share, total value for Rs.2000.00 , which is 33% of my traded volume.I already had 230,000 of this share and another share I bought for Rs.0.09 for 50,000 shares. My entire investment will be wiped out to pay the brokerage charges of Ventura Securities Ltd. I want to know that the traders who trade in the small value shares, which broker farm they use; and also how I will get back my so much high brokerage money back from them.I wrote a mail to them, they are simple saying this as their company policy. All viewers, please help with your advice.
8.1. T.K.S   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|September 13, 2017 6:43:08 PM
Pls dont buy a share which is less than Rs.50 which does not have the face value,
7. SITARAM PANDEY   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|May 30, 2017 5:18:42 PMReply
This site is very useful but at same time more clear examples need to be provided I.e. a trader buys 100 share of IDBI @ 60/share in delivery which is the best broking co. which charges is cheaper than all broking co. The brokerage should contains the broking co. Charge + all other leviable charges
7.1. TKS   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|September 13, 2017 6:41:01 PM
hi, i am using Sharekhan for more than 6 years, which is very expensive, but no problem n liable. now i heard zrodha. pls do not go for a cheaper one and later if they close and go then run to RBI bla, bla, pls check go this web sight
they are very transparent and price wise is very good, but pls before trading with any broker , check twice or trice.. T>K>S
6. MPSE   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|May 17, 2016 4:28:29 PMReply
we offers minimum brokerage rates
Intraday - 0.01%
Delivery - 0.10%
Future - 0.01%
Option - 20 per lot
MPSE Securities ltd.
5. Pradeep   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|January 10, 2017 5:39:57 PMReply
How much is the maximum brokerage charges imposed by SEBI & also demat charges
4. Arun Gandhi   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|December 30, 2016 3:38:35 PMReply
I have sold 2 Shares of Network 18 @ Rs.37.85 = Total Rs.75.70 ...on which Brokerage @ 0.0568 per share ( @ 0.15% ) was difference brokerage + Service Tax ).
Can they maximum Brokerage allowed by SEBI = 2.5 % )
Further if they are Minimum Rs.16 /- on a sale of Rs.100 /- ) ....but they are not using the word "Brokerage" ...but instead using some other words "delivery handling charges" it permissible

They are charging the additional Brokerage in the Ledger ...and not on Contract Note that they would be seen as complying with SEBI Rules .

So basically I want to go behind the Rationale ....of why has SEBI given the restriction of 2.5 % ....and what does the word "Brokerage" include . Is it the total charges for Trading that can be collected from the investor ....or is it that the word "Brokerage" should not be used for charges of more than 2.5 % .....after that the Broker is free to charge any amount from the investor using some other word " extra Charges "
3. mayank   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|April 15, 2016 12:01:36 AMReply
How to calculate minimum and maximum brokerage in SBI?
2. ravi patil   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|March 17, 2016 4:14:54 PMReply
Thanks for good information
1. N Meyyeswaran   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|June 24, 2015 9:29:13 AMReply
Very useful information. Very interesting and understood the way the minimum charges are calculated by different brokers.

Thanks a lot.