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Options Trader by Dhan

Published on Thursday, April 27, 2023 by Team

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Options Trader by Dhan is a service that facilitates options trading through a web and mobile platform. Options are derivatives (financial contracts) that give the buyer the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell the underlying asset at an agreed price at a specified date and time.

The company has developed flagship options trading platforms such as the Options Trader App (Mobile App) and Options Trader Web (Web Platform). Dhan's options trading platforms are lightning-fast and have real-time payoff charts, straddle and strangle charts, strategy Greeks and many more features.

Dhan is one of the leading companies in India providing financial services and technologically advanced trading platforms for trading.

Dhan Options Trader

Options Trader by Dhan is a simple, lightweight and highly efficient options trading platform. Dhan account holders can download the Dhan Options app or access the web platform through the company's website. These dedicated platforms are designed to assist options traders.

The platform offers features like watchlists, charts & layouts, trade book, baskets, margin & funds, and a lot more.

Dhan Options Trader App

Dhan Options App is a mobile application available for both Android and iPhone users. Dhan Option Trader App is fast, efficient and tailored for modern F&O traders in India.

Dhan Options Trader platforms offer traders a seamless trading experience with a simple interface, easy account opening, and multiple features for executing a trade.

Dhan Options App Features

Traders can download the app from the Google Play Store or App Store. The company has integrated precise features and tools for its customers. With this app, you can easily explore the Futures & Options segment. The app has features like:

  • Get instant Market Outlook and trading ideas.
  • Pre-Built Strategies.
  • Get a Live Market Scan for better understanding.
  • Check all popular option Screener with details like volume, OI, ATM, and PCR.
  • Check Pay-off Graphs of an Option Strategy.
  • With Option Greeks, measure the sensitivity of option prices and formulate the strategy.
  • Deep OTM / ITM Options.
  • Baskets with Margin Benefits.
  • Instant Pledge / UnPledge for Margin.

Dhan Options trading app allows investors to check position, orders, trade book, charts & layouts, create a basket and portfolio.

Dhan Option Trader Login

  • Download the Dhan Options App from the Google Play Store or App Store.
  • Simply go to the Playstore/ App Store and search for Dhan Options.
  • Click on the Dhan Options App icon and download the app.
  • After downloading, either sign in with your existing account or create a new account with the app.
  • Login using a QR code, mobile number, or your login credentials.

Dhan Options App Demo

The Options Trader app provides you with scanners, inbuilt or customized strategies, and multiple order placement features. A visual representation of what the Dhan Options app looks like can be found below:

Dhan Option Trader Web

Dhan account holders can enjoy options trading on a bigger screen and with exclusive features with Dhan Option Trader Web. The web-based platform is enshrined with features like Free Custom Strategy Builder, Free Pre-Built Strategies, Margin on Option Buying and many more.

It is a dedicated platform that allows active engagement in options trading. With it, you can either use the pre-built strategies or customize one according to your requirements.

The financial market has taken on a faster pace recently, so traders also need tools that can keep up with the speed. Options Web combines all this in one place.

Dhan Options Trader Web Features

  • Dhan Option Trader's web platform offers investors an efficient and productive trading experience. Some of the features of the platform are:
  • Place direct orders with Advanced Option Chain.
  • Create, analyze, and execute your own strategies with Custom Strategy Builder.
  • You can also use pre-made strategies such as Straddle, Iron Condor, Strangle, etc.
  • Explore option trading with Ideas.
  • Monitor over 198 scrips with Screener.
  • Check potential profit & loss with Real-Time Payoff Graph.

Dhan Options platforms are introduced especially for Options Traders. The company Option Trader Web platform is advanced and well-structured for trading in Options.

Dhan Option Trader Web Login

  • Go to the Dhan website.
  • On the "Products" tab, select the Dhan Option Trader web.
  • Open it in another window.
  • Log in with your Dhan account credentials or go to the account opening process.
  • Once you are successfully logged in, you can start exploring and trading.

Dhan Option Trading Charges

Dhan offers suitable technological amenities, all kinds of financial assets to invest in, low brokerage fees, efficient customer service and various offers for customers to explore.

Dhan has very affordable charges on trades, be it a segment or an asset class. For options trading, Dhan charges Rs. 20 of the trade value per executed order for equity, commodity and currency options.

Margin and leverage facilities are also available for options trading. By using the margin facility, investors can expand their trading options and avoid missing out on good trading opportunities. Moreover, there are no separate or exclusive charges for Strategies, Scanners, Signals, information and insights available on the platforms. All of this is free of charge for Dhan account holders.

Dhan Option Strategies

The options trading app allows investors to track live market data, add multiple options to the watch list, and create or select strategies.

Dhan Options platforms have a Strategy builder feature. This allows investors to choose from tested, proven strategies to align their future trades or create their own strategy.

The company's options strategy builder helps investors make profits. Investors can select any strategy, such as a long or short strategy, or a combination of strategies. Investors can then evaluate the selected strategy using candlestick charts and determine whether it is beneficial or not.

Dhan Option Strategy Builder is offered at no additional cost. Investors can create their strategies at no additional cost.

Some of the exclusive features of Options Trading Strategy Builder are:

  • Save Custom Strategies.
  • Popular Pre-Built Strategies.
  • Pledge Benefit for Options Buying.
  • Line, Candlestick, & Heikin Ashi Charts.
  • Market Orders for Strategies.
  • Current & Expiry Day P&L Line.

Investors can incorporate their decisions and preferences and create their own strategies in no time. Thus, investors can freely choose style, type, etc. with this strategy creation feature.

Some of the pre-made option trading strategies that are readily available on Dhan's Options Trader platform are as follows:

Dhan Strategy Demo

Here is a quick glimpse of Dhan Strategy tool to help you understand:

Dhan option trader review

Among many other securities, derivatives such as Options and Futures have also gained momentum. More and more traders are interested in trading these assets. This leads to constant updates and an increased need for specialized platforms. Nowadays, stock brokers offer apps for stocks, IPOs, mutual funds, and education, but few of them offer dedicated apps or web platforms for options.

Dhan Options trader platforms offer this facility and make trading smooth for new-age traders. These platforms have all kinds of tools, features and facilities required for a hassle-free experience.

From in-built strategies to customizable strategies, live market scans and screeners, Dhan Options Trader Web and Dhan Options Trader App have the most advanced features to offer.

Brokerage fees for options trading are also very affordable. With a brokerage fee of Rs. 20 of the trade value per executed order.

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  • Free account opening and Demat AMC +
  • Brokerage-free equity delivery and flat Rs 20 per trade for intraday and F&O +
  • Separate option trading APP.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. How to Download and use Dhan Options App?

    The Dhan Options app can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store or App Store. 

    Below are the steps to download and use the Dhan Options App:

    • Open the Play Store/App Store on your cell phone and search for Dhan Options.
    • Click the app icon and then click "Install" on the page.
    • Once installed, open the app on your phone.
    • Log in with your account number and password or request to open a new account through the app.
    • Once you are logged in, you can start exploring, add options to your watchlist and start trading.


  2. 2. How to use Dhan Options Trader Web?

    Dhan Options Trader Web is a simple and easy-to-use trading platform for options trading. You can use your desktop or laptop to open it.

    • Go to the Dhan website.
    • Click on the Dhan Options Trader Web in the Products section.
    • Log in to your account and start trading.


  3. 3. What are the features of Dhan Options Trader Web?

    Dhan Options Trader Web is a feature-rich platform for trading securities such as options. It combines all the necessary and interesting tools to provide a fruitful experience. These features are:

    • Free Pre-built Options Strategies
    • Instant Pledge Benefit
    • Custom Option Strategy Builder
    • F&O Screener & Scanners
    • Free Option Trading Ideas


  4. 4. How much money is required for Futures & Options trading with Dhan?

    Trading derivatives like futures and options through the Dhan Options app or the internet can be started with as little as a few thousand rupees in India.


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