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Fyers - Safe, Reliable & Trustworthy Broker

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Fyers is a trusted discount stock broker in India for many reasons including zero debts, no proprietary trading, transparency in charges, and standard policies irrespective of the client's profile.

Fyers is a Bengaluru based company founded in 2015. The company is registered with SEBI and a member of major stock exchanges like BSE, NSE, and MCX. It is a depository participant (DP) with CDSL.

Fyers follows all the regulations laid for stock brokers registered with SEBI. Besides, stock brokers need to be a member of a stock exchange to give its customers access to the particular stock exchange. As a member of BSE, NSE, and MCX, Fyers has to follow all the regulations laid out by the stock exchanges. The exchanges also regularly monitor all its members.

About Fyers

Fyers offers online trading services in Equity Cash, Equity, Commodity and Currency Derivatives (F&O). Here are a few key facts about Fyers:

  • It started offering services in 2015. Consistently growing since then.
  • Fyers offer free equity delivery trading and charges flat Rs 20 per trade for Intraday and F&O trades.
  • Fyers has developed an in-house online trading platform. This is among the best online trading software available in India.
  • Offers Fyers API Bridge for integration with advanced trading software like Ninja Trader, TradingView and Python etc.
  • No hidden charges. Very transparent fees/charges.

Why Fyers is safer than other brokers?

  1. Zero-debt Company

    Fyers is a debt-free company. Debt is one of the major reasons for companies engaging in unfair and illegal practices. The company has not done borrowing of any kind to aggressively expand its operations. The company promoters have funded the company with a complete bootstrapping.

  2. No Margin Funding

    Fyers doesn't offer margin funding. Margin funding is the money given to the customer as a loan for trading. It is considered as a risky business for stockbrokers.

  3. No Proprietary Trading

    Fyers doesn't do proprietary trading. Many stockbrokers in the past have been alleged of doing proprietary trading from the funds kept in customers' accounts. Fyers policy of no proprietary trading makes it a safe broker.

    Fyers doesn't use client deposits for speculative purposes. The company pays extra attention to risk management at all times.

  4. Technology-Focused Company

    Fyers offers all its services online and has a limited physical presence. The online business model offers substantial cost advantage in terms of reducing operating expenses in staff, office rent, etc.

    The company has built its trading platforms in-house which allows it to quickly update the platforms with new features as per the latest trends and regulatory requirements.

  5. No Customer Advisory

    Fyers doesn't offer research and recommendations to customers. There's no conflict of interest in promoting particular stocks or push for certain products.

    The company only offers the trading platform to trade in various exchanges.

  6. Standard Pricing Policy

    Fyers offers a single brokerage rate to all its customers. It doesn't matter if you are an HNI or a high volume trader. A standard brokerage policy for all customers helps the company significantly reduce operational risks.

  7. No client securities in the pooled account

    Fyers doesn't keep client securities in a pooled account. All the securities are stored in the customer's respective demat accounts.

  8. Lowest Complaints to Active Clients Ratio

    Fyers ratio of complaints to active clients is among the least on the exchange.

Fyers Risks

While Fyers ticks all the boxes as a safe broker, below are some of the risks that you should be aware of before opening an account.

  1. Financials not available

    Unlike a few other brokers, Fyers is not a publicly-traded company. The financials of the company are not available in the public domain for analysis. Also unlike listed peers, it doesn't come under scrutiny by regulators, shareholders, and investors.

Fyers Memberships

Fyers is registered with SEBI and a member of NSE, BSE, and MCX. Fyers is also a DP (Depository Participant) with CDSL, one of the two Central Depositories in India that manages demat accounts.

Fyer's various membership details are as follows:

  • SEBI Registration No: INZ000008524
  • CDSL: 89400
  • NSE Member Code: 90061
  • MCX Member Code: 56100
  • BSE Member Code: 6697


Fyers is a safe and reliable stock broker. The company is founded by young entrepreneurs who believe in being transparent and offering technology-driven stock broking services. Fyers follows all the regulations required as a stock broker and has not been reported of any major violation. The company operates with zero debts and a low-risk policy which provides further assurance to traders.

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