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Fyers is SEBI registered stock broker offering online stock trading & investment services. Fyers is based out of Bangalore. Fyers offers discount brokerage services. The brokerage charged by Fyers is over 90% less than the traditional full-service brokers in India.

Fyers is popular for its flat fee brokerage plan, innovative trading platform and thematic investing offerings. Fyers charges flat Rs 20 per trader brokerage irrespective to the trading segment or size of the trade.

Fyers is member of NSE and offers Equity, Equity Derivatives and Currency Derivatives trading through them. Fyers doesn't offer trading at BSE, MCX or NCDEX.

Fyers Account Opening

You need a trading account with Fyers to trade in equity or currency. If you are planning to invest in equity (take delivery of shares), you also need a Demat Account, which is offered by Fyers in partnership with IL&FS.

Through Fyers doesn't offer 100% paperless account opening, the account opening with Fyers is easy.

Open an Account in Fyers

To open an account in Fyers, you could:

  1. Request Application Form
    • Visit Fyers website and click on 'Open an Account' button.
    • Provide your Name, Email address and phone number.
    • Fyers sales team will contact you to walk you through the account opening process.
  2. Visit Fyers Bangalore Office

    If you live in Bangalore, visit the office of Fyers to fill the application form.

Fyers Account Opening Special Offer

Fyers has a special offer for account opening. Using this limited time exclusive offer, you could open an Online Trading Account for FREE (zero account opening charges).

Fyers Account Opening Status

You could check the Fyers account opening status by calling them at +91 80 4625 1111 / +91 9591 82 1111. Your account is opened and activated on the same day when Fyers receive your signed account opening form.

Once account is opened and activated, customer receives a welcome email with the information you need to begin the trading with Fyers.

Fyers Account Opening Forms Download

The Trading and Demat PDF account opening forms are available online on Fyers website for download and print.

Customer could download the PDF forms, print it, fill it, sign it and send it through courier.

Fyers Account Closure Procedure

If you are not happy with Fyers Securities services or no more need trading or demat account, you could close the account at any time by submitting the account closure form to the broker.

Once the account closure application form is received, you will receive a call from customer service to confirm the account closing request.

The PDF forms for Request to Closure of Trading AC or Demat Account could be downloaded from its website.


  • Fyers doesn't accept or process your demat account closure or trading account closure request until all dues are clear.
  • Phone calls or email are not enough for account closure. A sighed application is required.

Fyers Account Opening Charges

Customer pays account opening fee for trading account opening with Fyers. The account opening fees are as below:

  • Fyers Account Opening Charges (Trading Acct): ₹0 (Free)
  • Fyers AMC Charges (Trading Acct): ₹0 (Free)
  • Fyers Account Opening Charges (Demat Acct): ₹0 (Free)
  • Fyers AMC Charges (Demat Acct): ₹400


  1. How my In-Person Verification (IPV) is done with Fyers?

    IPV is a process where Fyers authorized employee verifies your identity by meeting you or through web camera.

    If you are in Bangalore, you could visit Fyers office for IPV. For others, IPV is done through web camera.

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  2. What are different trading plans offered by Fyers?

    Fyers offer 1 simple trading plan.

    Flat Rate Trading Plan - Rs 20 per trade (Equity, Equity F&;O and Currency F&O at NSE)

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  3. Can I open more than 1 trading account with Fyers with same name / PAN Number?

    No, it's against the law to have multiple accounts with same name with the same broker.

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  4. Can I have more than one demat account with Fyers?

    Yes, customer can open as many demat account as they want with Fyers using the same name and PAN Number. Note note that only one trading account is allowed per customer.

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