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Edelweiss Account Opening Charges 2021

Edelweiss account opening charges are Rs 0 (Free) for a trading account and Rs 0 (Free) for Demat account. Edelweiss charge Rs 500 (1st Year Free) AMC for Demat account.

Trading Account Opening ChargesRs 0 (Free)
Account AMC ChargesRs 0
Demat Account Opening ChargesRs 0 (Free)
Demat AMC (Yealy)Rs 500 (1st Year Free)
Special Offer: Trade @ flat Rs 10 per order + FREE Trading Tips + Rs 0 Account Opening Fee. Open a Free Demat Account in just 15 Minutes.

Edelweiss Broking is a leading full-service broker offering online discount brokerage services to its customer.

Edelweiss Account Types

Edelweiss offers 2 types of account types to suit the varied needs of the traders.

  1. Edelweiss Lite

    This online trading plan is for customers who are looking for low cost trading platform and require very little help from the broker on day to day basis. This plan offers:

    • Low, flat brokerage rates of ₹10 per order compare to other brokers
    • F&O, intraday trades against collateral as well as cash
    • No hidden charges
  2. Edelweiss Elight

    It is a full service brokerage plan for frequent traders who are looking for privileged service, personalized offerings and proactive advice. This plan offers:

    • All features of Lite plan without any charges
    • Dedicated relationship manager
    • Access to exclusive products
    • Customized leverage
    • Portfolio monitoring and proactive advice
    • Free call & trade service

Edelweiss Broking Account Opening

You can open Edelweiss account instantly from its website or mobile app if your Aadhar number is linked with your phone number for OTP verification. All resident Indians and NRIs residing in GCC countries (Gulf Countries), Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the UK are eligible to open an account with Edelweiss.

If you have all the documents in hand, the process should not take more than 15 minutes. The accounts get activated on the same day.

Steps for Instant Account Opening

  1. Visit our Online Account Opening page by clicking here
  2. Enter your profile information
  3. Select your brokerage rates plan
  4. Video IPV: Record the video and complete the video IPV stage
  5. Document Upload: Upload a softcopy of documents
  6. E-Sign: Click on the E-Sign option and complete the required steps.

Offline Account Opening (Paper forms)

In case you are unable to open an account online then you have the option to open an account offline. The offline account opening process involves filling a form, attaching required documents and submitting it to the company's branch offices or sending it to the company address. You can get the form from the company's branch office in your city.

Documents needed for Edelweiss Account Opening

You would need following documents to open the trading and demat account:

  • Pan card
  • Address proof - Aadhar Card
  • Personalized Cheque duly cancelled and signed Or Bank statement (Latest 3 months) that should consist of IFSC code, MICR code and account number.
  • Signature Image (If Signed Cancelled Cheque is not provided)
  • Image of passport size photograph.

Note that additional document such as proof of Income may be required in case you would like to trade in derivative segments.

Check Account Opening Status

Once the complete documents are received and verified by the company, your account is activated within 24 hours. In case of a delay, please get in touch with the customer support team via call/email to know the status of the company.

Edelweiss Broking Account Closure Form

Edelweiss Broking offers 2-in-1 trading and demat account facility. If for some reasons, you don't need these accounts, then you can close the accounts anytime.

Before you initiate the account closure process, please make sure to do the following things:

  1. Empty your demat account by transferring all your securities into another account.
  2. Close all the open positions placed from this trading account.
  3. Clear all unpaid dues, if any, with the broker.

The trading and the demat account cannot be closed online or through email or phone calls. You will have to fill the account closure form to close your Demat and Trading account with the company. For joint demat accounts, all account holders of the account, need to sign on the account closing form.

Steps to Close Edelweiss Broking Account

  1. You can get the soft copy of the account closure form by calling/writing to the customer support team. The account closure form is also available with your Relationship Manager or you can get it from the branch nearest to you.
  2. Print, fill the required information and sign the account closure form.
  3. Send it to the Edelweiss Broking office or submit it to your nearest branch.

You will receive account closure intimation along with the final statement of the accounts.

If you do not get account closure intimation in 15 days, please contact the customer support to check the status and follow up.

Edelweiss Special Offer

Trade @ Rs 10 per order + FREE Trading Tips + Rs 0 Account Opening (for limited time only)

  • Flat Rs 10 per trade across all segments.
  • FREE Research and Trading Tips.
  • Margin against share and Margin Funding available.

It is a limited-time offer. Open FREE Edelweiss Account online in just 15 Minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. How to open Edelweiss Trading Account?

    Edelweiss broking offers complete online account opening to customers who have Aadhar linked to the current phone number for OTP verification. For others, the account opening form has to be printed, filled, signed and sent to the Edelweiss Mumbai office.

    Steps to Open Edelweiss Broking Account Online

    1. Visit Edelweiss website or download Edelweiss Mobile Trader app.
    2. Click on the 'Open an account' button.
    3. Enter your PAN number and DOB.
    4. Enter or validate your name, address, and mobile number.
    5. Enter details like bank details and personal information etc.
    6. Choose the brokerage plan.
    7. Upload scanned copies of your documents.
    8. Submit the application form.

    On weekdays, your account is opened in just a few minutes on successful verification of the form and documents.



  2. 2. Is Edelweiss a Discount Broker?

    Edelweiss is traditionally a full-service broker offering personalized services since 2006. To compete with discount brokers, Edelweiss launched online trading at ultra-low brokerage (i.e. Rs 10 per executed order) with limited or no personal support like discount brokers.

    Edelweiss offers 2 brokerage plans;

    1. Edelweiss Lite (Discount) is a fixed brokerage plan (Rs 10/order) for online trading only.
    2. Edelweiss Elite (Full-service) is a traditional % based brokerage plan with personalized services. This plan offers a wide range of services including research, advisory, relationship managers, PMS, local branch support,

    Read Discount Broker vs Full-Service Broker in India

    Discount Stock Broker

    A discount stock broker has the following key features:

    • Services limited to broking. No research & advisory.
    • Offers its services online.
    • Offers a flat, fixed fee brokerage plan.
    • Limited physical presence.

    Zerodha, 5paisa and Prostocks etc., are some of the popular discount stock brokers in India.

    Full-service Stock Broker

    A full-service stock broker has the following features:

    • Offers both online and offline services
    • Offers research advisory and other investment services
    • Offer percentage based brokerage plans
    • Branch offices at multiple locations
    • Dedicated RM support

    Popular full-service stock brokers in India include ICICI Direct, HDFC Sec and SBI Capital.



  3. 3. How to close Edelweiss account?

    You need to fill, sign and submit the account closure form to a branch near you or to the Relationship Manager (RM) to close the Edelweiss account. The account closure process is completely offline (paper-based) and cannot be done online or through customer support.

    Steps to close Edelweiss Account

    1. Call customer support to get the account closure form.
    2. Fill the form and sign it.
    3. Handover the form to your RM or the branch office.

    It takes 7 working days from receipt of the account closure form at the Head Office to close the account. You can know the status by calling or by writing to the help desk.


    • For joint accounts, all account holders must mandatorily sign it.
    • Clear all your dues before initiating the process of account closure.
    • Close all open positions and empty all securities from your demat account.



  4. 4. How long does it take to open an account with Edelweiss Broking?

    The online account can be opened instantly if you are KYC compliant. In other cases, the account is opened within 24 hours of receiving the complete documents.



  5. 5. What all documents are required for account opening with Edelweiss?

    Following self-attested documents are required:

    • Pan card
    • Address proof - Aadhar Card
    • Personalized Cheque duly cancelled and signed Or Bank statement (Latest 3 months) that should consist of IFSC code, MICR code and account number.
    • Signature Image (If Signed Cancelled Cheque is not provided)
    • Image of passport size photograph.



  6. 6. Who can open an account with Edelweiss Broking?

    All resident Indians and NRIs residing in Australia, New Zealand, GCC countries (Gulf Countries), Hong Kong, Singapore, and the UK are eligible to open an account with Edelweiss.



  7. 7. How do I know if my trading account is opened with Edelweiss Broking?

    You will receive a welcome email once your account is opened. The email will also contain the credentials and instructions to log in to your account.



  8. 8. What are the segments/instruments can I invest in using the Edelweiss account?

    The Edelweiss trading account allows you to invest in Equities, Derivatives, Currency Derivatives, Mutual Funds, Gold ETFs and Bonds. At the time of account opening, you will be asked to opt for your desired segments. However, you can activate your access to other segments later by contacting your Relationship Manager or visiting the nearest Branch.



  9. 9. Do I need to maintain a minimum balance in my Edelweiss trading account?

    No, there is no requirement to maintain a minimum balance in your account. You can transfer and withdraw funds from your trading account as per your trading needs.



  10. 10. How to close Edelweiss Demat account?

    Edelweiss offers both demat and trading account to its customers. For any reason, if you are not using your account for trading, it's better to close it to avoid any yearly fees like transaction or maintenance charges.

    Steps to follow for account closure:

    1. To get the account closure form you can call on their toll-free number (18001023335) or email ( them to get the soft copy of the form.
    2. Print it, fill it and duly sign it.
    3. Submit the hard copy to the nearest branch. It's a completely offline process so to process the account closure it's mandatory to submit the hard copy of account closure form. It takes around 7 days to process the closure request.


    1. There are no charges involved for account closure.
    2. It's required to clear any outstanding debit balance before submitting the closing request. If there is any credit balance they will issue the cheque on closure the account.
    3. If there is any stock holding in your account, they have to be transferred in another demat account before closure request.
    4. The full and final closure is depending on settlement of DP dues, Current month transaction and trading ledger balance.

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