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Incorporated in 2015, Fyers Securities is a Bangalore based online discount stock broker. Fyers offers trading in Equity Cash, F&O and Currency Derivatives segments at NSE. FYERS word is an acronym of "Focus Your Energy & Reform the Self", representing the core values of the company. The company is founded by young entrepreneurs who believes in bu... Know more about Fyers Securities Ltd

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Get all your share trading doubts and questions answered by reading the Fyers demat, trading account information FAQ. All Fyers questions, Fyers q&a, Fyers faq and Fyers questions and answers.

Fyers Special Offer

Free Equity Delivery Trading

Get free equity delivery trading (truly no brokerage) and pay flat ₹20 brokerage for Intraday and F&O trades. To open an account with Fyers, simply leave your contact information with us and Fyers representatives will call you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. What is Fyers?

    Fyers is an online stock broker offering discount trading and investment services in India stock market. Fyers offers free equity delivery trades and flat rate brokerage plans (₹20 per trade brokerage) for trading in Equity Intraday & Equity F&O and Currency F&O trading at NSE.

    FYERS word is an acronym of "Focus Your Energy & Reform the Self", representing the core values of the company.

    Fyers is a member of National Stock Exchange and started offering its trading services in mid-2016.


  2. 2. Does the flat fee discount broker like Fyers make any profits by offering such a cheap brokerage plans?

    Yes, Fyers makes decent profits even by offering extremely low brokerage charges and free software. Here are some of the things to note:

    • No branches, no relationship manager, no research reports, no margin funding and no expensive advertisement keep the cost of operation in control.
    • Powerful online trading platform gives Fyers an opportunity to grow faster. With every new client added, the cost goes down.
    • Focus on core brokerage business helps Fyers to reduce risk.
    • Most customer on Fyers trading platform are self-supporting do-it-yourself type of customers. They need least assistance from broker and thus the cost to maintain these customers are low.
    • Reduced brokerage allows traders to trade frequent which intern increase the volume.
    • Stock exchanges offer incentives to the brokers for high volumes as it increases liquidity in the markets.
    • Their customer referral model works well for slow and steady growth of the company. The customer referral program enables its customers to refer friends and earn 10% of brokerage paid by their referred friend.


  3. 3. How to open account with Fyers?

    Would you like know more about Fyers or ready to open account with Fyers?

    Simply leave your contact information and Fyers representative will call you in few minutes.


  4. 4. Can Fyers pick up the forms from my home?

    No, Fyers doesn't offer form pickups. You will have to print, sign and courier the forms to Fyers office.


  5. 5. Explain Fyers ₹20 per trade plan?

    In this plan, customer pay flat rate ₹20 brokerage per executed order irrespective to the size of the order in Equity Intraday & Equity F&O and Currency F&O segments. For example, when you buy 1000 shares of ₹100 each share in Intraday trading; you brokerage is charged at flat ₹20.

    The similar transaction with ICICIDirect or Sharekhan would cost you ₹500 in brokerage (at 0.50%). This example shows saving of 97%, just on brokerage itself. You save further on the taxes which are paid on brokerage.

    Note that Equity delivery trading at Fyers is free. You don't have to pay brokerage for equity delivery trades.


  6. 6. What is an executed order at Fyers?

    When you place an order with Fyers which gets traded, it is called an executed order. You don't pay for placing, cancelling or modifying an order; you pay only per executed order.

    Fyers doesn't charge per trade, Fyers charge only for an executed order. So even if an order is executed in 10 different trades it is considered only 1 executed order and you pay only ₹20.

    Example of an order is:

    Buy 5000 shares of Reliance Industries

    You place a 'buy' order for 5000 shares of Reliance Industries. This order may get executed in different chunks (i.e. 100, 3000, 1900) until the whole 5000 shares are bought. However, Fyers charges you only ₹20 for the order that is placed, irrespective of how many trades it takes to complete the order. The same charge is applied for trading Equity Intraday, Delivery, F&O and Currency Derivatives.


  7. 7. I place an order to buy 10 lots, what if it gets traded 5 times 2 lots per trade?

    Fyers charges only for an executed order. So even if an order is executed in 5 different trades it is considered only 1 executed order and you pay only ₹20.


  8. 8. Why Fyers charges extra for Call & Trade through dealers?

    When a customer places an order over the phone through a dealer, Fyers charge an additional ₹20 as Call & Trade Fee.

    Fyers is an online stock broker. It prefers that the customer uses its online trading platform to execute orders. All trading software's including an installable trading terminal, website and mobile application are made available free of charge to customers.


  9. 9. Does Fyers provide technical charting?

    Yes Fyers offer advance technical charts on its free trading terminal.


  10. 10. Does customer get leverage for intraday trading with Fyers?

    Yes, when orders are placed under product type as MIS, customer get leverage for intraday trading with Fyers.


  11. 11. Is it mandatory to open a demat account along with trading account with Fyers?

    No, you could only open a trading account if you are not planning for delivery trades.


  12. 12. I already have a demat a/c with another broker. How do I link this account with Fyers trading account?

    You can link any demat account with Fyers trading account. You can provide this information at the time of account opening or contact the customer service at later point of time to do so.


  13. 13. What is Thematic Investing with Fyers?

    Thematic Investing is a way to make investment decisions based upon emerging themes - themes that are identified by looking at the intersection of shifting economics, demographics, psychographics, technologies, mixed with regulatory mandates and other forces. It is based on predictions about trends rather than on the past performance of the market or the fundamentals of a specific company. Read full article about Thematic Investing


  14. 14. How to withdraw funds from Fyers?

    Fyers customers have to place a pay-out request to withdraw funds from Fyers trading account. You can withdraw funds using multiple channels:

    1. Fyers Web
    2. Fyers Markets
    3. Backoffice / Account

    Steps to withdraw funds from Fyers

    1. Login to Fyers Markets mobile app
    2. Go to Funds menu
    3. Go to Pay-out section
    4. Enter Amount to withdraw
    5. Submit the request

    Fyers Fund Withdrawal or Payout Timings

    Withdrawal requests that have been placed during working hours are processed at the end of the day and may take up to 24 hours to get credited to your bank account.

    Fund withdrawals for the equity segment requests placed till 8:00 pm are approved & processed on the same day and withdrawal requests raised after 8:00 pm will be processed on the next working day.

    Fund withdrawals for the commodity segment requests placed till 7:00 am will be approved & processed on the same day and those after 7:00 am will be processed on the next working day.



  1. What is AMC for Fyers?

    Fyers charges ₹0 (Free) Annual Maintenance Charge (AMC) for a trading account and ₹300 for a Demat account. AMC is charged to maintain the accounts.

  2. How much Fyers charge for delivery?

    Fyers charge ₹0 (Free) for equity delivery trade. These trades are also known as cash & carry trades or CNC.

  3. How much Fyers charge for intraday?

    Fyers charge ₹20 per executed order or .03% whichever is lower for intra-day trades. These orders are also known as Margin Intraday Square-up or MIS orders. All open intraday orders are auto squared-off at the end of the day. Extra leverage is offered for these trades.

  4. How much Fyers charge for futures?

    Fyers charge ₹20 per executed order or .03% whichever is lower for equity, currency and commodity futures trading.

  5. How much Fyers charge for options?

    Fyers charges ₹20 per executed order for equity, currency and commodity options trading. Options are highly leveraged derivative products. Options trading is used in many ways including hedging or to reduce the risk exposure of the portfolio.

  6. How much Fyers charge for commodity?

    Fyers brokerage charges for commodity futures is ₹20 per executed order or .03% whichever is lower and commodity options is ₹20 per executed order. Commodities futures are agreements to buy or sell raw material (food, energy or metal) at a specific date in the future at a particular price. Commodity options contracts are the right to buy (call option) or sell (put option) underlying commodity futures at predetermined prices on the date of contract expiry.

  7. How much Fyers charge for currency trading?

    Fyers charge ₹20 per executed order or .03% whichever is lower for currency futures trading and ₹20 per executed order for currency options trading.

  8. What are transaction charges in Fyers?

    Transaction Charges (or Exchange Turnover Charges) is a fee charged by the stock exchanges for trades done through them. Most brokers include clearing charges to it. These charges can be seen in the contract note.

    Fyers Transaction Charges 2020
    SegmentTransaction Fee
    Equity Delivery₹325 per Cr (0.00325%)
    Equity Intraday₹325 per Cr (0.00325%)
    Equity Futures₹240 per Cr (0.0024%)
    Equity Options₹5900 per Cr (on premium) (0.059%)
    Currency Futures₹240 per Cr (0.0024%)
    Currency Options₹5900 per Cr (on premium) (0.059%)
  9. Can I apply for an IPO through Fyers?

    No. Fyers doesn't offer online IPO applications to its customers. You could still invest in IPO using net-banking of the bank you have a bank account with.

  10. Do Fyers offer to invest in Mutual Funds?

    No. Fyers doesn't offer Mutual Funds investment. You could buy Mutual Funds directly from Asset Management Companies (AMC) i.e. ICICI Prudential, HDFC, Aditya Birla Sun Life.

  11. Do Fyers offer margin funding for share/commodity trading?

    No. Fyers doesn't provide margin funding.

  12. What is Fyers intraday auto square-off time?

    Fyers auto square-off all open intraday positions at 3:20 PM.

  13. Does Fyers provide trading tips or investment strategies?

    No. Fyers doesn't provide trading tips for stock and commodity trading to its customers.

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