ICICI Direct FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

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ICICI Direct is a retail trading and investment service from ICICI Securities, the largest retail stock broker firm in India offering a wide range of investment options to the retail and institutional customers. ICICI Securities is part of ICICI Group, India's top financial service provider offering banking and other financial services. ICICI Secur... Know more about ICICI Securities Pvt Ltd.

Do you have questions about ICICI Direct share trading account or ICICI Direct Demat account?

Get all your share trading doubts and questions answered by reading the ICICI Direct demat, trading account information FAQ. All ICICI Direct questions, ICICI Direct q&a, ICICI Direct faq and ICICI Direct questions and answers.

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ICICI Direct offers a 3-in-1 account, a combination of saving bank, trading and demat account. It offers one-click investment in Equity, Derivatives, Mutual Funds, IPO, ETF, Life Insurance, General Insurance, Currency, and Fixed Deposits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. How to login ICICI Direct?

    You can log in to your ICICI Direct account on the web, desktop and mobile app using your User ID, password, Date of Birth or PAN. The user ID and password are sent with the welcome kit. If you forgot your ID, you could get it online by visiting the customer service menu on ICICI Direct website.

    Steps to Login to ICICI Direct Website

    1. Visit ICICIDirect.com
    2. Click on the 'Login' Tab on the right side of the top menu.
    3. Enter User ID, Password, Date of Birth or PAN number
    4. Click on the 'Login Now'


    • User ID and password are case sensitive i.e. it differentiates between capital and lower-case letters. Please enter the characters as mentioned in the document provided to you. An error in even a single character would show 'Invalid Login ID and Password'.
    • When you log in for the first time, you will be prompted to change the password. Change the password and login again with the new password.
    • Entering an incorrect password 3 times will lead to your account getting locked.


  2. 2. What is ICICIDirect login id?

    The ICICIDirect login id is your user ID to access ICICI Direct website and mobile app. The user ID along with the password is sent with the welcome mailer while opening the account. In case you forgot the login ID, you can get it online on ICICI Direct website.

    Steps to get the forgot login ID in ICICI Direct

    1. Visit ICICIDirect.com
    2. Click on the 'Customer Service' on the top menu
    3. In the 'Trouble Logging In' section, click on 'Forgot Login ID'
    4. Enter Date Of Birth, PAN and email address. Click on the 'Get login ID'
    5. You will get your login ID in an email.
    6. Check the spam folder in your mailbox in case you don't get an email in your inbox.


  3. 3. How to reset ICICI Direct password?

    You can reset the password online by visiting ICICI Direct website or using the ICICIDirect Mobile app. You could also get the ICICI Direct password reset by calling customer service and get the password delivered at your registered address.


    ICICI Direct Reset Password


    Steps to reset ICICI Direct password online

    1. Visit ICICIDirect.com
    2. Click on the 'Customer Service' on the top menu
    3. In 'Trouble Logging In' section click on 'Generate Password Online'
    4. Enter your ICICI bank account number
    5. Select one of 'Using Internet Banking User ID & Password' or 'Using Linked Debit Card Grid'
    6. Click on the 'Proceed'
    7. Enter the information as asked further

    Steps to reset ICICI Direct password offline

    To place a request for a physical password to be delivered at your address, call ICICIDirect customer service or follow the below steps:

    1. visit ICICIDirect.com
    2. Click on the 'Customer Service' on the top menu
    3. In 'Trouble Logging In' section click on 'Request Physical Password'
    4. Enter the User ID or Form No/DoB/PAN and click on 'Proceed'.


  4. 4. What is cash buy-in ICICIDirect?

    Cash buy-in ICICI Direct is a trade that is completely funded by the trader. You have to pay the total trading amount upfront when the trade is placed and executed. It is opposite to margin buy wherein traders only need to pay a fraction of the trading amount and rest before the delivery of the shares.

    Cash buy is commonly known as Equity Delivery trades or Cash & Carry trades.


  5. 5. How to check bonus shares in ICICIDirect?

    ICICI Direct customers can check the bonus shares online using either ICICIDirect.com website or ICICI Direct Mobile app. You also get an intimation on your Email and SMS of bonus shares credit in your demat account.

    Steps to check bonus shares in ICICI Direct

    1. Login to ICICIDirect.com website
    2. Expend 'Portfolio & Services' in the left navigation bar
    3. Click on "Portfolio > Equity "
    4. Click on the required stock symbol hyperlink
    5. Check the details of the bonus shares credited.


  6. 6. How to unsubscribe ICICI Direct emails?

    You could unsubscribe email newsletters by login into ICICIDirect.com and submitting a request to remove yourself from the mailing list.

    Steps to Unsubscribe ICICI Direct Emails

    1. Login to www.ICICIDirect.com
    2. Click on the 'Customer Services' tab in the top right
    3. Expend the 'Services' section in the left navigation bar.
    4. Click on the 'Subscription For Mailers' link
    5. Uncheck the email category
    6. Submit


    ICICI Direct Subscribe / Unsubscribe Email Newsletter



  7. 7. How to stop SMS alerts in ICICI Direct?

    To stop SMS from ICICI Direct, login to ICICIDirect.com and submit an online request to unsubscribe from SMS by category.

    Steps to stop ICICI Direct SMS Alerts

    1. Login to ICICIDirect.com website
    2. Click on the 'Customer Services' tab in the top right
    3. Expend the 'Services' section in the left navigation bar.
    4. Click on the 'Subscribe/Unsubscribe SMS' link
    5. Check/uncheck the category category
    6. Submit


    ICICI Direct Subscribe / Unsubscribe SMS



  8. 8. How to get capital gain statements from ICICI Direct?

    ICICI Direct provides online access to various account statements including capital gain statements to download. The capital gain statements are required for taxation.

    Steps to get capital gain statements from ICICI Direct

    1. Login to ICICIDirect.com website
    2. Click on the 'Trade & Invest' in the top navigation bar.
    3. In the left navigation, expand 'Portfolio & Statements' >> 'Statements And Reports'
    4. Click on the 'Capital Gain' link
    5. Choose Equity, MF, FD/Bonds
    6. Click 'View Capital Gain' to view the reports.


  9. 9. How to change address in ICICI Direct?

    To update the address in ICICI Direct you have to submit a paper form along with new address proofs. This cannot be done online.

    Note that you can update mobile number, email and GST number online on ICICIDirect.com.

    Steps to change address in ICICI Direct

    • Download form Application for change in address.
    • Take a print out of the form.
    • Fill and sign it.
    • Attach self-attested copies of PAN Card and address proof.
    • Visit your nearest ICICI Bank Branch with the original documents.
    • The ICICI official will verify the documents and on satisfaction accept your application

    The address will automatically in your demat and trading account.


  10. 10. What is realized profit loss in ICICIDirect?

    Realized profit or loss in ICICI Direct is the actual profit or loss made after a trade is completed. Unrealized profit or loss is something you are making while holding the shares.

    For example, say you buy 100 shares of a company at Rs 50. In a week, the price of the stock moves to Rs 60. You are still holding the shares. Your unrealized profit would be (Rs 60 - Rs 50) X 100 = Rs 1,000.

    Now next week, you sell the shares at Rs 63. Whatever money you make or lose after the trade is complete is your realized profit or loss. In this case, when you sell shares at Rs 63, your realized profit would be (Rs 63 - Rs 50) X 100 = Rs 1,300.


  11. 11. Where to find DP ID in ICICI Direct?

    Your DP ID is a part of your demat account number. The demat account number is a 16 digit number. The first 8 digits of the demat account number is your DP ID and the rest 8 is your client ID. To know your ICICI Direct DP ID, take the following steps:

    1. Login to ICICI Direct website
    2. Go to 'Customer Service' page
    3. Scroll down to My Account. You can find your demat account number under My Account Details.


    • ICICI Direct Demat Account Number: IN303028 - 51120994
    • ICICI Direct DP ID is IN303028.


  12. 12. What is Option Plus in ICICI Direct?

    ICICI Direct OptionPLUS is an intraday product for Options Trading wherein you can place 2 orders simultaneously.

    The first will be a market/Limit order for buying Options contract and the second order is placed to limit the loss on the position by specifying the Stop Loss Trigger Price (SLTP) and a Limit Price. The system automatically places the contract order at the limit price on reaching the SLTP price.


    You buy NIFTY PUT trading at Rs 20 with a strike price of Rs 7000 in the expectation that the price will rise. However, in case the price falls, you would like to limit your losses. To cover your losses, you place a limit sell order specifying a Stop loss trigger price of Rs 15 and a limit price of Rs 10. Once the contract price touches or crosses Rs 15, the order gets converted into a limit sell order at Rs 10.

    Steps to place ICICI Direct OptionPLUS order

    1. Login to your trading account
    2. Visit the 'Place Order' link
    3. Choose the product type as 'OptionPLUS' under the F&O trading section.
    4. Enter order details and click 'Submit'.

    Note that only selected contracts are available under the OptionPLUS facility.


  13. 13. What is Future Plus in ICICI Direct?

    FuturePLUS is an intraday product in the F&O segment. The facility is available in selected stocks. It is available in 2 versions:

    • Future Plus with normal margin

      In this, you can take buy/sell positions in future contracts with the intention of squaring off the position on the same day. In FuturesPLUS, you need to deposit less margin than normal Futures trades.

    • FuturePLUS with Stop Loss Limit Margin

      In this facility, you place two orders simultaneously, a market/Limit order to take a position in the market and a second order to limit your loss by specifying the Stop Loss Trigger Price (SLTP) and a Limit Price.

    Steps to place ICICI Direct FuturePLUS with SL Limit Margin product

    • Login to your trading account
    • Visit the 'Place Order' link
    • Choose the product type as 'FuturePLUS Stop Loss' under the F&O trading section.
    • Enter order details and click 'Submit'.

    You can place both Fresh and Cover SLTP orders simultaneously from the same page.


  14. 14. What is order book in ICICI Direct?

    The ICICI Direct order book provides details like price, quantity and status etc of the orders placed by you. The report is updated in real-time. You can also modify or cancel unexecuted orders from the order book.


  15. 15. What is trade book in ICICI Direct?

    The ICICI Direct Trade Book provides details of only the executed orders. The details are updated on a real-time basis. It also contains details of the money required to be paid for each order.



  1. What is AMC for ICICI Direct?

    ICICI Direct charges Rs 0 Annual Maintenance Charge (AMC) for a trading account and Rs 700 (from 2nd year) for a Demat account. AMC is charged to maintain the accounts.

  2. How much ICICI Direct charge for delivery?

    ICICI Direct charge 0.55% for equity delivery trade. These trades are also known as cash & carry trades or CNC.

  3. How much ICICI Direct charge for intraday?

    ICICI Direct charge 0.275% for intra-day trades. These orders are also known as Margin Intraday Square-up or MIS orders. All open intraday orders are auto squared-off at the end of the day. Extra leverage is offered for these trades.

  4. How much ICICI Direct charge for futures?

    ICICI Direct charge 0.05% to 0.03% for equity, currency and commodity futures trading.

  5. How much ICICI Direct charge for options?

    ICICI Direct charges Rs 95 to Rs 35 per lot for equity, currency and commodity options trading. Options are highly leveraged derivative products. Options trading is used in many ways including hedging or to reduce the risk exposure of the portfolio.

  6. How much ICICI Direct charge for commodity?

    ICICI Direct brokerage charges for commodity futures is NA and commodity options is NA. Commodities futures are agreements to buy or sell raw material (food, energy or metal) at a specific date in the future at a particular price. Commodity options contracts are the right to buy (call option) or sell (put option) underlying commodity futures at predetermined prices on the date of contract expiry.

  7. How much ICICI Direct charge for currency trading?

    ICICI Direct charge 0.050% to 0.030% for currency futures trading and Rs 25 to Rs 10 per lot for currency options trading.

  8. What are transaction charges in ICICI Direct?

    Transaction Charges (or Exchange Turnover Charges) is a fee charged by the stock exchanges for trades done through them. Most brokers include clearing charges to it. These charges can be seen in the contract note.

    ICICI Direct Transaction Charges 2021
    SegmentTransaction Fee
    Equity DeliveryNSE Rs 310 per Cr (0.0031%) | BSE Rs 280 per Cr (0.0028%) (each side)
    Equity IntradayNSE Rs 310 per Cr (0.0031%) | BSE Rs 280 per Cr (0.0028%) (each side)
    Equity FuturesRs 180 per Cr (0.0018%)
    Equity OptionsRs 5000 per Cr (0.05%) (on premium)
    Currency FuturesRs 120 per Cr (0.0012%)
    Currency OptionsRs 5000 per Cr (0.05%) (on premium)
  9. Does ICICI Direct offer IPO?

    Yes. ICICI Direct offers online IPO applications to its customers. Initial Public Offer (IPO) offers an early opportunity to buy shares of companies that are not previously traded publicly.

  10. Does ICICI Direct offers Mutual Funds?

    Yes. You can buy/sell Mutual Funds if you have an account with ICICI Direct.

  11. Do ICICI Direct provide margin funds?

    Yes. ICICI Direct provide margin funding.

  12. What is ICICI Direct intraday auto square-off time?

    ICICI Direct auto square-off all open intraday positions at 3:30 PM.

  13. Does ICICI Direct provide tips?

    Yes. ICICI Direct provide trading tips for stock and commodity trading to its customers.

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