ICICIdirect - I-Secure Plan Review

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ICICIdirect - I-Secure Plan Review

ICICI's I-Secure Plan offers Flat Brokerage (in %) irrespective of turnover value. This plan is suitable for traders / investors looking at secured and fixed brokerage.

ICICI Direcr I - Secure Plan Brokerage Charges

Segment Brokerage
Equity Delivery 0.55%
Equity Intraday 0.275%
Eq Margin & Margin Plus 0.050%
Eq Future & Future Plus 0.050%
Eq Future & Future Plus (Intraday) ₹50
Currency Futures 0.050%
Currency Futures (Intraday) ₹10 per lot
Options & Option Plus ₹95 per lot
Options & Option Plus (Intraday) ₹50 per lot
Currency Options ₹25 per lot
Currency Options (Intraday) ₹10 per lot
NCDs / Bonds 0.75%


  • Minimum Brokerage: ICICI Direct minimum brokerage charges is ₹35 per trade or 2.5% of the trade value whichever is lower. The minimum brokerage on stocks priced up to ₹10 is ₹0.05 per share or ₹35, whichever is higher.

  • 'Margin' and 'Margin Plus' are designed for intraday customers who want to benefit from the upward/downward movement of a stock in a day. They can get a leverage up to 5 times the allocated trading amount.

    In a Margin Product, intraday traders only need to pay the margin amount instead of the entire trade value. The margin percentage differs for every stock and is predetermined by the exchange.

    In MarginPLUS, an intraday trader has to necessarily limit the loss on every trade by placing a cover order specifying the SLTP (stop loss trigger price) and a limit price. The trader also has the option to protect the profits by placing a cover profit order at a limit price.

  • ICICIdirect offers 3 products 'Future', 'Future Plus' and 'Future Plus Stop Loss' for trading in Futures segments.

    Future is a product designed for traders who want to take buy/sell positions in futures contracts for days or till expiry.

    FuturePLUS is a product for intraday traders who want to take buy/sell positions in future contracts.

    In Future Plus Stop Loss, you need to necessarily place a Stop Loss order in your intraday Futures trade.

  • ICICIdirect offers 2 products 'Options' and 'Options Plus' for Options traders. The products are designed for different types of trading and brokerage rates are different for each of these products.

    'Options' is designed for Options traders who want to take positions for more than a day or till expiry.

    'Options Plus' from ICICIdirect is meant for traders who take intraday positions.

  • Options 195 plan is designed active intraday Options traders who trade frequently. For such traders, a flat brokerage fee of ₹195 is charged for any number of Lots from 2 to 10 in a single order. For trades sbove 10 Lots in a single order, ₹15 per lot for every additional lot is charged. This plan helps traders in achieve quick break-even in a trade.

  • I-Gain plan is designed for frequent F&O traders wherein for Intra-day trades, the brokerage is charged only when there is a profit from the trade. No brokerage is charged if the trade results in loss or a break-even.

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