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Incorporated in February 2000, Sharekhan is India's 3rd largest stock broker (after ICICI Direct and HDFC Securities). Sharekhan provides brokerage services through its online trading website and 1800 offices which includes branches & franchises in over 550 cities across India. Sharekhan has seen incredible growth over last 10+ years ... Know more about Sharekhan

Do you have questions about Sharekhan share trading account or Sharekhan Demat account?

Get all your share trading doubts and questions answered by reading the Sharekhan demat, trading account information FAQ. All Sharekhan questions, Sharekhan q&a, Sharekhan faq and Sharekhan questions and answers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. Is Sharekhan a Discount Broker?

    No, Sharekhan is not a discount broker. It is a full-service broker providing a wide range of services including retail trading, investment, mutual funds, portfolio management services, research and investor education etc. Sharekhan is a member BSE, NSE, MCX, CDSL and NSDL. 

    Here are a few key points of distinction between full-service and discount brokers:

    • Full service brokers offer both online and offline trading services whereas discount brokers offer only online services.
    • Full-service stock brokers offer a wide range of services (add-ons) whereas most discount brokers only offer stock broking services.
    • Full-service stock brokers have branch offices in multiple locations in their area of operation whereas discount brokers are online brokers with very limited number of branch offices.
    • Full-service stock brokers charge brokerage as percentage of the trade value whereas discount brokers charge flat fee brokerage wherein you are charged a fixed brokerage irrespective of the trade value. However, some full-service brokers have started charging flat fee brokerage to compete with discount brokers.

    We have written a detailed article on 'Discount Brokers vs Full Service Brokers in India'. The article discusses the key differences between discount and full-service brokers, their pros and cons and a list of top 10 discount stock brokers and top 10 full-service stock brokers in India.



  2. 2. What is Sharekhan Flexi Invest?

    Sharekhan Flexi Invest provides the flexibility to change the SIP amount without changing the electronic clearing system (ECS) fee every month. The Flexi Invest Sharekhan plan saves you from a lengthy process of changing the ECS mandate every time you wish to change your SIP amount.

    Key Features of Sharekhan Flexi Invest

    • In the event of no change in SIP by you, the default amount set by you is deducted.
    • Facility to change date and frequency of SIPs
    • Facility to link SIPs with key ratios to automatically increase the SIP amount when the market is low and decrease the amount when the market is high.



  3. 3. Should you choose Sharekhan as your brokerage company?

    Sharekhan is good for trading for following types of investors-

    • Traders who trade in high volumes because the brokerage charges for high volume trading is less.
    • Sharekhan is good for new traders as it offers good online training on investments and trading. It has partnered with California based Online Training Academy that provides well-designed trading courses.
    • Aged traders who are not tech savvy. It has a free dial n trade facility service wherein you can place your orders on telephone.



  4. 4. Is sharekhan good for trading?

    Sharekhan offer trading services in equity, commodity, currency and derivatives. Is sharekhan good for trading? Let's first understand its advantages and disadvantages-

    Pros and Cons of Trading with Sharekhan



    Provides you access to good trading platforms- web, installable and mobile

    Doesn't offer 3-in-1 services, so fund transfer and withdrawal may take time.

    Free Call & Trade facility wherein you can call their customer representative and place your orders.

    Brokerage charges are higher in comparison to discount brokers like Zerodha, Upstox etc.

    It offers multiple brokerage slabs to suit the trading needs of investors. The brokerage charges are less for high volume traders.

    It allows traders to put their fixed deposits in banks as collateral to maintain margins for Futures and Options trading.

    Wide network with 1800+ offices including branches and franchises at 550 locations across India.

    Provides good training on trading & investments.



  5. 5. Who is Sharekhan?

    Sharekhan is one of the largest brokerage company in India. Incorporated in 2000, it is the first broker to offer online trading in the country. The company was, in 2016, acquired by leading European Bank BNP Paribas and is today known as Sharekhan BNP Paribas Financial Services Private Limited.

    Sharekhan serves over 16 lakh customers through 153 branches and 2400 business partners at 575 locations spread across the country. Sharekhan's trading platform executes over 400,000 trades daily.

    Sharekhan offers a range of savings & investment solutions like-

    • Equity Trading
    • Derivatives Trading
    • Currency Trading
    • Mutual Funds & SIP
    • Bonds
    • IPO
    • Portfolio Management Services
    • Training
    • NRI Services



  6. 6. What is Sharekhan Company?

    Established in 2000, Sharekhan is a full-service stock broker in India. It offers stock market trading and investment to investors in India. The company also offers NRI investment services online as well as through its branch offices in the UAE and Oman.

    Sharekhan was acquired by BNP Paribas in 2016. It runs as a wholly-owned subsidiary of BNP Paribas. BNP Paribas S.A. is a leading bank in Europe. It is listed in Euronext Paris, France's securities market.

    Sharekhan offers retail broking services in equity, commodity and currency segments, IPOs, portfolio management services, and mutual funds. The company also offers research and stock recommendations to its customers.

    The online trading services are offered through the following platforms-

    • Sharekhan App (Mobile Trading)
    • Sharekhan Website (Website Trading)
    • TradeTiger (Trading Terminal)

    Customers can also trade offline by visiting any of the Sharekhan offices spread in 634 cities across India. In addition, it also offers Call & Trade services wherein you can place orders on the phone.



  7. 7. Who owns Sharekhan?

    Sharekhan is owned by BNP Paribas, a leading European bank. Sharekhan started as a private limited company in 2000. It has been owned by BNP Paribas since November 2016.



  8. 8. When Sharekhan started?

    Sharekhan started its stock broking operations in 2000. In 2016, the company was bought by European bank BNP Paribas. Sharekhan has its registered office in Mumbai with 3200 branches and franchise offices in over 634 cities across India.



  9. 9. Is Sharekhan a listed company?

    No, Sharekhan is not a listed company. The company started as a private limited company in 2000. BNP Paribas, a leading bank in Europe bought the company in November 2016. Today it runs as a wholly-owned subsidiary of BNP Paribas.

    BNP Paribas is listed in Euronext Paris, France's securities market.

    Sharekhan is not listed at BSE or NSE in India.



  10. 10. How to change bank account in Sharekhan online?

    The process to change a bank account linked to your Sharekhan trading account cannot happen online. You have to fill out a Client Master Form and submit it with your nearest Sharekhan branch or a sub-broker. Here are steps to change bank account in Sharekhan:

    1. Download both the copies of the Client Master Form here
    2. Print, fill the relevant part of the form and sign.
    3. Attach a cancelled cheque of the bank account that you want to be linked to your account.
    4. Visit your nearest branch/sub-broker office and submit it.
    5. The executive taking your form will return one copy of the form after putting the official branch stamp on it. Keep the copy as an acknowledgment.


    • Your name should be printed on the cheque. If the name is not printed then also a copy of your latest bank statement/passbook along with the cheque.
    • It is mandatory to fill in your Mobile No. & Email id in the Client Master Form.



  11. 11. How to deactivate Sharekhan account online?

    Sharekhan account cannot be closed online, over the phone, by online chat or by sending an email. It has to be done by filling the account closure request form (paper-based) and submitting it to Sharekhan.

    Steps to deactivate Sharekhan account

    1. Visit the local Sharekhan branch.
    2. Contact your relationship manager (RM).
    3. Request for an account closure form.
    4. Fill the form, sign it and attach all the unused DIS slips.
    5. Submit the form in the office or courier it to the address mentioned in the form.


    • For a joint account, all account holders must sign in the form.
    • It may take up to 7 working days to process the account closure application.
    • Make sure to follow-up with RM in case you don't get any confirmation.



  12. 12. What is Sharekhan classroom?

    Sharekhan provides various financial education resources to its customers to learn and enhance their trading skills. Sharekhan classroom is one such free online program for stock market training.

    Every month, online classroom sessions are held wherein the basics of trading and investing, online demos and advanced trading concepts are discussed. The training videos are available in English and Hindi languages.

    Sharekhan customers can view the program schedule here. To attend a program, they need to register for it and join online at the scheduled timings. On registration, you will receive the joining credentials to get access to the module.

    Those who cannot attend the LIVE modules due to time constraints can visit the 'Action Replay' section by logging in to the website where recorded versions of all the modules are available.



  13. 13. How to close Sharekhan trading account online?

    Sharekhan trading account can be close at any time by submitting an account closure request form. The Sharekhan customer has to download the account closure form, print it, fill it, sign it, and courier it to the Sharekhan office to initiate the request. Sharekhan trading account cannot be closed online.

    To close the Sharekhan trading account, you need to submit the duly filled and signedaccount closure form to the nearest branch of Sharekhan along with the unused DIS slips.

    You can also courier the form to the address mentioned in the closure form.

    Before submitting the account closure form, make sure to sell or transfer securities from your Demat account and pay the outstanding dues to the broker, if any.




  1. What is AMC for Sharekhan?

    Sharekhan charges Rs 0 (Free) Annual Maintenance Charge (AMC) for a trading account and Rs 400 (Free for 1st year) for a Demat account. AMC is charged to maintain the accounts.

  2. How much Sharekhan charge for delivery?

    Sharekhan charge 0.50% for equity delivery trade. These trades are also known as cash & carry trades or CNC.

    Espresso customer also has to pay taxes, demat debit transaction fee (Rs 13.5 per trade) and exchange transaction charges.

  3. How much Sharekhan charge for intraday?

    Sharekhan charge 0.10% for intra-day trades. These orders are also known as Margin Intraday Square-up or MIS orders. All open intraday orders are auto squared-off at the end of the day. Extra leverage is offered for these trades.

    In addition you have to pay taxes and exchange transaction charges.

  4. How much Sharekhan charge for futures?

    Sharekhan charge 0.10% for equity, currency and commodity futures trading.

  5. How much Sharekhan charge for options?

    Sharekhan charges Rs 50 per lot for equity, currency and commodity options trading. Options are highly leveraged derivative products. Options trading is used in many ways including hedging or to reduce the risk exposure of the portfolio.

  6. How much Sharekhan charge for commodity?

    Sharekhan brokerage charges for commodity futures is 0.03% and commodity options is 0.03%. Commodities futures are agreements to buy or sell raw material (food, energy or metal) at a specific date in the future at a particular price. Commodity options contracts are the right to buy (call option) or sell (put option) underlying commodity futures at predetermined prices on the date of contract expiry.

  7. How much Sharekhan charge for currency trading?

    Sharekhan charge 0.10% for currency futures trading and Rs 30 per lot for currency options trading.

  8. What are transaction charges in Sharekhan?

    Transaction Charges (or Exchange Turnover Charges) is a fee charged by the stock exchanges for trades done through them. Most brokers include clearing charges to it. These charges can be seen in the contract note.

    Sharekhan Transaction Charges 2023
    SegmentTransaction Fee
    Equity DeliveryNSE Rs 325 per Cr (0.00325%) | BSE Rs 275 per Cr (0.00275%) (each side)
    Equity IntradayNSE Rs 325 per Cr (0.00325%) | BSE Rs 275 per Cr (0.00275%) (each side)
    Equity FuturesNSE Rs 190 per Cr (0.0019%) | BSE Rs 50 per Cr (0.00035) (each side)
    Equity OptionsNSE Rs 5000 per Cr (0.05%) | BSE Rs 50 per Cr (0.0005%) (on premium)
    Currency FuturesNSE Rs 135 per Cr (0.00135%) | MCX Rs 130 per Cr (0.00130%)
    Currency OptionsNSE Rs 4220 per Cr (0.04220%) | MCX Rs 3220 per Cr (0.03220%) (on premium)
    CommodityMCX (Non-Agri) Rs 230 per Cr (0.0023%) | MCX (Agri) Rs 95 per Cr (0.00095%)
  9. Does Sharekhan offer IPO?

    Yes. Sharekhan offers online IPO applications to its customers. Initial Public Offer (IPO) offers an early opportunity to buy shares of companies that are not previously traded publicly.

  10. Does Sharekhan offers Mutual Funds?

    Yes. You can buy/sell Mutual Funds if you have an account with Sharekhan.

  11. Do Sharekhan provide margin funds?

    Yes. Sharekhan provide margin funding.

  12. What is Sharekhan intraday auto square-off time?

    Sharekhan auto square-off all open intraday positions at 3:30 PM.

  13. Does Sharekhan provide tips?

    Yes. Sharekhan provide trading tips for stock and commodity trading to its customers.

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9. Rajeev Kumar   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|Aug 27, 2020 2:01:25 AMReply
How many times we can place order in IPO?
8. Manish Sharda   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|Jun 9, 2020 10:53:48 PMReply
Why sharekhan is not provide stop loss system in simple way when we trade in commodity as other brokers are provided on his mobile app.

7. Manish Sharda   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|Jun 9, 2020 10:48:35 PMReply
How to set stop loss order on share khan mobile app when I trade in commodity.

6. Manish Sharda   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|Jun 9, 2020 10:47:28 PMReply
How to set stop loss order on share khan mobile app when I trade in commodity.

5. Mayuresh Madhav Dhairyawan   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|Feb 3, 2019 9:37:04 PMReply
I have joint demat account with my brother with Sharekhan
Wish to know how to handover the share certificates for dematerialse and to which Office.
I stay in Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri (West)

Please let me know the address of your Office as mentioned above


Mayuresh Dhairyawan
4. R PRUDHVI   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|Jan 8, 2018 9:57:54 PMReply
Any charges for Nse to bse transfer shares in sharekhan demat account
.Ex:.. If iam buying Reliance shares in Nse 10rs 100 shares.. The amount is 1000rs and iam selling total shares 15 rs i got that money 1500.and now bse of share price Reliance is 20 and i am shifted. Nse to bse i am more profit to 2000 rs.. If any charges for transfer to nse to bse... Can u please explain..
3. R PRUDHVI   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|Jan 8, 2018 9:37:36 PMReply
Any charges for Nse to bse
Ex. : Reliance 3 rs in Nse.. I am buying 100 shares 300 rs... And bse 5 same Reliance... I will chose to transfer to the nse to bse... I have earn more shift bse.. 200 rs profit... Is any terms and conditions.. Any charges for share... Can u please explain me...
2. soumya ranjan das   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|Oct 22, 2016 3:02:39 PMReply
1-How do i know limit of intra day , either 5x or 10 x ?
At the time of opening account , no such document provided for knowing limit of intra day.

1. Jayant   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|Jul 29, 2016 5:01:04 PMReply
Can one person open 2 dmat accounts. Is it correct legally?
1.1. Priya   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|Nov 16, 2016 2:29:52 AM
Hi Jayant,

Yes, you can open as many as Demat account you would like with the same PAN card. There is no restriction on this.

But note:
1. Most broker charge AMC on demat account. You will have to pay this yearly fee to keep the account active.
2. You cannot apply multiple applications in an IPO as IPO application should be unique by PAN number.

Also note that you cannot open more then 1 trading account with a particular broker using same PAN number.