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Sharekhan, India's 3rd most popular stock broker, offer online IPO's to its customers. The process of applying in Initial Public offers with sharekhan is 100% online, extremely simple and quick. Sharekhan customer doesn't have to fill the paper forms or sign them to apply for shares offered though IPO's at BSE and NSE.

Sharekhan IPO application process comprises 3 easy steps:

  1. Choose the IPO.
  2. Specify the quantity of shares to apply.
  3. Provide the price at which you would like to buy the IPO shares.

That's it. Everything else is taken care by the company on your behalf.

Key Features of Sharekhan IPO Online

  • No paper work. 100% online process.
  • Convenient way to transfer money from your linked back account to IPO account.
  • Refund comes to customers IPO account which can easily be transferred back to back account.
  • Online modification or cancellation of IPO application while the IPO is open.
  • Order history page provides detail of all IPO's customers applied in past.

How to apply for IPO in Sharekhan?

Sharekhan customer can follow below east steps to apply for shares in an IPO. After login to Sharekhan trading website go to the IPO Home section and follow the steps.

  • Fund Transfer

    You need to first transfer funds from your personal bank account to your Sharekhan IPO pool account using the payment gateway service.

  • Apply IPO

    Once you successfully transfer the funds, check on Apply IPO. This will list all fixed and book building open IPOs. Select your choice of company and submit your order.

  • Order Book

    Once order is submitted, it can be tracked though order book.

Applying in SME IPO's with Sharekhan

Sharekhan doesn't offer online IPO application for SME IPOs. Sharekhan customer has to apply for BSE SME or NSE Emerge IPO using the paper forms.

Sharekhan IPO Charges

Sharekhan doesn't charge any fee for applying for IPO shares through Sharekhan Online IPO platform.

Customer still have to pay the brokerage when they sell the shares allocated though IPO.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I use my stock trading account funds to invest in IPO with Sharekhan?

    No, you cannot utilize your trading account allocated funds for IPO. But you could transfer fund between trading account and IPO account.

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  2. Can I modify or cancel the IPO order placed online with Sharekhan?

    Yes, while the bidding is open for the IPO shares, customer can modify or cancel the IPO application placed online.

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