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Sharekhan Review - Options Trading, Brokerage and Platform

Published on Wednesday, April 4, 2018 by Team | Modified on Monday, July 18, 2022

Sharekhan Review - Options Trading, Brokerage and Platform

Sharekhan Review - Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Good trading platforms for web, mobile etc. No 3-in-1 account services.
Free Call & Trade facility. Higher brokerage for low volume traders.
Multiple brokerage slabs to suits investors. Less brokerage for high trade. No facility to place orders post trading hours.
Allows fixed deposits for option trading.
Good platforms for customer education and training.
Wide network of branches across India.
One of the trusted brands in the industry.

Sharekhan Review 2018 - About the company

Sharekhan began its operations in the year 2000. It was one of the first brokerage company to offer online trading services in India. In 2016, Sharekhan was acquired by BNP Paribas, a leading bank in Europe. BNP Paribas has a presence in 75 countries, with over 189,000 employees. It has been in India since 1860.

Sharekhan has over 16 lakh customers, 153 branches, 2400 business partners spread across over 575 locations in the country. Sharekhan trading platform executes over 400,000 trades daily.

Sharekhan offers many savings & investment solutions like equities, futures and options trading, portfolio management and research etc.

It also takes a lot of initiatives in investor education through online training, webinars, and reports etc. Sharekhan has partnered with California based Online Training Academy to provide various trading courses ranging from a month to a year. The courses are designed for beginners, intermediate and professional traders to sharpen their trading skills.

Sharekhan Trading Platforms

1. Sharekhan TradeTiger

Sharekhan's TradeTiger is one of the oldest and most popular trading platforms in India. The platform was launched in 2007 and since has been used by millions of traders. TradeTiger is a trading application that allows traders to trade in options using their desktops and laptops. Some consider it as powerful as a broker terminal. Some of the key features of Sharekhan TradeTiger platform includes:

  • Single platform for multiple exchanges like BSE, NSE, MCX, NCDEX
  • Option quotes with over 30 trading strategies in addition to portfolio greeks, pay-off charts etc.
  • Real-time and reliable market data
  • Best charting including 30 - 90 intraday and daily charts since inception to spot trends and identify trading opportunities
  • Access to trading calls from Sharekhan's research desk
  • Advance tools like Live Market Scanner, HeatMap etc., for quick trading decisions
  • Advance orders like Bracket order , Big Trade , Bulk Order, Trailing stop loss etc., for better risk management
  • Personalize the screen as per your preferences. You can choose between 4 themes, 5 languages, customizable layouts, shortcuts and much more
  • Export live market data to your excel sheet and push orders directly
  • Free online training to understand and explore the platform
  • Online support desk to troubleshoot issues

2. Sharekhan Mobile App

Sharekhan's mobile app allows you to trade from anywhere and has been designed in keeping your trading needs in mind. The app is available for both iOS and Android. Some of the key features of the app includes:

  • Access to updated data from domestic and international markets
  • Perpetual login feature to save you from the hassle of daily logins and logouts
  • Trade with enhanced live charts (Line, Candlestick, Bar, Area)
  • Trade in advanced orders (Bracket Order) and track the orders in enhanced report section
  • In-depth analysis using advanced charts and studies like Retracement Line, Bollinger Band, Candle Stick, RSI, Moving Average etc
  • Advanced Future & Option search
  • Monitor all your trade and investments
  • Access to useful market data like top gainers, top losers, 52 week high, 52 week low and more.

3. Sharekhan Mini

SharekhanMini is a light website designed for mobile phone users who live in low-speed internet areas. It works both on smartphone and basic 2G phones. Some of the major features of Mini are-

  • Multi Exchange watchlist to track and trade in all segments
  • Single touch access to MarketWatch, Order page, Charts and Futures & Options
  • Trade in NSE and MCX currency markets
  • Track your portfolio on the move
  • Access to Sharekhan Research calls and latest market news
  • Access to updated information on global indices and domestic markets
  • Option Chain to give you a view of all Call & Put contracts for a particular scrip
  • Span Calculator to give contract information like Span Margin, Greeks etc.
  • Transfer funds from Bank to Trading A/c and vice versa

4. Sharekhan Pattern Finder

PatternFinder from Sharekhan is a tool that analyzes stocks and indices to identify profitable opportunities and delivers it to you.

The tool scans stocks in all supported markets every night, performs Technical Analysis to deliver charts, patterns and forecasts prices. The information is then delivered to you via SMS and email alerts, before the beginning of trading hours the next day.

This saves you a lot of time and effort as the tool does all the analysis for you and arms you with critical information and trading insights for the next trading day.

5. Sharekhan Dial-N-Trade

It is not a trading platform but a service. Dial-N-Trade comes free with your Trading Account and enables you to place orders through your telephone. All you need to do is dial to any one of the company's dedicated numbers (1-800-270-7050 or 1-800-22-7050 or 30307600), enter your TPIN number and on successful authentication, you'll be directed to a telebroker who will place the orders as per your wishes. Some of the other features of Dial-N-Trade are:

  • Access to Sharekhan research advice on Intraday, Momentum Calls, Smart Chart Calls and Fundamental Calls.
  • Discuss and understand trends and factors with the representative on the phone
  • Pan-India accessibility
  • No limit on calls made for trading
  • Complete recording of all calls
  • 2 toll-free numbers

Sharekhan Options Brokerage Charges

1. Sharekhan Postpaid Plans For Options

Sharekhan offers postpaid plans. To avail these plans, you need to deposit margin money as per the chosen plan. The brokerage reduces as you deposit higher margin money.

Margin Money Option Brokerage
Rs 25 K Higher of 2.5% of premium or Rs 100
Rs 30 K Higher of 2.5% of premium or Rs 100
Rs 40 K Higher of 2.25% of premium or Rs 95
Rs 50 K Higher of 1.5% of premium or Rs 80
Rs 1 Lakh Higher of 1% of premium or Rs 70
Rs 3 Lakh Higher of 1% of premium or Rs 50
Rs 5 Lakhs Higher of 0.75% of premium or Rs 40
Rs 10 Lakhs Higher of 0.60% of premium or Rs 30
Rs 20 Lakhs Higher of 0.55% of premium or Rs 25

2. Sharekhan Prepaid Plans For Options

Sharekhan's pre-paid plans are available for 6 month and 1 year as shown below:

Amount Period Option Brokerage
Default Higher of 2.5% of premium or Rs 100
Rs 750 6 months Higher of 2.5% of premium or Rs 100
Rs 1000 6 months Higher of 2.25% of premium or Rs 95
Rs 2000 1 year Higher of 1.5% of premium or Rs 80
Rs 6000 1 year Higher of 1% of premium or Rs 70
Rs 18000 1 year Higher of 1% of premium or Rs 50
Rs 30000 1 year Higher of 0.75% of premium or Rs 40
Rs 60000 1 year Higher of 0.50% of premium or Rs 30
Rs 100000 1 year Higher of 0.55% of premium or Rs 25
Rs 200000 1 year Flat Rs 10

Sharekhan Other Charges

Equity Options Currency Options Commodity Options
Brokerage As per Plan Selected
Transaction Charges Rs 5000 Per Cr Rs 4000 Per Cr NA
GST 18% on (brokerage + transaction charges)
SEBI Turnover Charges Rs 10 per Crore (0.00015%)
Securities Transaction Tax (STT) 0.017% on Sell No STT 0.01% on Sell
Stamp Duty 0.003% (Rs 300 per crore) on buy-side 0.0001% (Rs 10 per crore) on buy-side 0.003% (Rs 300 per crore) on buy-side
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