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AxisDirect IPO Review (Apply Steps, UPI and Allotment Status)

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Axis Bank is India's 3rd largest private sector bank offering financial services to retail investors around India.

Axis Bank offers IPOSmart, a platform through which Axis Bank customers can apply in IPO's online or through branch offices.

Axis Bank offers online & offline IPO applications for IPO's at BSE and NSE exchanges.

Apply for IPO with Axis Bank in 2 Easy Ways

An Axis Bank customer can apply in IPO using following 2 ways:

  1. Apply in IPO at Axis Bank Branchs

    Axis bank customer can simply visit any Axis Bank branch and apply in an IPO. Customer applying offline in the branch has to fill a ASBA application form and provide information like Axis Bank account number, PAN Number and Demat account information.

    Customer gets an acknowledge slip with a reference number after completing the applicaiton. Axis bank takes care of the rest including blocking the money in customer account and sending application to exchange.

  2. Apply Online at Axis Bank Website

    Axis Bank customers can all apply in IPO's online through its online banking website iConnect. Before using IPO online application, customer have to register to IPOSmart by providing information like demat account, PAN Number etc. Once registered, customer can apply for IPO's online on Axis Bank website in just few clicks.

Axis Direct Online IPO Application Process

Online Investing in IPO's with Axis Bank is easy, safe, fast and convinient way to invest in IPO's at BSE and NSE. Below are few easy steps to apply IPO with Axis Direct:

  1. Login to Axis Direct website.
  2. Go to Trading >> IPO >> Current Issues. This shows list of IPO's open for subscription.
  3. Allocated fund by click on Fund Hold & Release
  4. Click on Get Bank Balance button to know your current balance.
  5. Enter the amount you would like to apply in IPO and click Submit
  6. Go to Place Order tab, choose the IPO you would like to apply and Investor category as retail. Click on Proceed
  7. Enter the Quantity & Price, choose Cut off Price checkbox and click on Place Order.
  8. On next screen confirm you order by pressing Confirm
  9. On disclaimer page, at the bottom click I Agree button to proceed.
  10. You will get a confirm 'Your application has been accepted successfully with reference number 987654321 and application number 123456788.'

Customer can visit the Order Book page to view the placed order and its status anytime. The same page can be used to modify or cancel the IPO application which IPO bidding is still in progress.

Axis Direct IPO Demo

Click here to view the online demo of Axis Direct IPO application process.

Applying in SME IPO's with Axis Bank

Axis Direct online IPO offers customer a convenient way to apply in public issues both book building and fixed price online by eliminating need old paper form based process.

Axis Bank doesn't offer online applications for SME IPO's (IPO's at BSE SME and NSE Emerge exchange).

Axis bank customer can apply in SME IPO's by filling the paper IPO application forms.

Checking IPO application status with Axis Bank

Axis bank customer can visit the Axis Bank branch, call the customer service or check the IPO application status on its website.  Follow the below simple steps to check the IPO application status online:

  1. Login to Axis Direct website
  2. Go to: IPO >> Order Book
  3. Check the status of your IPO application.
  4. On the same screen you could modify or cancel your IPO Order.

Axis Bank IPO Application Fee

Axis Bank 3-in-1 account holder can apply in IPO's online or by visiting the Axis Bank branch. Axis Bank do not charge any fee or taxes from its customers to apply in IPO's at BSE and NSE.

As per Axis Bank, IPO's are value added services provided free of charge to the customer.

Once IPO shares are allocated to the customer, the shares are automatically transferred to customer's demat account. When customer sell these shares through Axis Direct Online Stock Trading account, customer has to pay for brokerage and taxes. The brokerage changes are standard fee the Axis Direct charge for equity delivery trades.

Note that Axis Direct charges very high brokerage charges in comparison to the top share brokers in India. Many of the Axis Direct customers also have trading & demat account with discount stock brokers like ProStocks who offer extremely cheap flat fee brokerage. They charge flat Rs 15  per trade brokerage which is 60 to 90% cheaper then Axis Bank.

Axis Bank IPO Allotment Status

Most IPO's subscribed multifold when the demand of the shares if higher. When the issue subscribed multiple times, allotment of shares is done through lottery in an equal proposition.

If customer receives some shares through allotment, the shares are directly credited to customers demat account with Axis Bank. The shares are available to sell on the day of listing.

Axis Bank customers can check the IPO Allotment Status on Axis Direct website using following steps:

  1. Login to Axis Direct website
  2. Go to: IPO >> Order Book
  3. Check the status of your IPO application.

You could also check you demat allocation to find out the allocated IPO shares.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. Should I have a 3-in-1 account to apply in IPO with Axis Bank?

    • To apply in IPO's through Axis Bank customer has to have the Saving Bank Account with Axis Bank.
    • Customer can use the Demat account with any other DP service provider.
    • Trading Account is not required when applying in IPO's but needed to sell the shares received.


  2. 2. Can I cancel or withdraw the IPO Application submitted online through AxisDirect?

    Yes, you can withdrew the IPO Application until the issue closing date before 2 PM.

    To cancel you application; login to Axis Direct website, visit Order Book under IPO section, choose the IPO application you would like to cancel and place the request for cancellation.

    After successful processing of your withdrawal request, the money will be unblocked in your Axis Bank account within 1 business day.

    Customer can also modify / revise the bid online on Axis Direct while the bidding for the IPO share is still in process.


  3. 3. How many IPO application can I submit from a Axis Bank account?

    Up to 3 IPO application are allowed.


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what is the meaning of IPO status showing under process and lien success in axis my case I applied for nureca limited IPO on 15 feb. 12:17 pm and in order book it is showing under process in IPO status column and lien success under status column on 16 feb. 12:45 what is the problem? whether my IPO is applied or not? and also I am not able to cancel or modify my bid in under process status.
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Axis bank na nava ipo bahar kyara psdavans chhe
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Axis bank na nava ipo bahar kyara psdavans chhe