HDFC Securities IPO Review (Apply Steps, UPI and Allotment Status)

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HDSC Sec (HDFC Securities) is 2nd most popular stock broker in India offering 3-in-1 account (Savings Bank Account + Demat Account + Trading Account) to retail investors.

Initial Public Offers (IPOs) is one of the key offering from HDFC Securities. HDFC customer who hold 3-in-1 account can apply in IPO online though HDFC Securities investment portal.

HDFC Securities offers online IPO applications for IPO's at BSE and NSE exchanges.

3 Simple ways to apply in IPO with HDFC Securities

HDFC offer 3 ways to apply in an IPO:

  1. Online IPO Application
  2. Call customer service and apply
  3. Visit HDFC Securities branch and apply

HDFC Online IPO Application Process / How to apply IPO through asba HDFC bank

Online Investing in IPO's with HDFC Bank is among the easiest, safest, fastest and convenient way to apply for IPO shares in India.

You can apply in IPOs on a single click or a call based on your convenience. Below are few easy steps to apply IPO with HDFC Securities:

  1. Login to HDFC Securities trading website.
  2. Click on IPO button on top navigation bar to see the list of Current IPOs/FDs.
  3. Click APPLY (in the last column) of the IPO you would like to apply for.
  4. On Place Order page select investor status (i.e. ASBA Retail), enter order information and click Proceed
  5. A confirm box click on Confirm
  6. On disclaimer page, click on I Agree button at the bottom.
  7. If enough funds are not available, as Online Fund Hold & Order Placement page appear.
  8. Select the bank account information from where you would like to transfer funds and Submit.
  9. IPO - Order Book page is loaded with information about your application.
  10. Choose IPO and click on Modify button if you would like to make any changes to IPO application while IPO is open.
  11. Click Cancel button on Order Book page to cancel the order.

Once you submit the online IPO form, HDFC Sec will complete remaining formalities related to submission of your IPO form using the Power of Attorney issued by you at the time of account opening.

HDFC Securities IPO Demo

Applying in SME IPO's with HDFC Securities

HDFC Securities online IPO allows customer to conveniently apply for public issues both book building and fixed price online by eliminating need to fill physical page forms.

But (as of Sept 2016) HDFC Securities doesn't offer online applications for SME IPO's (IPO's at BSE SME and NSE Emerge exchange).

HDFC customer has to apply in SME IPO's by filling the paper IPO application forms.

Checking IPO application status with HDFC Sec

HDFC customer can call the customer service to check the IPO application status of follow the below simple steps to check the status of you IPO application online:

  1. Login to HDFC Securities website
  2. Go to: IPO >> Order Book
  3. Check the status of your IPO application.
  4. On the same screen you could modify or cancel your IPO Order.

HDFC Securities IPO Charges / Fees

IPO Application though HDFC Sec is free for all its customers having 3-in-1 account. Customer do not pay any fee, charges or taxes to apply for IPO shares.

Note: Customer has to pay brokerage and taxes when they sell the shares allocated to them though IPO. The changes are same as you sell any shares bought directly from the stock market.

HDFC Security is among the most expensive stock broker in India. There brokerage charges are highest in India. Flat fee brokers like ProStocks offers 60% to 90% less brokerage but they do not offer IPO as a product. Many customer of HDFC Sec also hold account with ProStocks and transfer the IPO shares offline to ProStocks to sell them for lesser brokerage.

HDFC Securities IPO Allotment Status

IPO allocated shares are credited directly to your HDFC demat account and available for you to sell them on date of list at the exchanges.

You can check the IPO Allotment Status on HDFC Sec website using following steps:

  1. Login to HDFC Securities website
  2. Go to: IPO >> Order Book
  3. Check the status of your IPO application.

You could also check you demat allocation to find out the allocated IPO shares.

Note: The IPO allotment status on HDFC website is updated only after the shares are transferred to your HDFC Demat Account (usually a day before IPO shares listing). If you would like to check the allotment status earlier, please visit IPO registrar's website.

HDFC Securities Special Offer

HDFC 3-in-1 Account

HDFC Securities offers a full-service 3-in-1 account, a combination of saving bank, trading and demat account. One account to investment in Equity, Derivatives, Mutual Funds, IPO and Fixed Deposits. Special Offer: Rs 750 demat account AMC is waived when you open your 3-in-1 account.

Interested in opening a trading account? Request Callback from a stock broker.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. What time can I apply for IPO online through HDFC?

    Between IPO open and close date; you could apply for IPO's online anytime of the day (24x7).


  2. 2. Can I place IPO order through Call & Trade in HDFC Securities?

    Yes, HDFC customer can apply IPO by calling customer service or trading desk of HDFC Securities.


  3. 3. Can I cancel the IPO Application applied online through HDFC?

    Yes, you can withdrew an IPO Application while the IPO is still open (bidding is in progress) before 2 PM on the issue closing date.

    To cancel you application; login to HDFC Sec website, visit Order Book under IPO section, choose the IPO application you would like to cancel and place the request for cancellation.

    After successful processing of your withdrawal request, the money will be unblocked in your bank account.


  4. 4. How many IPO application can I submit from a 1 HDFC Bank saving account?

    Only 1 IPO application is allowed per HDFC Bank saving account.


Contact HDFC Securities / Request Call Back

Rs 750 Demat account AMC fee waived off for the first year. Get HDFC 3-in-1 account, integrated trading + demat + saving bank account for seamless investing in stock market and mutual funds. Request a Callback.

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I gave upstox name and upstox demat account number under DP name and Beneficiary Account number respectively.
Will I get the shares in the upstox account directly?
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I'm getting error in HDFC > after clicking agree > error "BID 2 Price is outside the Max- Min Price" and not processing further, please suggest what to do?
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How many application one can put if he is shareholder of hdfc bank, hdfc ltd both. Can he put 3 application then including 2 as shareholders and 1 as individuals
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The Status of my IPO says Executed , and Cutoff is ''Y'' and Bid Status is ''A'' ... What does these all mean... Is my IPO allocated ?