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What is Future Plus in ICICI Direct?

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FuturePLUS is an intraday product in the F&O segment. The facility is available in selected stocks. It is available in 2 versions:

  • Future Plus with normal margin

    In this, you can take buy/sell positions in future contracts with the intention of squaring off the position on the same day. In FuturesPLUS, you need to deposit less margin than normal Futures trades.

  • FuturePLUS with Stop Loss Limit Margin

    In this facility, you place two orders simultaneously, a market/Limit order to take a position in the market and a second order to limit your loss by specifying the Stop Loss Trigger Price (SLTP) and a Limit Price.

Steps to place ICICI Direct FuturePLUS with SL Limit Margin product

  • Login to your trading account
  • Visit the 'Place Order' link
  • Choose the product type as 'FuturePLUS Stop Loss' under the F&O trading section.
  • Enter order details and click 'Submit'.

You can place both Fresh and Cover SLTP orders simultaneously from the same page.


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