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Paytm Money is an online discount broker offering both trading and Demat account to its customers as a part of its 2-in-1 account services. Paytm Money Demat account is an online account where Paytm Money customers can keep their shares, mutual funds, ETF in electronic format.

To invest in the Indian stock market, an individual mandatorily needs a trading and a Demat account. The trading account is required to place buy/sell orders. A Demat account is required to hold your securities safely in electronic format.

Paytm Money Demat review

Paytm Money offers free Demat account opening with zero maintenance charges. The Paytm Money trading account opening charges are Rs.200.

Paytm Money is a depository participant (DP) with CDSL. Through its CDSL membership, Paytm Money offers the Demat Account and other depository related services to its customers. Paytm Money Demat account helps to invest in shares, IPO, ETF, and mutual funds.

Paytm Money Demat Account is safe and secure. Similar to all other brokers, the Demat account is actually with the CDSL depository. The shares you hold in the Demat account remains with the CDSL and not with Paytm Money. It just acts as a facilitator. Paytm Money has allowed you to sell your stocks using Paytm Money TPIN. Thus, you are not mandatorily required to submit a signed POA document to the broker. Paytm Money TPIN is like an ATM PIN that enables you to transfer shares from your Demat account to exchange for fulfilling your delivery obligation on time.

Paytm Money Demat Account - Key features

  • Free Demat account opening.
  • Zero maintenance charges.
  • Digital KYC and Paperless account opening.
  • Instant account opening.
  • Paytm Money TPIN.
  • Mandatory Demat account along with the trading account.

Paytm Money Demat account number

Paytm Money Demat account number is a 16-digit number. It is a combination of Paytm Money CDSL DP ID and your Client ID. The CDSL DP ID and your client ID are both of 8 digits each.

Paytm Money CDSL DP ID is 12088800. You can find your Client ID in the Client Master Report (CMR). Alternatively, you can also find your Demat account number in the Profile/Account section in the Paytm Money web or Paytm Money app.

For example, if your client ID is 99999999, then your Paytm Money Demat account number will be 1208880099999999.

For a detailed Paytm Money Demat account opening process, read the Paytm Money account opening.

Paytm Money Demat account closure

You can close your Paytm Money Demat account anytime you wish. Generally, it is advisable to close the Demat account if not in use, as a Demat account attracts maintenance charges even when not in use. But, since currently, Paytm Money has zero maintenance charges, you can assess if you want to maintain the account or not.

To close the Paytm Money Demat account, you need to raise a request with the Customer support team or send a written request to the broker. The Paytm Money Demat account closure form is available on the Paytm Money website under Download Centers in the Support section of Stock Market Product.

For a detailed Paytm Money Demat account closure process, read Paytm Money account opening.

Paytm Money Demat account Customer Care Number

To reach out to Paytm Money customer care for any Demat related queries or issues, you need to raise a request under the Customer Support section through the Paytm Money app. Alternatively, you can also drop an email at Paytm Money currently does not have a dedicated customer care number.

Paytm Money Demat Account Opening Charges

To open a new Demat account with Paytm Money, the customer may have to pay Demat account opening charges. The broker may also charges Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC), a yearly fee to maintain the Demat account.

Demat Account Opening FeeRs 0 (Free)
Demat Account Annual Charges (AMC)Rs 0 (Free)

Paytm Money Demat Charges

Paytm Money trading and demat account opening fees are Rs 200. Paytm Money charges Rs 0 (Free) per year demat account AMC. Paytm Money demat debit transaction fee of

Rs 10 per ISIN

per debit transaction.

ID Transaction Charges
1 Demat Account Opening Charges Rs 200
2 Transaction Charges (Buy)
3 Transaction Charges (Sell)

Rs 10 per ISIN

4 Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC)

Free - Zero maintenance charges

5 Demat + Courier charges

Rs 250 per 100 shares + depository charges

6 Remat

Rs 250 per 100 shares + depository charges

7 Pledge Creation

Rs 10 per ISIN

8 Pledge Creation Confirmation
9 Pledge Invocation

Rs 10 per ISIN

10 Failed Transactions
11 Other Charges

Off-market transfers - Rs 10 per ISIN

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. Is Paytm Money Demat account?

    Yes, Paytm Money offers a Trading and Demat account to its customers to invest across multiple asset classes.

    The word Paytm is generally related to the Paytm payment application as Paytm is well-known as India's No.1 mobile payment platform that allows people to transfer money to anyone at no cost. Paytm does not offer a Demat account. In 2017, another company, named Paytm Money, was incorporated to provide online stockbroking, Demat services, and other financial services to millions of Indians.



  2. 2. What are Paytm Money Demat charges?

    Paytm Money does not charge for opening and maintenance of the Demat account with the broker. The company charges Rs 200 for opening a Trading account.

    Paytm Money Demat Charges

    • Paytm Money Demat Account Opening Charges: Rs 0
    • Paytm Money Demat Account AMC Charges: Rs 0 (Free)



  3. 3. What are Paytm Money AMC charges?

    Paytm Money has no AMC charges for maintaining a Demat account with Paytm Money.

    Paytm Money charges Rs 200 for Trading account opening with zero annual maintenance charges. The company does not charge separately for Demat account opening.



  4. 4. Is a Demat account mandatory with Paytm?

    Yes, it is mandatory to open a Demat account with Paytm Money along with a Trading account.

    Thus, even when you have an existing Demat account with another broker, you would still be required to open a Demat account with Paytm Money when you open a Trading account. The opening of both the accounts with one broker allows seamless transactions.



  5. 5. How to close Paytm Money Demat account?

    The Paytm Money account cannot be deleted or closed online. You are required to submit a physical closure form or submit a written request to initiate the closure or temporary suspension of the Paytm Money account.

    Steps to delete/close the Paytm Money account:

    1. Download the Paytm Money account closure form available in the Download Centers from the company website.
    2. Fill in the details like client ID, name, and the reason for the closure.
    3. Submit the duly filled and signed form to the broker head office at the address mentioned on the form.

    Before initiating the closure of the account, ensure to:

    • Clear all your settlement obligations; and
    • Transfer the securities, if any, lying in the Demat account to another Demat account.

    For temporary suspension, you need to submit only a written request to the broker office.



  6. 6. Is Paytm Money CDSL or NSDL?

    Paytm Money has a depository membership only with CDSL.

    Paytm Money CDSL depository participant details:

    • Paytm Money DP DEBI Registration No.: IN-DP-416-2019
    • Paytm Money CDSL DP ID : 12088800



  7. 7. What is Paytm Money TPIN?

    Paytm Money TPIN is a facility offered by Paytm Money for the newly introduced e-DIS verification process by CDSL for selling the stocks.

    TPIN is a six-digit unique pin generated by CDSL that is required to be entered by the investor to authorize the broker to debit the shares from the Demat account in case of sell transactions.

    Earlier, the clients were required to submit a physically signed PoA to the broker before selling the stocks that involved a bit of risk for the investors. TPIN is a secure way of doing Demat transactions wherein the security gets debited only when the client enters the TPIN.



  8. 8. How to close the Paytm Demat account?

    A Paytm Demat Account can be closed by submitting a signed account closure form in paper format. The account has to be closed by sending a physical paper form. It cannot be done online, using email or by phone.

    Steps to close Paytm Demat account

    • Visit the Paytm Money website
    • Click on Products >> Stock Market
    • Go in the footer section and click on the 'Download Centers' link
    • Download the "Account closure Request form".
    • Fill in the required details and sign the form.
    • Send the form to the address mentioned on the form.

    Before initiating the account closure request, make sure to:

    • Clear all your settlement obligations; and
    • Transfer or sell any securities in your account



  9. 9. Does Paytm Money need a Demat account?

    Yes, you need a Demat account to trade and invest in the stock market through Paytm Money. Paytm Money Demat account is an online account where Paytm Money customers can keep their shares, mutual funds, and an ETF in electronic format.

    A customer requires two accounts with a broker to trade or invest online:

    1. Trading Account
    2. Demat Account

    The trading account helps you to place buy and sell orders. The demat account holds the securities you bought in electronic format for a quick, easy and secure online transaction.



  10. 10. What are DP charges in Paytm Money?

    Paytm Money offers an AMC-free demat account. It charges Rs 10 per ISIN demat debit transaction and Rs 10 per transaction fee for margin pledge.

    DP charges in Paytm Money

    • Demat AMC: Rs 0 (Free)
    • Debit Charges (Delivery Sell Orders): Rs 10 per ISIN
    • Margin Pledge Charges: Rs 10 per transaction
    • Off Market Transfer: Rs 10 per ISIN



  11. 11. Is Paytm Money Demat account free?

    No, the Paytm Money demat account is not free. The customer has to pay Rs 200 Account opening fee, Rs 300 Annual Platform uses charges, Rs 10 per trade brokerage and Rs 10 per demat debit transaction charges. You are also required to pay the government taxes and other charges as applicable.

    Paytm Money Demat Charges

    Transaction Charges

    Account Opening Fee

    Rs 200

    Platform uses charges

    Rs 300 per year

    Demat AMC

    Rs 0

    Brokerage (Equity Delivery)


    Brokerage (Intraday and F&O)

    Rs 10 per trade

    Demat Debit Transaction Fee

    Rs 10 per ISIN



  12. 12. Does Paytm money charges for demat account?

    No, Paytm Money does not charge account opening fees or annual maintenance fees for opening and maintaining a demat account with a stock broker.

    A demat account holds financial securities in digital form. This way, they are also protected from theft or loss.



  13. 13. How do I close my Paytm money demat account?

    If a person's account is unused and not used for trading and investing in securities. Rather, it is recommended to either use the account for its intended purpose and take advantage of Paytm Money's wide range of offers, products and features, or alternatively, close the account.

    The request for closure of a demat account must be made through a physical account closure form, accompanied by a written request for such action.

    The request form must be duly completed and signed by the account holder and submitted to the broker's office. It should also be noted that there must be no outstanding debts on the account.

    Interestingly, clients can temporarily suspend their account while they are not using it, or close it permanently. This must also be noted in the application.



  14. 14. How to add nominee in Paytm money demat account?

    Adding an authorised representative for the demat account is now required by law. Therefore, all demat account holders must add one or more nominees to their respective accounts.

    Paytm Money also provides a feature to add a proxy where you can specify a person's name and other important details as a proxy. This ensures smooth transfer of assets in case of unforeseen circumstances.

    Nominees can be added in the Paytm Money app under the "Shares" section.

    The "Nominee" option can be found in the account details under the "Accounts" tab.



  15. 15. How to check demat account in Paytm money?

    You can check the Demat account number and other details in the "Account" section in the Paytm Money mobile app.

    This account section is located on the Shares tab.



  16. 16. How to deactivate Paytm money demat account?

    To deactivate the Paytm Money Demat account, submit a physical request form with a written request to close the account.

    The request must include information such as name, customer ID, the reason for account closure, statement of holdings of demat account and DIS.

    Once the request is properly completed and signed, submit it to the Paytm Money office for processing.



  17. 17. How to find demat account number in Paytm money?

    The demat account number is specified in the Portfolio section.

    This demat account number can be verified through both online platforms, i.e., the mobile app and the desktop app.

    The demat account number is a 16-digit number. The first 8 digits of the number are DP ID and the last 8 digits are the customer number ID or the Demat account number.



  18. 18. How to get demat holding statement in Paytm money?

    Demat holding statement or Portfolio Holding Statement is a statement that shows all of your holdings as of a specific date.

    • The statement can be accessed through the Paytm Money trading platform.
    • Open the Paytm Money app and go to your "Profile" and then to your "Account".
    • Now click on "Statements" and then click on P&L Reports.
    • The report will be sent to you in PDF form to your registered email ID.



  19. 19. How to open Paytm money demat account?

    Opening a Paytm Money Demat account is a purely online process. It is a simple and convenient process that does not require any physical submission or verification of documents. How to open a demat account:

    1. First, download the Paytm Money app.
    2. Log in with your Paytm account details. If you do not have a Paytm account yet, sign in to start the process.
    3. Enter your mobile number and verify it via OTP.
    4. Click on "I want faster access" on the page.
    5. Enter the required documents for KYC verification of Paytm Money.
    6. Finish the access to the exchange.
    7. Fill in the e-signature for the new account using your Aadhaar card.
    8. Once the verification process is complete, the broker will register the details, open the account and notify the customer.



  20. 20. How to transfer demat account from Paytm money to Zerodha?

    If you wish to transfer your shares from your Paytm Money Demat account to the Zerodha Demat account, you can do so in two ways. Either you need to complete a Closure cum transfer or an off-market transfer. Both methods are effective and efficient. Closure cum transfer is used when the existing Demat account is to be closed permanently.

    To transfer shares from one demat account to another demat account, you must:

    1. Complete the DIS booklet with your existing stockbroker and provide the demat account number of the other broker, in this case, Zerodha.
    2. Send the DIS to the existing broker.
    3. Use inter-depository slips for NSDL brokers and intra-depository slips for CDSL registered brokers.
    4. This transfer can be done online or offline depending on availability.



  21. 21. How to transfer shares from Paytm money to another demat account?

    Transferring shares from Paytm Money to another Demat account can be done as follows:

    • Fill out a DIS (Delivery Instruction Slip), sign it and send it to Paytm Money.
    • Paytm Money will review the request and forward it to the depository.
    • The depository will complete the transfer of shares from the existing demat account to the new Demat account.
    • Once the transfer is complete, the shares will be posted to your new account.



  22. 22. Is Paytm money a demat account?

    Paytm Money is a financial services company that operates as a discount broker and investment advisor and is registered with SEBI. It is a CDSL depository participant.

    The company offers demat accounts and trading accounts to its customers.

    A demat account with Paytm Money can be opened at zero cost.



  23. 23. Is Paytm money demat account good?

    Yes, Paytm Money offers demat accounts. Customers can open their demat account through an online process. They can apply directly through the Paytm Money mobile app or website.

    There are no account opening fees for customers when opening a demat account. Moreover, Paytm Money also does not charge any annual maintenance fees from its customers.

    Paytm Money's Demat account is an online account that allows customers to hold their investments in digital form.

    They can track and manage the account through the Paytm Money mobile app.



  24. 24. What is beneficiary demat charges in Paytm money?

    Paytm Money offers demat and trading accounts to its clients.

    Two types of fees are charged when opening a demat and trading account. One is the account opening fee and the other is the annual maintenance fee.

    At Paytm Money, customers are not charged any fees for opening a demat account. There is also no annual fee for maintaining a demat account.

    In the case of a trading account, a fee of Rs. 200 is charged for opening the account. This is a one-time fee.



  25. 25. What is BO ID in Paytm money?

    BO ID or Beneficial Owner Identification Number is a 16-Digit Number.

    This is the account number unique for every Demat account holder.

    The 16 digits contain DP ID in the first 8 digits and the latter 8 digits signify the client's account number.



  26. 26. What is client ID in Paytm money?

    Client ID or Demat Account Number or BO ID is the account number of a demat account holder. It is a 16-digit number. Clients can find the details of their Demat Account Number in the Paytm Money Mobile App.

    The customer number ID consists of the depository participant's number in the first 8 digits and the next 8 digits of the customer's account number.



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