Zerodha Demat Account Charges, Review, Opening

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Zerodha demat account is one of the key services offered by the company. The service is part of its 2-in-1 account which offers the customer an integrated trading account and a demat account for seamless transactions between them.

Zerodha is a depository participant (DP) with Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL).

Key features offered by Zerodha Demat Account include:

  • Easy online access to shares, mutual funds etc.
  • 2-in-1 account offers seamless transaction between trading and demat account.
  • Dividends credited automatically in the linked bank account.
  • Low debit transaction charges for stock and mutual funds.

Zerodha DP ID- Know Your Zerodha Demat Account Number

Zerodha DP id is 12081600. To know more detail about your Zerodha demat account login into Zerodha Console >> My Profile >> Demat.

Zerodha demat account number is a 16 digit number. It is a combination of your DP ID and Client ID. Both are of 8 digits each. The Zerodha DP id is 12081600 for all customers. You can know your client ID by contacting customer support. For example- if your client ID is 12345678, your demat account number will be 1208160001234567.

Zerodha DP Debit Transaction Charges (Zerodha DP Charges)

Zerodha charges ₹13.5 per scrip (irrespective of quantity) debited from demat account when stocks are sold.

For Mutual Funds, Zerodha charges ₹5.5 per MF (irrespective of quantity) debited from demat on redemption.

Zerodha demat account opening documents

To open Zerodha demat account, you would need the following documents-

  1. PAN card
  2. Aadhaar (For online account opening)
  3. Cancelled cheque or Bank statement
  4. Copy of your signature proof
  5. Income proof - Latest Salary Slips, Bank Statement, Form-16, ITR etc.

Note- Income proof is required only if you want to trade in Futures & Options. It is not required for other types of trading.

Open Zerodha Demat Account

To trade with Zerodha, you need to open a trading and a demat account. Zerodha doesn't offer to open only a demat account. Following are the ways to open Zerodha demat account-

  • Fill an online application form. Click here to fill the Zerodha contact form.
  • Open your account instantly with AADHAAR.

Zerodha Demat Account Opening Time

Online Zerodha demat accounts are opened within a few minutes of successful verification of the documents. If you apply for Zerodha demat account offline then it will take 1 to 2 days (24 to 48 hours) to process your application and open the demat account.

Zerodha is a discount stock broker offering trading services in Equity, Derivatives, Commodity and Currency segments at BSE, NSE & MCX to stock market investors in India.

Zerodha started its operations in 2010, offering deeply discounted brokerage service by leveraging the technology of online trading to keep the cost low. Zerodha disrupted the traditional online brokerage industry in just 3 years of its inception by making the discount brokerage model actually work. As of Jan 2019, Zerodha has a market share of over 10% of trades done at BSE & NSE.

While Zerodha is primarily focused on equity and commodity trading services, it also started offering add-on services like depository services (or demat account) and mutual funds.

Read more about Zerodha and its services here.

Zerodha Demat Account Opening Charges

To open a new demat account with Zerodha, the customer may have to pay demat account opening charges. The broker may also charge Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC), a yearly fee to maintain the demat account.

Demat Account Opening Fee₹0
Demat Account Annual Charges (AMC)₹300

Zerodha Demat Account Charges

Zerodha Depository Service Charges for Resident Retail Customers

ID Transaction Charges
1 Demat Account Opening Charges ₹0
2 Stamp Charges payable upfront (at actuals) ₹50
3 Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC):
  a. Individuals ₹300 Per Year + GST (Payable upfront every year)
  b. Corporates ₹1000 + GST (Payable upfront every year)
4 Transaction Charges per ISIN (Market Trades):
  a. Buy (Receive) ₹0
  b. Sell(Debit) ₹8 + ₹5.50 flat for every debit transaction
5 Inter Depository Transfer (Off-Market Trades):
  a. Buy (Receive) NIL
  b. Sell(Debit) 0.03% or ₹25 whichever is higher
6 Demat (Per certificate) ₹150
7 Remat (Per ISIN) ₹150 (Per certificate) + CDSL Charges
8 Courier charges per Demat/ Remat request ₹100
9 Pledge per ISIN ₹20 + ₹12 per request (CDSL Charges)
10 Unpledge per ISIN ₹20 + ₹12 per request (CDSL Charges)
11 Pledge Invocation per ISIN ₹20
12 Periodic Statement:
  a. By Email Free
  b. Physical ₹50 (Couier Charges)
13 Adhoc / Non Periodic Statement Requests:
  a. By Email ₹10 per request
  b. Physical ₹50 per request upto 10 pages. Every additional page at ₹5 (+Courier charges at actual)
14 Delivery Instructions:
  a. First Delivery Instruction Book Free (10 leaves)
  b. Every Additional Booklet ₹100 (10 leaves)
15 Cheque Bounce/ Per cheque ₹350
16 Failed Transactions ₹50 per ISIN
17 Modification in CML ₹25 per request
18 KRA Upload / Download ₹50
Zerodha Special Offer

Free Equity Delivery Trading

Get free equity delivery trading (truly no brokerage) and pay flat ₹20 brokerage for Intraday and F&O trades. To open an account with Zerodha, simply leave your contact information with us and Zerodha representatives will call you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. What is the procedure to open a demat account in Zerodha?

    Zerodha offers both online (instant) and offline (paper-based) demat account opening. The easiest way to open an account with Zerodha is by Request a callback from Zerodha

    You could also visit the website to open an instant online account for trading. The process is simple, cheaper and fastest.



  2. 2. Does Zerodha provide demat account?

    Yes, Zerodha provides a demat account to its customers as part of a 2-in-1 account. Zerodha is a member of CDSL and the membership allows it to offer depository services to its customers. A demat account is used to keep the securities in electronic format. It is similar to a bank account but instead of money, it holds shares, mutual funds, bonds etc.



  3. 3. Does Zerodha open demat account?

    Yes, you can open a demat account with Zerodha. Zerodha is a DP member of CDSL, a national depository that manages the account. Zerodha, like other brokers, only facilitates demat account opening. You can open Zerodha demat account online through a paperless process and start trading with-in a couple of days.



  4. 4. What is an AMC charge in Zerodha?

    Zerodha charges a demat AMC (Annual maintenance charges) of ₹300/year for maintaining your demat account. The AMC is charged every 3 months on a proportionate basis at ₹75.



  5. 5. Does Zerodha charge AMC?

    Yes, Zerodha charges AMC for a demat account at ₹300/year. The AMC charge is deducted every quarter. Every quarter ₹75 is deducted from customers trading account balance with Zerodha.



  6. 6. Does Zerodha charge yearly?

    Zerodha charges demat account annual maintenance charges (AMC) at ₹300/year as yearly fees. All other charges are either based on transactions or are one-time fees.



  7. 7. How much DP charges in Zerodha?

    The DP charges in Zerodha consist of account opening, AMC and various other charges. Click here to check the list of major DP charges in Zerodha.



  8. 8. How to avoid DP charges in Zerodha?

    You cannot avoid paying DP charges if you're using the account. Many charges are charged by the depository CDSL and Government of India as taxes. Even if you're not trading, you will be charged the demat AMC by Zerodha.

    If you have a demat account that you are not using or don't have the plan to use in the near future, it is recommended to close it.

    Other discount brokers like Prostocks offer zero AMC demat account where you don't have to pay any annual maintenance changers.



  9. 9. What is Zerodha DP id?

    Zerodha DP id is 12081600. You can find more detail about your demat account with Zerodha by login into Zerodha Console >> My Profile >> Demat.



  10. 10. What is Zerodha DP name?

    Zerodha DP name is CDSL. You can find your demat account information by login into Console >> My Profile >> Demat.

    The demat information includes:

    • Depository name: CDSL
    • Demat account ID: 12081600
    • Demat account ID for IPO application: 1208160001234567



  11. 11. What are Zerodha DP charges?

    The Zerodha DP charges consist of charges levied by CDSL (Depository), Government Taxes and Fees charged by the broker. Click here to check the list of major DP charges in Zerodha.



  12. 12. Is Zerodha account NSDL or CDSL?

    Zerodha is a depository participant of the CDSL depository. This means Zerodha works as a service agent for a demat account which is held by CDSL, one of two central depositories.



  13. 13. Why Zerodha ask for PoA?

    A Power of Attorney (PoA) for Demat Account is a legal document that gives limited legal authority to the Zerodha to operate your demat account. It authorizes Zerodha to debit/credit shares from your account when you buy/sell online or when you want to pledge the shares.

    In online trading, a PoA is required by the broker to meet the obligation of delivering the shares in T+2 days, when the customer sells them online. PoA is mandatory by all the brokers if you are selling stocks with them online. The PoA can be revoked anytime by the customer.



  14. 14. What is my Zerodha demat account number?

    Your Zerodha demat account number is a 16 digit number consisting of DP ID and Client ID. Both are of 8 digits each. The Zerodha DP id will be 12081600 for all customers. You can contact the customer care number to know your client ID. A sample demat account number for Zerodha customers is 1208160001234567.



  15. 15. Does Zerodha have a demat account?

    Yes, Zerodha offers demat account services to its customers. You can open a 2-in-1 account consisting of demat and a trading account. The account can be opened online. The demat account is mandatory to invest in the stock market. It holds the Equity Shares, Mutual Funds, ETF and bonds in electronic format.



  16. 16. Does Zerodha offer a demat account?

    Yes, you can open a demat account with Zerodha and avail various depository services offered by the company. Zerodha offers the demat account through its membership with CDSL.



  17. 17. What is BO ID in Zerodha?

    The BO id in Zerodha is a demat account number of the customer. It is a 16 digit number provided by CDSL (the depository) at the time of account opening.

    Sample Zerodha BOID: 1208160002420841

    In this sample,

    • The first 8 digits are the DP id of Zerodha (same for all Zerodha customers)
    • The last 8 digits are a unique client ID provided by CDSL

    Steps to get BO ID in Zerodha

    1. Visit
    2. Click on the client ID in the top right.
    3. Click on the 'My Profile' link
    4. Check your DP ID starting with 12081600.
    5. This is your CDSL BO ID.



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