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TradeSmart Demat Account Charges, Review, Opening

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Trade Smart Online is an online brand of VNS Finance & Capital Services Ltd. It is an online brokerage company offering trading services in equity, commodity, currency and derivatives across NSE, BSE, and MCX etc.

Trade Smart Online is a depository participant of CDSL. This allows the company to offer Demat account opening services to its customers. You can open a trading account and a Demat account at once with the company.

You can open a Demat account even if you already have one with another broker. SEBI regulations mandate that shares or other instruments can only be sold from the Demat account where it is credited. So, if you have bought shares and it is credited in a Demat account with another broker then you cannot sell it using the Trade Smart Online trading account as the company currently doesn't offer services for delivery selling from stocks held with another DP. You need to transfer the securities to be able to do so. Therefore it is advisable to open both, a trading and a Demat account.

Trade Smart Online Demat Account Features

  • Online account process for faster account opening
  • Direct credit of bonus, interest, and dividend of holding instruments in the account
  • Facility for conversion of physical shares to electronic formats
  • Low charges for opening trading and Demat account at ₹400
  • Online access to your Demat account
  • Freeze and unfreeze the account as per your wish
  • Ticket Support System to address issues
  • Hold Mutual Funds and IPO shares
  • Facility for Inter DP transfer

TradeSmart Demat Acct Opening Fee

To open a new demat account with TradeSmart, customer has to pay demat account opening fee. Most share brokers also charge Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC). AMC is yearly fee charged to the customer to maintain the demat account with the broker. Find the TradeSmart Demat Account Opening Charges and TradeSmart AMC as below:

  • TradeSmart DP Account Opening Fee: ₹200
  • TradeSmart DP Account AMC: ₹300
  • Share Debit Transaction Fee:
  • Is demat account mandatory?: No

TradeSmart Demat Account Charges

Trade Smart Online Depository Service Charges for Resident Retail Customers
1 Account Opening Charges ₹500
2 Dematerialisation charges ₹500 per certificate
3 Demat transaction charges ₹15 + Service tax
4 Offmarket transfer (DP) ₹25 + Service tax
5 Inter DP transfer ₹25 + Service tax
6 Trade on phone ₹20 + per executed order plus service tax
7 Physical contract note / other statements etc ₹20 per contract note + courier charges
8 Demat AMC ₹300 + Service tax
9 Cheque dishonour charges ₹200 per instance
10 NEST Instant fund transfer charge ₹8 + service tax
11 Third party fund transfer charges  
  For refund in 2 working days ₹400
  For refund in 15 working days ₹200

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. What is a Trade Smart Online Demat account?

    A demat account is an online depository wherein securities like shares, mutual funds etc., are held in the electronic form. It works like a bank account wherein a unique number is assigned to you. Every time you buy shares or mutual funds, the securities are credited to your account and it gets debited on selling.

    The Demat accounts are managed by national depositories- NSDL and CDSL- and the brokerage companies only act as an intermediary between the depositories and the customers.

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  2. 2. What is PoA for a Trade Smart Online Demat account? Why is it required?

    A power of attorney or POA is a written permission from you that gives specific rights to your broker in relation to your demat account. The right includes the debit/credit/block/create lien/pledge of your depository accounts and transfer or pledging of securities etc., held in the account. The PoA ensures that some demat activities like transfer and pledging of securities can smoothly happen online without the human intervention.

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  3. 3. Do I need to open both a trading account and a Demat account to use the services of Trade Smart Online?

    Opening a trading account only with Trade Smart Online is enough to use its trading services. However, without a Demat Account from Trade Smart Online, you won't be able to sell shares held in the Demat account of your other broker using the Trade Smart's trading account.

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  4. 4. What is an Inter DP transfer with Trade Smart Online?

    NSDL and CDSL are two national depositories of the country. A transfer of Demat accounts between the two depositories is called an inter-depository transfer.

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  5. 5. Why does my TSO bank account need to be linked to my TSO Demat account?

    Shares and Mutual Funds held in the Demat Account earn dividends and bonuses which are credited to the bank account linked with the Demat Account.

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  6. 6. Can I sell shares held in my other Demat account through my Trading Account with Trade Smart Online?

    Yes, you can sell shares held in your other Demat account through Trade Smart's trading account. However, to do so you need to transfer the securities to TSO's Demat account as the company currently doesn't offer services for delivery selling from stocks held with another DP.

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  7. 7. I already have a Demat Account with another broker; do I need to open another Demat Account with Trade Smart Online? Can I use both Demat Accounts?

    Yes, you can use your existing Demat account but it would be better if you open another Demat account with Trade Smart Online. This is because you cannot sell the shares holding in the Demat account of another broker through Trade Smart's trading account as the company currently doesn't offer services for delivery selling from stocks held with another DP. You need to transfer the securities to be able to sell it using TSO's trading account. To do so, you have to use the trading account of the other broker.

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  8. 8. What are the AMC charges for the Demat Account with TSO?

    Trade Smart Online charges an Account Maintenance Charges (AMC) of ₹300 + GST per year. The AMC is free for the first year.

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