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Incorporated in 2010, Zerodha is Bangalore India based financial service firm offering online brokerage services to retail customers in India. Zerodha is the discount stock broker offering ultra-low brokerage fee to customers for trading in Equity, Derivatives, Commodities and Currency at BSE, NSE and MCX exchanges.

Zerodha also provides add-on services including online depository services (demat account) and mutual funds.

Unlike traditional brokers Zerodha doesn't offer many services including 3-in-1 account, IPO, tips, recommendations, research reports, fixed deposits, loans, margin funding, insurances, portfolio management services (PMS), investor advisory etc.

Zerodha is popular for flat ₹20 per trade brokerage plan. This Zerodha pricing offer trades in any segment and at any exchange for exact same price of maximum ₹20 per trade.

Zerodha offers trading via online, mobile, telephone or through its franchise offices.

Facts about Zerodha (as of Jan 2019):

  • Number of Zerodha Customer: 8.47 Lakhs
  • Number of Employees: 1000+
  • Number Online & Offline Partners: 1500+
  • Number of Zerodha Branch Office: 22
  • Number of Partner Offices: 94
  • Number of cities where Zerodha has presence: 70+

Zerodha, The Online Broker

Zerodha is an online stock broker offering trading services online through its in-house build trading platform and tools.

Zerodha offers up to 80% discount in brokerage in comparison to traditional brick and mortar brokers by offering online trading to customer who can trade by themselves with minimum help from the stock broker.

Zerodha Branches

While Zerodha is primarily online broker, it has local presence in most cities and towns across India through sales offices, offline partners and online partners.

  1. Zerodha Sales Offices

    Zerodha has sales offices around large cities in India. The offices are relatively small in size with less than 10 employees.  The primary function of these offices is sales. These offices do not provide customer service and trading desk.

  2. Zerodha Partner Offices (Franchise)

    Similar to sub-brokers in traditional terms, Zerodha have partners (registered Authorized Persons) who has offices across most cities in India. These partners does sales, marketing, local customer support and also provides trading desk (dealer terminal) to customers who are tagged to them.

    Zerodha partner office also provide Call & Trade services at extra cost of ₹50 per executed order.

  3. Zerodha Online Marketing Partner

    Zerodha also have 100's of online partners (registered Authorized Persons) whose primary role to bring customers to Zerodha. Similar to sub-broker model, the online marketing partners receive a share in revenue generated by the client referred by them.

    Online partners do not offer customer service and also do not have trading desk.

Zerodha Branches / Branch Locator / Franchisee

To find Zerodha branch office in your neighborhood; visit 'Contact Us' section located under 'Support' section of the Zerodha website.

In Zerodha branch locator you can find Zerodha Branches by selecting state and city. Zerodha addressed are also available on the same page.

You can use the branch finder for:

  • Zerodha office in Delhi
  • Zerodha office in Mumbai
  • Zerodha office address
  • Zerodha branches in Kerla
  • Zerodha branches in delhi
  • Zerodha branch in Pune
  • Zerodha office in Bangalore
  • Zerodha branches in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
  • Zerodha Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Zerodha branches in Thane
Zerodha Special Offer

Free Equity Delivery Trading

Get free equity delivery trading (truly no brokerage) and pay flat ₹20 brokerage for Intraday and F&O trades. To open an account with Zerodha, simply leave your contact information with us and Zerodha representatives will call you.

Contact Zerodha / Request Call Back

Brokerage free equity delivery trading (no commission) + Flat ₹20 Intra-day and F&O trades. Get the offer

Are you a day trader?

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