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Zerodha Kite Review - Most simple yet powerful trading platform

Published on Thursday, March 1, 2018 by Team | Modified on Friday, March 20, 2020

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Zerodha Kite Review - Most simple yet powerful trading platform

Zerodha is a leading stockbroker in India with lakhs of customers. The company offers online discount stock & commodity broking services at NSE, BSE and MCX. It also offers Mutual Fund investments and demat account services.

What is Zerodha KITE (or Kite)?

Zerodha KITE is online trading software. It allows customers to trade at BSE, NSE and MCX. It's a front-end application which is built in-house by Zerodha engineers. KITE platform offers 3 main products, all for free to its customers:

  1. Kite Web

    A website based trading application (runs on browser like a normal website) with streaming quotes, advance charts, keyboard shortcuts, elegant UI and all available order types.

  2. Kite Mobile App

    Zerodha Kite App is available for Android and iOS. Kite Mobile is a powerful and simple mobile trading app. The Kite Mobile App give you access to all the features available in Kite Web.

  3. Kite Connect API

    Kite APIs are simple HTTP/JSON APIs for developers who would like to build their own front-end platforms or tools to trade. These API's are offered as 'platform as a service'.

Zerodha Kite offerings

Zerodha Kite Segment, Product and Order Types

Products CNC, MIS, NRML, BO, CO
Order Type Limit, Market, SL, SL-M

Zerodha Kite Key Features

Kite is a superior trading platform loaded with many features which are not provided by its competitor. As Kite is under active development, Zerodha is bringing in 100's of new features every new version released. Here are a few key features which make Kite a unique trading experience.

  1. Dashboard / Account Summary
  2. Market Watches
  3. Streaming Quotes
  4. Browser Notifications
  5. Market Depth View with Streaming Updates
  6. Floating Order Window
  7. Exit multiple orders/positions in one click
  8. Multiple chart view (4 charts on the same screen)
  9. Trade from charts (place trades from popped out charts)
  10. Order Types: Regular, CO, BO, AMO

Zerodha Kite Doesn't Offer

Zerodha kite is an online trading website and mobile app trading front-end. There are few key features which Zerodha kite doesn't offer:

  1. Zerodha Kite IPO - Kite doesn't provide online IPO application. Zerodha as a broker doesn't provide IPO's.
  2. Zerodha Kite Mutual Funds - Kite doesn't provide the option to invest in Mutual Funds. Zerodha provides online MF investment through another tool named 'Coin'.
  3. Back-Office - Zerodha Back office is a separate web application. It's named as 'Q/Backoffice'. It is not part of the kite platform and the data in Q is refreshed overnight.

Zerodha Kite Demo

Zerodha Kite Charts

Kite offer most advanced charting with over 100 indicators, 6 chart types, 19 drawing tools, and facility to draw as many charts at a time. The chart intraday data is available from 2014 and daily charts for over 7 years for stocks, commodities, F&O, and currencies.

Key features of Zerodha Kite Charts:

  • Draw as many charts as needed
  • View up to 4 charts simultaneously in the same window.
  • Wide varieties of chart types including candle, bar, line, mountain etc are available.
  • Over 20 different drawing tools are available
  • Place orders directly from charts
  • Search and add indicators on the chart
  • Compare multiple scripts
  • Charts default to 1 min which can be changed to up to 1 month

Zerodha Kite Trading Products

  1. MIS (Margin Intraday Square-off)

    MIS orders are used for intraday trades in equity and F&O segments. Zerodha offers additional leverage/margin for trade under MIS.

    Zerodha Kite MIS Buy
  2. CNC (Cash n Carry)

    CNC orders are for delivery based 'Equity' trades. 100% money (margin) is required to buy share under this order type. To sell stocks using CNC, stocks need to be available in the linked demat account.

  3. NRML (Normal F&O trades)

    NRML orders are for intraday/overnight 'F&O' trades without additional leverage. Positions taken as NRML can be held until expiry as long as required margins maintained by the customer.

  4. BO (Back Order)

    BO's are intraday limit orders with a target and stoploss and an optional trailing SL all placed simultaneously.

  5. CO (Cover Order)

    CO's are intraday market orders with a predetermined stoploss order. Higher leverage is provided for these orders as they have fixed stoploss.

  6. AMO (After Market Order)

    Orders placed for next trading day in advance. AMO orders can be placed from between 4.00 pm to 9.14 am.

KITE Order Types

  1. Market

    To place orders (buy or sell) at current market price Say, if Infosys is being currently traded at ₹1160, a customer will be able to place a buy/sell order at ₹1160.

  2. Limit

    To place orders (buy or sell) at predefined price. Say Infosys is being traded at ₹1160 but the customer can place a limit buy order to buy shares at ₹1150. The orders will be queued and get executed only when the price reaches ₹1150.

  3. SL (Stoploss or trigger order)

    SL orders are design to limit the investor's loss. It can also be used to buy/sell stocks when it reaches a certain price (trigger price).

    Zerodha Kite SL Sell
  4. SL-M

    Same as SL order but with Stop Loss 'Market Order' instead of 'Limit Order'.

    Zerodha Kite SL-M Sell

Kite Fund Transfer

Kite 'Funds' page is for customers to add fund or withdraw the money from the trading account. Kite fund transfer allows you to:

  • Link upto 20 top banks for instant fund transfer using a payment gateway.
  • Transfer through payment gateway will cost ₹9 + GST per transaction to customer.
  • Transfer fund using NEFT/RTGS/IMPS transfer but the funds are not available instantly.
  • Withdrawal requests are handled in 'Q/Backoffice', which has seamless integration with Kite.
  • Withdrawals are processed at 7:30 PM every day (only once a day).

Zerodha Kite Shortcut keys

Kite Web provides a list of shortcuts which can be used to take actions or navigate through kite application quickly. The shortcuts are a very convenient and useful feature of Kite software. Here is the list of shortcuts offered by Kite.

Kite Shortcut Keys

Zerodha Kite Shortcuts
Shortcut Keys Detail Action
A Account Overview Go to the account overview page
~ Search Go to the smart search box on the left top
Ctrl+shift+1 Switch to particular Market Watch based on the number at end (1 to 5).
B Buy Hover over the scrip on the watchlist and press B to initiate a Buy Order Window.
S Sell Hover over the scrip on the watchlist and press S to initiate a Sell Order Window.
D Market Depth Hover over the scrip on the watchlist and press D to open Market Depth.
O Order Book Open Order Book.
F Fund Transfer Open Fund transfer and withdrawal page
H Holdings Open Holdings page to view current holdings.
P Position To track, monitor, act on all F&O and intraday equity positions
C Chart To initiate charts for selected script

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  1. 1. What is kite by Zerodha?

    Kite by Zerodha is a trading platform. It is a set of software provided by Zerodha for online trading in India stock and commodity exchanges. It is the best trading software available in India as of now.

    Kite is available in two versions, a website, and a mobile trading app. The mobile trading app is available for Android and iOS Apple smartphones.

    When you open an account with Zerodha, you are provided with a user id and password to login to Kite software and begin trading.

    Kite is developed and maintained by Zerodha internal IT team. It is a front-end software only. It uses Omnesys RMS, OMS, and API in the backend.

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  2. 2. What is Zerodha Kite Helpline Number?

    Kite Helpline / Support Number (8:30 AM - 6:00 PM)

    • 080 4040 2020
    • 080 3310 2020

    Zerodha Kite Call & Trade Number (9:00 AM - 11:55 PM)

    • 080 4040 2020
    • 080 3310 2020

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  3. 3. Where can I find the Zerodha Kite Tutorial or User Guide?

    A detailed user manual / tutorial for kite is available on Zerodha website.

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  4. 4. How do I change Zerodha KITE password?

    For Zerodha Kite change password, please follow the steps below:

    • Login to Kite Web
    • Click on the Client ID (i.e. AB1234) located at extreme top right
    • Click on 'My profile' link
    • Click 'Change password' link located at the top right side of the page.
    • Enter current and new password and click Reset button

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  5. 5. What are Zerodha kite account opening charges?

    Zerodha charge Rs 300 for a trading account and Rs 100 for a demat as account opening charges. Zerodha also charge Rs 300 per year AMC for a demat account which needs to be paid in advance.

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  6. 6. Does Zerodha Kite offer commodity trading at MCX?

    Yes, Zerodha customer who have MCX commodity segment enabled for trading can use Kite to trade in commodities.

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  7. 7. How do I download Zerodha Kite?

    Zerodha KITE web is a website based trading application. It doesn't require any download.

    Zerodha KITE Mobile Apps can be downloaded from Android/iOS stores.

    If you are interested in exe based trading terminal, Zerodha offers Pi which can be downloaded from Zerodha website.

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  8. 8. How do I find my demat holdings in Zerodha Kite?

    To view demat holding, click on the 'Holdings' tab on top.

    Note that stocks bought as CNC (equity delivery) will show up in the holdings from the next trading day. These stocks will be available in the demat account only after two days (T+2) from purchasing. Until stocks are delivered, they show up as T1 holdings.

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  9. 9. How do I apply IPO in Zerodha Kite?

    Zerodha Kite doesn't provide facility to apply in IPO's online.

    Zerodha customer can apply in IPO by visiting online banking portal of the bank they have an account with. This is not as convenient as broker offered online IPO's, but it works. A customer has to fill the Zerodha demat account related information manually every time while applying in online IPO's through the bank.

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  10. 10. How to check Zerodha Kite Ledger?

    Kite is a trading software. It doesn't provide ledger detail.

    Zerodha backoffice Q provides all historical reports, ledger, profit & losses, tax, fund withdrawal requests, historical holdings/positions table, trade and P&L visualizations and more.

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  11. 11. How do I refer a friend using Zerodha Kite?

    To refer a friend, please visit Zerodha Backoffice Q. Kite app doesn't offer referrals.

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  12. 12. How much Leverage does Zerodha kite offer?

    Zerodha kite offers leverage/margin as per the standard Zerodha policy as below:

    • Equity Intraday - 5 to 20 times exposure or leverage for stocks on which F&O trading is allowed.
    • Equity & Index Futures - 40% of NRML (Normal) margin
    • Commodity Futures - 50% of NRML(Normal) margin
    • Currency Futures - 50% of NRML(Normal) margin
    • Options - Zerodha doesn't offer any margin for buying Options.

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  13. 13. Difference between Zerodha Kite and Zerodha Pi Trading Platform?

    Zerodha Kite is a front-end trading application which runs on a browser (i.e. Google Chrome or Internet Explorer) or mobile trading app. Zerodha Kite is developed in-house by Zerodha IT team. It uses Omnesys API, RMS and OMS.

    Zerodha Pi is an installable exe based trading terminal. Pi offers many additional features designed for high-frequency traders. Pi is build TradeLab. The same software is used by many brokers.

    Read detail comparison of Zerodha Pi vs Zerodha Kite Trading Platform

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I am using Kite From 3 Months.its a very light and fast Html5 web application.
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