Zerodha Kite vs Zerodha Pi - A Comparison of Trading Platform

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Zerodha Kite vs Zerodha Pi - A Comparison of Trading Platform

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Zerodha, India's number 1 stockbroker by the number of clients offers multiple trading platforms to its customers.

Zerodha started with NSE NOW and then move to Omnesys NEST and Tradelab (Zerodha Pi). Finally, they build their front end trading software, Zerodha Kite.

Zerodha Kite is their homegrown trading platform built on top of Omnesys API, RMA and OMS. With Kite gaining popularity, Zerodha is phasing out all other trading software it offered in past including Zerodha Pi, Zerodha Trader (Omnesys NEST) and NSE NOW.

Zerodha Pi

Launched in July 2015, Pi is Zerodha's new and unique software featuring advanced charting, Algos, strategies & backtesting and Expert advisors for strategy alerts. This platform is available for free to all zerodha clients. They have inbuilt strategies and quick order entry screen so traders can create their strategies, backtest them and trade directly from the chart. Pi also offers trading signal and alerts. Features included:

  • Advanced charting: 'Trade from Chart' feature is a complete differentiator of Pi from existing trading platforms. They have 10 chart types with over 80 indicators and several drawing tools provides a complete package for analysis.
  • Algos, strategies, & backtesting: Apart from multiple order options such as bracket order and cover order, Pi supports scripting for algorithmic trading. Trader can develop strategies to buy or sell a scrip using TradeScript, the programming language packaged in with Pi. Also, back-test your strategy on historical data to validate its performance. Pi has advanced analytical features based on machine learning such as pattern recognition, neural networks and genetic algorithms. Combined with lots of free data available in Pi, these features are very useful.
  • Expert advisors for strategy alerts: Through 'Expert Advisors', trader also get access to Zerodha's repository of scripts written by trade pundits.
  • Real-time portfolio update: Pi's unique monitoring feature is real-time portfolio update, which shows actual profits or losses in your portfolio till date.

Note: Zerodha have come up with the new release of Pi in July 2016 with additional features:

  1. Multiple Market Watch: Users can create up to 5 market watches with using shortcut Ctrl + W. By default total 50 scrips across 5 market watches can be added. User can increase the count to 250(User Settings->MarketWatch tab) depending upon the usability.
  2. Find Symbol: Users can add multiple scrips in the desired market watch using shortcut Ctrl+F.
  3. Chart toolbar additions
    • TimeFrame conversion from Minute to Hour to Daily.
    • Selecting duration is also possible(Days for Min/Hr and Years for Daily).
  4. New indicators added:
    • Supertrend Indicator
    • Donchian Channel Indicator
    • Average True Range (ATR)
  5. Edit Chart Tools: Double click or right click on the selected chart drawing tool.
  6. Option Calculator (Black-Scholes Greek Calculator): Shortcut is Ctrl+O.
  7. Layout Saving: User can save the layout of the different windows on exiting Pi and then relogin into Pi. The setting can be enabled from User Settings->MarketWatch
  8. Connection Logs: User can show or hide Connection Logs using shortcut Ctrl+Shift+W.

Zerodha Kite

Launched in November 2015, Zerodha KITE is a web based HTML 5 light weight platform which can be used for trading on mobile, tablets as well as browsers. Using KITE platform one can trade in language of their own choice. Zerodha has launched this platform in 11 languages which makes trader more comfortable as most of the time English is not their primary language. Language preference can be selected at the bottom of the login page. Initially it was available in kanadda and now available in English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, Bengali, Gujrati and Punjabi. Kite mobile is currently available in Android on the Play store. They have over 100 indicators, 6 different chart types and 19 drawing tools.

Zerodha claimed 'KITE' is light weight and uses 175th of the internet bandwidth comparison to traditional trading platform. It has advanced technical analysis charting with over 100 charting indicators and unlimited data for all stocks. KITE searches through 70,000 stocks across multiple exchanges. Features Includes:

  1. Light Weight
  2. Ease of use
  3. Available in 11 different languages
  4. Over 100 charting indicators & unlimited data

Zerodha Pi v/s Zerodha Kite

Pi and Kite both are great trading terminal provided by Zerodha and both are having their advantage so one has to choose as per his personal requirement.

Kite is a very light browser-based version so it's perfect light functional platform to work on smaller devices like tablets and smartphones. It has super simple user interface, brilliant charting, intuitive search and filters, lightning-fast trading, and more.

PI is windows based full-scale software with many more features and indicators than Kite. This platform is ideal for Day traders. Pi has more features than Kite but again it's personal choice to select one of them.

Zerodha Pi vs Zerodha Kite

Features Pi Kite
Platform Window based Browser based
Ideal for Day traders Beginners
Backtesting Yes No
Internet Broadband Dialup & Broadband
Best works on Desktop, Laptop Any internet enable device
Order through chart     Yes NO

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3. Srikanth   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|Oct 7, 2017 3:10:36 PMReply
Hi Zerodha,

why dont you provide cards which we can you funds available in my account, it sjust a thought. is it possible
2. Seshadri   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|Aug 26, 2017 5:35:26 PMReply
Is there any automatic indicators available in pi.ie some sort of signals fr buying and selling .
1. Priya   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|Sep 20, 2016 9:09:50 PMReply
Pi and KIte both are best platform from Zerodha but Kite is not my first choice when i compare it with PI. Pi can look difficult at first but once you used to with it i am sure you will stick to PI. Pi is much much more faster than Kite. Kite Mobile app Does Not have Volume, Open Interest, ATP, LTT etc in Market Depth which i feel is important for analysis. Also Kite does not have bracket orders & Pi has it. I personally only use kite if i am on the move or i have a position Open and Cant Access PI regularly . I basically just use Kite to watch price and place my SL orders on my swing trades when i am on the move, i don use kite for any analysis at all. so if your strategy involves analysis then i would highly recommend stick to PI and use Kite only when you are on the move to exit your trades.