Zerodha Partner Program Review (Refer and Earn)

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Zerodha Partner Program Review (Refer and Earn)

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Zerodha, the leading stock broker in India, offers Zerodha Partner Program. With this program, you could become Zerodha Sub-Broker or Authorized Partners (AP) and start referring customers to Zerodha. The associate partners earn recurring referral money (share of the brokerage paid by customers) when their clients trade with Zerodha.

In this Zerodha Partner Program Review, we'll discuss how to become a Zerodha Partner, the benefits of becoming a Zerodha Associate Partner and the commission you can earn with the company.

Zerodha Referral

Zerodha works on a low-cost online discount brokerage model. Unlike traditional brokers who spend significant budget for advertising and customer acquisition, Zerodha uses word-of-the-mouth and referral methods to acquire new clients.

Customers are referred to Zerodha in 2 ways:

  1. Zerodha Business Partner Program
  2. Zerodha Customer Referral Program
  1. Zerodha Business Partner Program

    Zerodha Partners are stock exchange registered Authorized Person who provide customers to Zerodha and get a revenue share from them. Zerodha offers a 40% brokerage share to these business partners. These partners do not trade with Zerodha and may or may not have a physical office. Unlike traditional sub-brokers, Zerodha AP's do not operate a trading terminal. They only take care of the sales.

    Key Facts

    • Earn 40% brokerage share for life.
    • No physical office space required.
    • Works well for website, blog, YouTube channel owners.
    • Just share email and phone number to refer clients to Zerodha.
    • Zerodha takes care of calling the customer and helping them get on board.
    • Partner's portal to check clients, earning and much more on a real-time basis.
    • API is provided to submit the leads to Zerodha CRM.
  2. Zerodha Customer Referral Program

    Refer a friend and earn 10% of the brokerage they pay & 300 reward points when they open an account.

    Zerodha existing customers can also earn referrals by referring their friends and relatives. They earn 10% of the brokerage paid by the client they refer. In addition, they also earn 300 reward points for each referral. These reward points can be used to subscribe to our premium products and partner services.

    Key Facts

    • Open to all existing Zerodha customers.
    • Just share email and phone number to refer clients to Zerodha.
    • Earn 10% of the brokerage paid by the referral for a lifetime.
    • In addition, earn 300 reward points per client
    • Create an affiliate link and share it on your website/blog/social media.
    • No limit on the number of referrals or commission earned
    • No geographical limit for referrals. You can refer any person above 18 years from anywhere in India.

    Program Rules

    The following rules are applicable to people who want to be part of the Zerodha Customer Partner Program:

    • You need to be an existing Zerodha customer to join the Zerodha Partner Program.
    • Each lead you refer to needs to open an account with Zerodha in 60 days for you to earn a commission. You will not earn commission on accounts opened after 60 days.
    • You can refer as many clients as possible.
    • You are not allowed to pay or to run ad programs for your referral link online or on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
    • The brokerage sharing is for life i.e. you will earn the brokerage commission as long as your referrals are trading and paying brokerage to the company.
    • Referral income is calculated only on the brokerage paid. It is not applicable to other charges i.e. demat debit transaction fee, demat AMC and taxes.
    • The minimum referral payout is Rs 1000. You cannot withdraw money from your referral account till you have earned a commission above Rs 1000. The withdrawal requests will be processed within 7-10 working days. TDS @ 5% will be deducted for all withdrawals.

Zerodha Partner Enrollment Process

Zerodha's Business Partner program offers an opportunity for people who would like to earn from it by simply referring prospective customers. Here are the steps to become Zerodha business partner:

  1. Filling-up the enquiry form or by sending an email to partner@zerodha.com.
  2. Once both Zerodha and you agreed on the teams of the program, you to fill a form and sign a declaration letter.
  3. Pay Rs 1000 registration fee.
  4. Once registration is done, you will get an ID and Password to login to the partners portal.
  5. Login to Partners Portal and state referring customers. Partner's portal is a CRM website helps you to add leads, check the status of leads, view mappings and earnings.

Note: After a few weeks or months, once you start getting sustainable earnings and start monthly withdrawal, Zerodha partner's team will ask you to become a Stock Exchange Authorized Person (AP). Zerodha partner's team assists you with this.

Zerodha Partner Program Referral Process

If you are a customer or a business partner, the process to refer the client remains the same. To accurately refer your lead to Zerodha and earn brokerage through this, you need to follow the well define referral process:

  1. Zerodha referral through Console

    Zerodha Console is a website based back office or reporting software. It allows you to manage your Zerodha trading and demat account online.

    You could refer a customer to Zerodha using the Console website. Here's how to refer a person:

    1. Visit Zerodha.com and click on 'Console'
    2. Click 'Login to Console'
    3. Log in to Console using your Zerodha credentials.
    4. Click on your Zerodha Client ID in the top right.
    5. Click on 'Rewards and referrals'
    6. Enter Name, Email and Phone Number of your referral and click 'Submit'

    Zerodha referral through Console

  2. Zerodha referral through Partners Portal

    If you are a Zerodha Business Partner, you could refer a customer by adding a lead in the partner's portal. Here are steps to refer leads on Zerodha Partners Portal:

    1. Visit Zerodha Partner Portal
    2. Log in with your partner id.
    3. Click on the 'Add Link' button in the top menu.
    4. Enter lead details like Client name, email and phone. Click Insert.

    zerodha refer a client partners portal

  3. Zerodha Referral Link

    If you own a website, run a blog or are active on social media platforms then you can refer a lead to Zerodha through a referral link. The referral link will identify that a lead has been generated through your efforts. You can generate Zerodha referral link with the following steps:

    1. Go to https://zerodha.com/associates
    2. Scroll down the page to 'Get an affiliate link'
    3. Enter Your Client ID
    4. Choose the webpage you want to direct your referrals to
    5. Click on 'Generate Link'
    6. Click on 'Copy' to copy the link
    7. You can directly share the link on social media channels from the page

    Zerodha Referral Link

    Note: The minimum payout under this program has to be Rs 1000, and you should have at least 5 referrals, for you to be able to withdraw your referral earnings. You could also donate the earings to an NGO of your choice.

  4. Zerodha API for Lead Submission

    For websites or businesses who provide bulk leads, Zerodha also offers an API for Lead Submission. This REST-based API can easily be used to submit leads directly to Zerodha CRM.

    Zerodha sends a unique lead ID in response for every lead which is successfully added. In case the CRM doesn't accept the lead, an appropriate error message is returned i.e. invalid email address.

Zerodha Referral Status

You can check the status of your referrals in

  1. Log in to Zerodha Console.
  2. Click on your Zerodha Client ID in the top right.
  3. Click on 'Rewards and referrals'
  4. Near 'Refer a Friend' heading, click link 'View referrals'

Zerodha Referral Earnings

  1. Zerodha Business Partner Program

    In the business partner program, the brokerage share is deposited in your account on or before the 10th of the next month. To check your referral earnings, follow the below steps:

    1. Visit Zerodha Partner Portal
    2. Log in with your partner id.
    3. Click on the 'Brokerage' button in the top menu.
    4. Select earning month
    5. Click the Generate button.

    Zerodha Referral Earning

    Once Zerodha deposits the amount in your referral account, you receive an email like below.

    Dear Partner,

    Please raise an invoice for Dec - 2019 as per the CRM brokerage report calculation. A clear soft copy of the invoice needs to be sent to partner@zerodha.com by affixing authorized signatory partner seal and signature.

    Attached is a draft invoice format for your reference

    The invoice should be to 'Zerodha Broking Limited' GSTIN: 29AABCZ2616B1ZK

    Please raise the bill within 25th Jan 2020.



  2. Zerodha Customer Referral Program

    In this program, customers get a 10% referral of the brokerage your friends pay. The amount gets credited in your referral account and can be withdrawn by you when the following two conditions are met:

    1. Minimum Rs 1000 referral amount in your account.
    2. You should have at least 5 referrals.

    To withdraw your referral earnings, you need to take the following steps:

    1. Log in to Zerodha Console.
    2. Click on your Zerodha Client ID in the top right.
    3. Click on 'Rewards and referrals'
    4. Near 'Your Points' in the top left, click link 'View statement'
    5. Check the amount and redeem it.


    1. The earnings are updated around the 10th of the next month. I.e. For the January account, the earning will be updated on around 10th Feb.
    2. The referral wallet will get updated on a monthly basis only. The withdrawal requests can be placed on Zerodha Console.
    3. You need to sign a one-time declaration form.


Zerodha offers an amazing partner program for both customers as well as business partners. The program doesn't need any upfront investment. It also doesn't have constraints like qualifications, net worth, location etc. The entire process is online and easy. All you need to do is to share contact details of the referral and the Zerodha Sales Team will take care of the rest. The program offers the opportunity to earn brokerage share for a lifetime. It offers a choice for you to earn a regular monthly income with sustained efforts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. How to become a Zerodha sub-broker?

    Zerodha offers Business Partner Program which allows people to become an online sub-broker and start offering Zerodha services to their customers.

    To become a Zerodha sub-brokers, you need to fill this form. A company representative will call you to discuss the partner program in detail.

    Zerodha business partners earn a flat 40% share of the brokerage paid by their clients.



  2. 2. How to become a Zerodha partner?

    Zerodha offers 2 kinds of referral programs:

    1. Business Partner Program (sub-broker or authorized partner)

      This program is for people who would like to refer to 100's of clients to Zerodha. Zerodha offers these partner flat 40% brokerage share. You need to fill this form to begin the process of registering as a partner.

    2. Customer Referral Program

      Every Zerodha customer is part of this program. If you are a customer, you can refer your friends by sharing their contact detail on Zerodha Console's 'Rewards and referrals' section. Zerodha shares a flat 10% of the brokerage for accounts opened through these referrals.



  3. 3. How to send Zerodha referral link?

    Zerodha allows you to create an affiliate or referral link and share it with friends. Every person who opens an account with this link is mapped to your Zerodha account. This way you earn flat 10% of the brokerage paid by the people who are mapped to you.

    Here's how to create a Zerodha affiliate or referral link:

    1. Go to Zerodha Associates
    2. Scroll down the page to 'Get an affiliate link'
    3. Enter Your Client ID
    4. Select the page on Zerodha website where you want to direct your referrals from the drop-down menu
    5. Click on 'Generate Link'
    6. Click on 'Copy' to copy the link

    Once you generate a link you can send this link to your referrals in the following ways-

    1. Put it on your website or blog
    2. Share it with social media followers
    3. Share it to your referrals through Email/WhatsApp or other messaging platforms



  4. 4. How to use Zerodha reward points?

    In addition to a 10% brokerage share, Zerodha offers 300 reward points for every referral that opens an account. You can use the reward points in 2 ways:

    1. Pay for your demat account AMC
    2. Buy subscriptions to Zerodha platforms and apps
    3. Donate to an NGO

    To use your referral earning, follow the below steps

    1. Log in to Zerodha Console.
    2. Click on your Zerodha Client ID in the top right.
    3. Click on 'Rewards and referrals'
    4. Near 'Your Points' in the top left, click link 'View statement'
    5. Choose the service and click the redeem button.



  5. 5. How many partners Zerodha have?

    Zerodha has over 5000 business partners as of June 2020. Out of this, 300+ are active partners. Zerodha gets over 30% of its new customers from its network of business associates. These business associates include online partners and local sub-brokers.



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