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Zerodha Brokerage Charges, Fees, AMC, Transaction Charges 2020

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Zerodha is a Bangalore, India based Flat Fee Share Broker (Also known as Budget Broker / Discount Broker / Pay Per Order Brokerage Company) for trading in Stock, Commodity and Currency Derivative. It charges a brokerage of 0.01% or ₹20 per executed order, whichever is lower, irrespective of the number of shares or their prices (Except equity delive... Know more about Zerodha

1. Zerodha Account Opening Charges

Zerodha offers stock trading account and demat account services. Customer pays the fees, commission and taxes while trading with Zerodha. Zerodha fee structure and trading commission rates are explained as below.

To open Zerodha account you have to pay account opening charges and annual maintenance charges (AMC).

Zerodha Account Opening Charges | Zerodha AMC 2020

Trading Account Opening Charges (One Time)₹200
Trading Annual Maintenance Charges AMC (Yearly Fee)₹0 (Free)
Demat Account Opening Charges (One Time)₹0
Demat Account Annual Maintenance Charges AMC (Yearly Fee)₹300
Special Offer: Brokerage free equity delivery trading (no commission) + Flat ₹20 Intra-day and F&O trades. Get the offer

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2. Zerodha Brokerage Charges 2020

Customer pays commission (brokerage) when buying or selling stocks through Zerodha. The brokerage charges for equity, commodities and currency derivative trading for Zerodha are explain as below.

Zerodha Flat Brokerage Plan (Brokerage Plan)

SegmentBrokerage Fee
Monthly Fee (Fixed)
Equity Delivery₹0 (Free)
Equity Intraday₹20 per executed order or .01% whichever is lower
Equity Futures₹20 per executed order or .01% whichever is lower
Equity Options₹20 per executed order or .01% whichever is lower
Currency Futures₹20 per executed order or .01% whichever is lower
Currency Options₹20 per executed order or .01% whichever is lower
Commodity Futures₹20 per executed order or .01% whichever is lower
Commodity Options₹20 per executed order or .01% whichever is lower
Zerodha Special Offer

Free Equity Delivery Trading

Get free equity delivery trading (truly no brokerage) and pay flat ₹20 brokerage for Intraday and F&O trades. To open an account with Zerodha, simply leave your contact information with us and Zerodha representatives will call you.

3. Zerodha Demat Account Charges 2020

The demat account transactions are charged separately from trading commission. Find Zerodha demat account charges 2020.

Zerodha Depository Service Charges for Resident Retail Customers

ID Transaction Charges
1 Demat Account Opening Charges ₹0
2 Stamp Charges payable upfront (at actuals) ₹50
3 Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC):
  a. Individuals ₹300 Per Year + GST (Payable upfront every year)
  b. Corporates ₹1000 + GST (Payable upfront every year)
4 Transaction Charges per ISIN (Market Trades):
  a. Buy (Receive) ₹0
  b. Sell(Debit) ₹8 + ₹5.50 flat for every debit transaction
5 Inter Depository Transfer (Off-Market Trades):
  a. Buy (Receive) NIL
  b. Sell(Debit) 0.03% or ₹25 whichever is higher
6 Demat (Per certificate) ₹150
7 Remat (Per ISIN) ₹150 (Per certificate) + CDSL Charges
8 Courier charges per Demat/ Remat request ₹100
9 Pledge per ISIN ₹20 + ₹12 per request (CDSL Charges)
10 Unpledge per ISIN ₹20 + ₹12 per request (CDSL Charges)
11 Pledge Invocation per ISIN ₹20
12 Periodic Statement:
  a. By Email Free
  b. Physical ₹50 (Couier Charges)
13 Adhoc / Non Periodic Statement Requests:
  a. By Email ₹10 per request
  b. Physical ₹50 per request upto 10 pages. Every additional page at ₹5 (+Courier charges at actual)
14 Delivery Instructions:
  a. First Delivery Instruction Book Free (10 leaves)
  b. Every Additional Booklet ₹100 (10 leaves)
15 Cheque Bounce/ Per cheque ₹350
16 Failed Transactions ₹50 per ISIN
17 Modification in CML ₹25 per request
18 KRA Upload / Download ₹50

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4. Zerodha Transaction Charges (Exchange Turnover Charge)

A combination of Exchange Turnover Charge and Trade Clearing Charge. Know more about Transaction Charges .

Zerodha Transaction Charges 2020

SegmentTransaction Fee
Equity DeliveryNSE ₹325 per Cr (0.00325%) | BSE ₹300 per Cr (0.003%) (each side)
Equity IntradayNSE ₹325 per Cr (0.00325%) | BSE ₹300 per Cr (0.003%) (each side)
Equity FuturesNSE ₹190 per Cr (0.0019%)
Equity OptionsNSE ₹5000 per Cr (0.05%)
Currency FuturesNSE ₹90 per Cr (0.0009%) | BSE ₹22 per Cr (0.00022%)
Currency OptionsNSE ₹70 per Cr (0.0007%) | BSE ₹100 per Cr (0.001%) (on premium)
CommodityGroup A - ₹260 per Cr (0.0026%)

5. Zerodha Trading Taxes

Zerodha charges several government taxes and fees in addition to the brokerage. These Zerodha trading taxes are shows in the contract note sent to the customer at the end of the day. The below table can be used for the Zerodha tax calculation.

Zerodha Tax on Trading

Tax ZerodhaRates

Securities Transaction Tax (STT)

  • Equity Delivery: 0.1% on both Buy and Sell
  • Equity Intraday: 0.025% on the Sell Side
  • Equity Futures: 0.01% on Sell Side
  • Equity Options: 0.05% on Sell Side(on Premium)
  • Commodity Futures: 0.01% on sell side (Non-Agri)
  • Commodity Options: 0.05% on sell side
  • Currency F&O: No STT

Exchange Transaction Charges

Refer table above


18% on (Brokerage + Transaction Charge)

SEBI Charges

0.0001% (₹10/Crore)

Stamp Duty


Zerodha Ratings

Zerodha Review Ratings (based on votes by the customers)
Overall RatingFeesBrokerageUsabilityCustomer ServiceResearch Capabilities

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Zerodha Special Offer

Free Equity Delivery Trading

Get free equity delivery trading (truly no brokerage) and pay flat ₹20 brokerage for Intraday and F&O trades. To open an account with Zerodha, simply leave your contact information with us and Zerodha representatives will call you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. How much is the brokerage fee in Zerodha?

    Zerodha charge zero brokerage for equity delivery trades. It charges ₹20 per executed order on intraday and derivatives trades.

    Zerodha Brokerage
    Trade TypeBrokerage Fee

    Equity Delivery


    Intraday, F&O (Equity, Commodity, Currency)

    ₹20 per executed order

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  2. 2. How much Zerodha charge for intraday trading?

    Zerodha charges a brokerage fee of ₹20 per executed order for intraday trades. The brokerage for equity delivery trade is ₹0. Zerodha brokerage is among the lowest in the industry.

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  3. 3. When does Zerodha charge brokerage?

    Zerodha charges brokerage for intraday and Futures & Options trades at BSE, NSE and MCX. The brokerage is charged only when the order is executed. The Contract Note (sent at the end of the day to customers via email) provides detail of the brokerage, taxes and other charges.

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  4. 4. Does Zerodha charge for Mutual Funds?

    No, Zerodha doesn't charge a fee for investing in Mutual Funds (MF). Zerodha mutual fund charges are nil. On top, Zerodha offers 'Direct Mutual Funds' which results in an additional saving of over 2% yearly to the investors.

    Zerodha is the first broker to offer direct mutual funds. In case of Direct Mutual Funds, the broker like Zerodha doesn't get any upfront of trail commission from the Mutual Fund managers or AMC. The savings from this is passed on to the customer in terms of higher returns.

    Zerodha offers it's online Mutual Funds investment services to a platform name Coin. Zerodha Coin has a website and a mobile app, available for free to charge to all Zerodha customers.

    Mutual fund investment with Zerodha is absolutely free. There is no brokerage, no software charges, no upfront or trail commission from fund managers or AMCs and no hidden charges. Also, there is no limit on size or number of transactions.


    How Zerodha make money by offering free Mutual Funds?

    Many people ask about how Zerodha makes money by offering Free Mutual Fund. Majority of Zerodha revenue comes from derivatives trading. By offering free services like MF's, Zerodha attract many large traders and investors who eventually pay by using it's stock and derivates trading services.

    Zerodha earn small interest from the money you keep in your trading account for few days before you buy stock or mutual funds. Zerodha keeps your money into bank FD's and earns interest in it.

    For example, if you keep Rs 1 lakhs in your trading account for 1 day, Zerodha earn Rs 19.18 interest on it (at the rate of 7% annual interest).

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  5. 5. Does Zerodha have annual charges?

    Yes, Zerodha charge ₹300 per year Demat Account AMC (Annual maintenance charges) fees. This fee is charged quarterly (i.e. ₹75 every quarter). Except this Zerodha doesn't have any annual charges or minimum balance requirements.

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  6. 6. Does Zerodha charges for AMO?

    No, Zerodha doesn't have any additional charges for aftermarket orders (AMO). You can place AMO orders for all product types (CNC/MIS/NRML) at the following time:

    Zerodha Brokerage
    SegmentAMO Order Timings


    3:45 PM to 8:57 AM for NSE, [3:45 PM to 8:59 AM for BSE]


    3:45 PM to 8:59 AM

    Futures & Options

    3:45 PM to 9:10 AM

    Commodity (MCX)

    Anytime during the day

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  7. 7. Does Zerodha charges for selling shares?

    Zerodha offers brokerage free equity delivery trades. This means if you sell the shares which you hold in your demat account, there are no brokerage changes. Note that you still have to pay taxes and a demat debit transaction fee.

    For intraday trades, Zerodha changes flat ₹20 per executed order brokerage. Zerodha charges the same brokerage (₹20 per trade) on both the legs.

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  8. 8. Does Zerodha charges for margin?

    Zerodha doesn't offer margin funding. As per the new margin requirement applicable from Jan 1st, 2020, brokers are not permitted to offer additional margin. The customer has to pay the margin as prescribed by the stock exchanges.

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  9. 9. Why Zerodha brokerage is less?

    Zerodha is an online stock broker offering almost all of its services online by leveraging the latest computer technology and the internet. Zerodha does volume business with a highly scale-able online trading platform. This makes it possible for Zerodha to offer trading at an ultra-low-cost.

    Zerodha doesn't have branch offices, doesn't spend money on advertising campaigns and doesn't offer services like research and advisory.

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  10. 10. How Zerodha brokerage is calculated?

    Zerodha offers a flat fee brokerage model with brokerage free delivery trades. The brokerage charges in intraday and F&O are calculated on per executed order irrespective of the trade size. For example, if you buy 10 lots of NIFTY Future in one single order, you pay just ₹20 brokerages on this trade.

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  11. 11. Does Zerodha charge for rejected orders?

    No, Zerodha doesn't charge brokerage or any other fees for rejected orders. The company charges brokerage and other fees only for executed orders.

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  12. 12. Does Zerodha charge for canceled orders?

    No, Zerodha doesn't charge brokerage or any other fees for canceled orders. If for some reason you cancel your orders, you won't be charged any fees.

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