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Zerodha is India's No. 1 stockbroker. It is largest and most popular broker offering online flat fee discount brokerage services to invest in Equity, Currency, Commodity, IPO and Direct Mutual Funds. Zerodha charges Rs 0 brokerage for equity delivery trades and direct mutual funds. For intraday and F&O, it charges flat Rs 20 or 0.03% (whichever is lower) per trade. With Zerodha, the maximum brokerage you pay for any transaction is Rs 20 for an order (of any size, amount or segment). Ze... Know more about Zerodha

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Zerodha brokerage complaints report provide detail about the number of complaints received by the stock exchanges from the Zerodha customers. The Zerodha consumer complaints report analyzes the Zerodha online complaint data provided by BSE and NSE. This report shows the health of the broker.

These complaints are serious grievances against Zerodha broker which the broker and customer failed to resolve. The customer then filed these legal complaints with the stock exchange.

The Zerodha complaint no. report also provides Zerodha’s number of active clients. This shows the growth of the broker year on year.

Zerodha Consumer Complaints

Exchange Financial Year Number of Clients   ? Total Complaints  ? %
BSE 2020-21 452,471 19 0%
NSE 2020-21 3,391,059 768 0.02%
BSE 2019-20 451,299 25 0.01%
NSE 2019-20 1,414,376 432 0.03%
BSE 2018-19 234,716 24 0.01%
NSE 2018-19 887,267 265 0.03%
BSE 2017-18 259,642 28 0.01%
NSE 2017-18 540,905 339 0.06%
BSE 2016-17 30,690 10 0.03%
NSE 2016-17 165,586 99 0.06%
BSE 2015-16 5,377 3 0.06%
NSE 2015-16 61,970 25 0.04%
NSE 2014-15 30,379 17 0.06%
NSE 2013-14 17,523 8 0.05%
NSE 2012-13 7,996 7 0.09%
NSE 2011-12 1,163 4 0.34%

Zerodha complaint at NSE

Defaulter Yes/NoNoNoNo
No. of clients at the beginning of the year
No. of active clients33910591414376887267
No. of complaints received *768432265
Resolved through the exchange630392256
Non actionable **94150
Advised / Opted for arbitration000
Pending for redressal with exchange44259
No. of arbitration filed by clients660
Decided by arbitrators in favour of the clients450
Decided by the arbitrators100
Pending for redressal with arbitrators210
% of No. of complaints as against No. of active clients0.020.030.02
% of complaints resolved as against complaints received94.2794.2196.6

Zerodha complaint at BSE

Defaulter Yes/NoNoNoNo
No. of clients at the beginning of the year50632631325591741444
No. of active clients452471451299234716
No. of complaints received *192524
Resolved through the exchange162322
Non actionable **020
Advised / Opted for arbitration010
Pending for redressal with exchange322
No. of arbitration filed by clients000
Decided by arbitrators in favour of the clients000
Decided by the arbitrators000
Pending for redressal with arbitrators000
% of No. of complaints as against No. of active clients00.010.01
% of complaints resolved as against complaints received84.219291.67


  • * Including against its sub brokers, authorised persons, employees, etc.
  • ** Non actionable means the complaint that are incomplete / outside the scope of the Stock Exchange

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. Is Zerodha good for intraday trading?

    Yes, Zerodha is good for intraday trading on 2 counts. First, the brokerage rates are low which allows you to reach break-even fast. Second, the trading software is advanced which makes for fast trading.


  2. 2. Is Zerodha good for beginners?

    Zerodha is an online stock broker designed for people who can trade by themselves with no help from the broker. This makes it difficult for beginners who require hand-holding in initial days. Reaching out to Zerodha customer services could be a challenging task.

    Zerodha also doesn't offer relationship managers, research & advisory services. Beginners need assistance in picking stocks as well as for placing buy/sell orders where an RM can be valuable.

    Zerodha has online education apps, discussion forums and support portal. This helps beginners in learning the stock market as well as the trading tools.


  3. 3. Is Zerodha safe?

    Zerodha is a safe, reliable, and a trusted broker like any other broker on the street with all the required certifications.

    Moreover, Zerodha is a zero-debt company and a SEBI registered broker, a member of NSE, BSE, MCX, and a registered DP with CDSL. Being a member of such regulatory authorities, the transactions of the company gets scrutinized at regular intervals protecting the interest of the investors.

    Read more at Is Zerodha Safe?


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Raghuvir prasad gupta
110. Raghuvir prasad gupta  Mar 25, 2021 07:32 I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply 0
I have transfer 2lacs on19.03.2021 but not refunding nor credit my account not reliable person
Amit Bhupendra Nirmal
110.1. Amit Bhupendra Nirmal  Mar 26, 2021 17:54 I Like It. | Report Abuse 0
They are crooks... they squared off my position 4 hours before expiry and now not replying to my complaint.

Can anyone tell me to whom i can complaint about them ? Like some other regulating body.

Really unprofessional and not recommendable at all...

109. PRAVEEN P  Feb 28, 2021 11:07 I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply 0
On 24th when NSE halted zerodha squared off my mis position in bse without my consent if that can be done why not given us the opportunity to square off manually ...due to price fluctuation i have lost 1.2lakh which is huge amount #boycottzerodha #zerodhascam #zerodha
108. Anagha  Feb 3, 2021 09:34 I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply 0
They are not discount broker, they are cheap brokers with no business and professional ethics. Investors should think ten times before opening account with Zerodha. SEBI should ban Zerodha and not tolerate their nonsense any longer.
108.1. Priti  Feb 22, 2021 10:52 I Like It. | Report Abuse 0
where you do trades
107. NIKHIL GUPTA  Feb 3, 2021 11:12 I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply 0
106. Abdulrahim  Sep 3, 2019 10:57 I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply 0
Hi Team,
Can anyone please help me how to lodge complaint against zerodha in SEBI
Thank you
106.1. NIKHIL GUPTA  Feb 2, 2021 13:49 I Like It. | Report Abuse 0
try sebi scores website
105. NIKHIL GUPTA  Feb 2, 2021 13:47 I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply 0
Customer care sucks, I called up today several times to check for kite charges, but not able to connect at any cost. Almost day wasted in trying customer care.
104. Amol  Feb 1, 2021 17:44 I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply 0
My F & O segment is not activated for 20 days because of zerodha console technical issue. There support and service is worst.
Zerodha sucks.
Charuchandra nerurkar
103. Charuchandra nerurkar  Jan 27, 2021 21:24 I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply 0
I had transfered rs. 200/ towards my trading account opening charges. My account was not opened due to the reasons know only to Zerodha as i have not heard anything from them nor i received any login details. If my account was not opened then Zerodha should have refunded my account opening charges. This seema to be cheater company who show their chap mentality and lack of professional ethics for a small amount of rs.200/.
All prospective investors should be careful before opening account with Zerodha.
102. Phanindra  Jan 22, 2021 07:43 I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply 0
Stop loss not breach and triggered
Charuchandra nerurkar
101. Charuchandra nerurkar  Dec 30, 2020 15:38 I Like It. 1 | Report Abuse Reply 0
Zerodha is the worst share reading booking form in the country. I have every reason to make this comment.
Last week i posted the application form for share trading on line. I submitted all the details and scanned colors of all the documents asked by them. I also transfered rs 200/ towards account opening charges.
However, to my dismay, i did nit receive any acknowledgement not any communication from them.
It seems i have been cheated by this company and now i wish to demand refund if my application money of rs. 200/.
I am unable to contact customer care office as i get only recorded messages.
This is the company which has no business ethical standard and a strict legal action should be taken against them
100. pradeep  Sep 25, 2020 14:02 I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply 0
I am trying to activate commodities segment for many months now. They don't help in this regard at all. After many months finally one person on call helped me update the KYC. Then my commodities segment was shown as active. But still i couldn't place trades and i get error message as client not registered. I tried calling call center, but nobody picks up for hours together. ZERODHA has become a useless broker. I finally did this with ICICIDirect, They did this in 24 hrs as promised.
99. ddsharma  Feb 8, 2018 18:56 I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply 0
Hello Friends,

The reason I am coming to this blog is to share a horrible incident happened with me, courtesy Zerodha.

On 2nd Feb, I took one trade on JUSTDIAL FUT via bracket order. There was enough margin money in my account to take the trade. I put SL and Target. In few minutes my SL hit and BO shown close from open orders Tab. I took some more fresh trades after that.
It was shocking for me when I saw 1BO and 1Normal order reflected in my positions. It was shocking to see the losses in Lacs. I checked in open order there was nothing pending. I tried to call Zerodha customer care, but no luck.
The next day I received a mail highlighting the –ve margin. I lodged a ticket and discussed this issue with Zerodha personnel. They could not explain me what was the issue. As I had done everything right from my side I was furious.
After this incident I received few calls from Zerodha, they said that the order was cancelled by NSE due to high volatility. (Execution range issue.) Still I am not getting the cause. It seems there system bug.
This has conceived a thought in my mind that Zerodha is a crook and they are playing with poor retail customers.
I am now thinking of raising this concern to NSE and SEBI.
Does anyone has faced similar type of issue? Please guide me.
99.1. Rutzs  Feb 15, 2018 20:36 I Like It. | Report Abuse 0
Hi, had the same issue. Mine was a cover order (buy) for PC jeweller Futures.
When I expected a buy call my trade was not executed while the sell call (a part of cover order which had a stop loss)was immediately executed as a limit order shorting my position when the order given was of a buy. I lost 50k due to that trade. Has your issue got resolved yet? Will take them to consumer court regarding this issue.
demo cool
98. demo cool  Aug 2, 2020 00:10 I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply 0
Zerodha is now worst stock brokers.(1) one can not place order AMO regaular order on 09-08 AM to 9.15.AM (2)its hangs during working hours and one can not work on it like placing orders of sale and exists (3) Rate on Candle chart and Watchlist always differs. (4) interesting to watch candles on holidays even. (5) No customer care and no one attends the phone calls and even emails remains unanswered. Its not advisable to rely on the Zerodha. (6) Lastly Zerodha gives different data like rate , Chart (candles) on different computer at the same time which is very dangerous conditions and one can get heavy loss due to technical glitches.
Better to use chart of Zerodha and trading / investment with other broker.I have personally used Angle, Upstock and Zerodha and all the three broker are useless and not reliable.Hence going to switch over some other broker.
Jitendra Sahu
97. Jitendra Sahu  Jun 7, 2020 07:50 I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply 0
My ID is hb4275 I tried withdraw fund 100000 but not received fund in account and zerodha app showing that request had processed
Shyam Mohan
96. Shyam Mohan  Jul 1, 2020 16:04 I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply 0
20000 rs kis bat ke cut hua h mere account se
Krishna Chaturvedi
95. Krishna Chaturvedi  May 27, 2020 16:39 I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply 0
Zerodha is extremely baseless and pathetic firm with zero credibility. The number of complaints against them is out numbering. I opened an account in July and August of 2019. Closed the account even when I was not sent any credentials on next day. Called them thousands of time, emailed them and each time the dumb heads sitting on help desk acted like sitting ducks. Nothing happened till May 2020. This is a company which cannot close the account and now they have a debit balance against me because they did not close the account on time. People who run this company should be sent to Jail and sebi should take an action against them. Shame on such people.
IReddy Doddamani
94. IReddy Doddamani  Apr 12, 2019 11:56 I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply 0
I opened my Zerodha Account almost 6 months before and started purchasing of shares recently. The shares purchased are not appearing in the the portfolio in my mobile. How to resolve the issue.
94.1. Amol  May 14, 2020 17:46 I Like It. | Report Abuse 0
Same happened with me.I purchased 33 lots and amount is deducted from account ,After 2 days there is no trace of shares and all amount showing refunded.
Customer care pick my calls after trying 3 days and told no such order showing in your account.
Kite zerodha is simulator or what???

I lost my profit and this is ridiculous.
Archis ayan
93. Archis ayan  May 4, 2020 20:23 I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply 0
I bought 2000 shares of Cipla on 4th may. And by mistake i created 2 sell gtt of different price and when the first got triggered, it sold my shares and second one also triggered and now money has been deducted from my account. What should i do now? Please help
92. Vaibhav  Apr 28, 2020 17:10 I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply 0
Worst Service from Zerodha. I have activated NFO segment which was disabled from zerodha in a month without any reason, now it's been more than a week and everytime i call i get a different answer. They even don't know what's wrong with the account.
91. Sarala  Apr 19, 2020 17:54 I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply 0
I am having account in Zerodha. Total every thing is good. But there is no any complaint platform in zerodha...Bcoz I am trying to modify my primary bank account from many days, But Zerodha not responded well. Still i am facing the Issue. Very poor support mechanism.


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