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Tradingo is an online discount brokerage business of Swastika Investmart Ltd, an Indore-based broker with physical presence in all major cities through a network of branches and partners.

Swastika Investmart has 102 branches and a network of 2261 sub-brokers located across 500+ cities in India as of October 2021.

Tradingo Branch Locator

Tradingo Branch Locator helps you find the nearest Tradingo (Swastika Investmart) branch with ease.

Steps to find Tradingo branch near me:

  1. Visit the Tradingo website.
  2. Click on the Benefits link in top menu.
  3. Click Find a branch near you button.
  4. Select the State and the City from the dropdown to locate the nearby branch.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. How can I find Tradingo branches near me?

    Tradingo has a branch locator on their website where you can select your state and city to locate a branch near you. Tradingo has a Pan India presence with offices in over 500+ cities.

    To find a Tradingo branch near you, follow these steps:

    1. Visit the Tradingo website.
    2. Click on the Benefits option available on the page.
    3. Look for Find a branch near you.
    4. Click on the button. 
    5. Select the state and city from the drop-down list
    6. You will get address and contact information on the screen



  2. 2. How many Tradingo branches are there in India?

    Tradingo has a presence in over 500+ cities across India. 

    You can find the address of a branch located near your city with the help of the branch locator facility available on the company website.



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