Does Zerodha charge AMC for a Demat account with no shares in it?

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Zerodha charges AMC for a Demat account even when you are not using it unless your Demat account qualifies as a Basic Service Demat Account at Zerodha (BSDA).

For an account to qualify as a BSDA, you need to satisfy two conditions:

  1. You should have only one Demat account across all depositories.
  2. The value of your holdings should be below Rs 50,000.

Holding Value AMC charges

Upto Rs 50,000


Rs 50,000 - Rs 2,00,000

Rs 100

Above Rs 2,00,000

Rs 300

At any time, if you open a new Demat account with another broker, an AMC of Rs 300 gets charged to you even when there are no holdings in the existing Demat account at Zerodha. If the value of holdings exceeds the above limits, AMC gets applied as per the above table.

To open a BSDA account at Zerodha, tick the highlighted box in the account opening form as Yes.


Zerodha BSDA Demat Account Opening Form



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