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5paisa API (Algo Trading) Review

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5paisa offers a set of free APIs to its clients through Developer APIs. 5paisa Developer APIs allow customers to build and customize their trading platform as per their requirements and preferences.

5paisa APIs are a set of REST APIs compatible with multiple languages available for individual traders, start-ups, and trading desks. Developer APIs enable users to access the live markets, execute orders in real-time, monitor positions, manage portfolios, and much more. You can also automate your trades and strategies with minimal coding knowledge using the 5paisa ready-to-use Software Development Kits (SDKs) in multiple languages.

5paisa API Benefits

  • Free of Cost.
  • Compatible with multiple programming languages - Python, Node, Golang, Java, .NET, and PHP.
  • Users can build their own trading platform according to their specification
  • Customize market entry and exit with predefined conditions
  • Access to historical data, market snapshot, and live market feeds
  • Accessible by all from beginners to experienced traders and start-ups.
  • Well documented, detailed, and easy to grasp API documentation.
  • Place, modify, cancel Cover, and bracket orders in addition to regular order types.
  • Access to live market feed streaming.
  • Simple to use and secured APIs with minimal coding knowledge.
  • Integration with third-party trading platforms.
  • Single line Option Strategies Execution.

5paisa API Charges

5paisa provides APIs at zero cost. There is no fee charged from any client including, individual retail investors, start-ups, or trading desks, to use the 5paisa Developer API. You need to have an account with 5paisa to access 5paisa API.

5paisa API features

Feature Description

Broking APIs

· Trading API

· Market Data API

· Historical Data API

· WebSocket API

· Trading Ideas API

Exchanges supported



Equity, F&O, Currency, and Commodity

Real-Time data


Rate Limits

Refer 5paisa API limit section

Supported features in trading app

· Login

· Order placement, cancellation, modification

· Order Book and Trade Book

· Portfolio and Positions

· · Trading Suggestions

Integration with third-party software

Symphony, Tradetron, Algobaba, Algoji, Algo temple


Rs 20 per order/Rs 10 per order (based on the subscription plan)

Order Types Available

Market, Limit, Stoploss, Good Till Triggered (GTD), Good till Cancelled (GTC)

Product Types available

Intraday and Delivery

5paisa API Limits

5paisa has the following rate limits on the Developer API:

  • Order placement API Rate Limit: 600 requests per minute.
  • All other API Rate Limits*: 50 requests per minute (Extendable based on request).

*Order modification /cancellation/Tradebook/Orderbook/Position/Holding

5paisa API Demo

5paisa API Documentation

5paisa has well-defined documentation for its Developer API. This online documentation is available at the 5paisa Developer API documentation website. The Developer API documents include programming guides using popular languages like Python, Java, .Net, Golang, PHP, and NodeJS.

5paisa API login

Developer API is available for clients having an active trading account with 5paisa. If you do not have a trading and Demat account with 5paisa, open an instant account with 5paisa to access free Developer API by 5paisa.

Steps to login to the 5paisa API account

  1. Login to 5paisa account through TradeStation using your Client ID, Password, and Date of birth
  2. Click on the Trading API/Developer API option from the menu.
  3. Look for the Get API Keys option and click on it.
  4. Click on Authorisation>>Encryption in 5paisa API documentation.
  5. Enter the below details to authenticate the login.
    • Encryption key (generated from Get API Keys option).
    • Email ID.
    • Date of birth.
  6. After successful authentication, you will get access to the 5paisa API.


5Paisa API


Types of 5paisa API

5paisa offers various APIs to its users collectively known as Developer APIs.

1. 5paisa API for trading (Trading API)

5paisa offers different APIs to its users to handle end-to-end trading functionality. Using 5paisa trading APIs, users can place real-time orders, manage orders, monitor positions, and get live feeds on their self-built trading platform. The APIs also let you place, modify, and cancel Normal orders, Bracket orders, Cover orders, GTD, and GTC orders.

Developer API for Algo Trading

Developer API can also help users with algorithmic trading. Using Developer API, you can convert your trading ideas into trading strategies and build your own algorithmic trading system for systematic trading.

You can also use the 5paisa Developer APIs to connect with any third-party Algo trading software like Tradetron, Algoji, Algo temple, Algobaba, and Symphony to set up your trading strategies and automate trading.

2. 5paisa WebSocket API

5paisa WebSocket API helps traders fetch live quotes, market depth information, and open interest data across exchanges in the live market. You can either get the Compact or Full Market snapshot as desired.

3. 5paisa Historical data API

5paisa API historical data provides users with daily data since inception and Intraday data for 6months. It contains the timestamp, Open, High, Low, Close, and volume. The historical data is presented in the form of a candle for the requested period and is available in several time intervals like 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, hourly, and a day.

4. 5paisa Trading Ideas API

The 5paisa Trading Ideas API helps to provide trade recommendations that can assist Algo trading. This API provides data based on the existing data points in two categories viz. (i) ActionableBuys and (ii)Current Trades. You can consider the idea based on your choice.

It is important to note that the 5paisa Trading Ideas API is available only to users with the Ultra Trader Pack subscription plan.

Click here to know more on 5paisa Brokerage plans.

5paisa API Examples

  • 5paisa Trading API example

    Normally traders place orders manually after analysing the market trends, company performance, historical data, etc. investors need to wait for a perfect time to place an order buy or sell for gaining profits. For this, constant monitoring of markets is required to place orders at the right time.

    With 5paisa APIs, traders can build their own Algo trading strategies in which orders would be automatically placed when certain conditions defined by the users are met. This allows investors to execute the right orders at the right time.

  • WebSocket API Example

    Using WebSocket users can subscribe to scrips for which they want to get live data.

    This is the most efficient way to get live streaming of Quotes, Market Depth, and Open Interest data across exchanges from the live market.

5paisa API support

5paisa provides email support, online support, and also has a separate forum to resolve any issues related to API.

5paisa API forum is a group of professional developers and other API users who share their experience and knowledge on the forum that can serve as a guide for anyone. If your query or issue is not a part of the existing discussions, you can post a new query to the group for guidance.

To access the 5paisa API forum, visit and click on Forum under the Queries tab. You need to log in with your credentials to post comments or raise doubts.

Alternatively, you can also raise a ticket through the 5paisa website under the Trading API category. You need to provide your name, Email ID, Subject, Issue Description, and attach the supporting documents (if required) to submit the query.

5paisa API Support Email ID:


5paisa API is a collection of JSON-based REST APIs provided at zero cost to help efficient trading. Developer APIs by 5paisa are offered to individual traders, start-ups, and trading desks to automate trading and customize the trading platforms as per their choice and enrich the trading experience. Refer to 5paisa API documentation that contains the detailed parameters, values, functions, description format of different APIs that can assist you to use the APIs more effectively.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. Does 5paisa provide API?

    Yes , 5paisa offers free API to its customers, known as Developer API.

    5paisa Developer API offers various types of API to individual traders, start-ups, and trading desks to help automate trading, customize or build your own trading platform, and much more.

    5paisa Developer APIs include Trading API, Market Snapshot API (WebSocket API), Historical Data API, and Trading Ideas API.

    The Trading API provides complete trading functionalities. It allows users to place, modify, cancel and execute various types of orders, manage user portfolio, access Trade book/ Orderbook, and assist faster trade execution.

    The Market Snapshot API helps access the live market data for the required stock or the entire market snapshot as desired.

    The Historical data API helps retrieve the backdated data since the inception of 5paisa and six months of Intraday data.

    The Trading Ideas API helps provide recommendations and suggestions based on existing data points. The Trading Ideas API access is given only to users with the Ultra Trader Pack brokerage plan.



  2. 2. Is 5paisa API free?

    Yes, 5paisa provides free-of-cost APIs to its users. The customers have to pay only the brokerage charges (as per the plan chosen) and other regulatory charges as applicable.

    To use 5paisa Developer API, you need to have an account with 5paisa. There are no other monthly subscription charges for using 5paisa API. All the customers of 5paisa can access the Developer APIs for free except for Trading Ideas API, which is available only for the users with Ultra Trader Pack activated.



  3. 3. What is 5paisa Developer APIs?

    API in 5paisa is known as Developer APIs. 5paisa Developer APIs are a set of REST APIs which provide live market prices, execute real-time orders, design trading strategies, manage orders & positions, and much more.

    Using 5paisa Developer API, you can build and customize the trading platforms as per your requirement, automate trading to have a systematic, seamless, and enriching trading experience.

    5paisa Developer API is simple to use and high-performing APIs compatible with multiple languages. 5paisa Developer APIs includes

    • Trading APIs
    • Market Feed APIs
    • Historical Data APIs
    • Trading Ideas APIs



  4. 4. How do I get 5paisa API?

    To access 5paisa APIs, you need to have an account with 5paisa. Click here to read on 5paisa Account Opening.

    The 5paisa clients need to generate the API keys from their trading platform TradeStation and authenticate their details to access the 5paisa API.

    5paisa provides free-of-cost APIs to all its users - Individual traders, Start-ups, and Trading Desks. With 5paisa Developer APIs, you can customize the trading platforms as per your requirement, build your trading platform, automate trading, and much more.



  5. 5. How to generate 5paisa API Key?

    The users need to log in to the 5paisa trading platform to generate the 5paisa API key.

    Steps to generate API keys in 5paisa are:

    • Login to the 5paisa account.
    • Click on the Menu section.
    • Click on Trading APIs.
    • Click on Get API Keys to generate the 5paisa API key.



  6. 6. How to use the 5paisa API?

    5paisa APIs are a set of simple JSON-based REST APIs. To use the 5paisa APIs, you should have an account with 5paisa, the 5paisa API key, and 5paisa API documentation.

    5paisa API documentation is a well-documented and easy to grasp guide that helps you understand each API with sample code for each of them. Moreover, 5paisa API documentation has a ready-to-use Software Development Kit (SDK's) in six different languages. You can pick the language of your choice and start using API with minimal coding knowledge.

    You can get the 5paisa API key from the Trading API page once you log in to the 5paisa trading platform.



  7. 7. Does 5paisa support Algo trading?

    Yes, 5paisa supports Algo trading on its platform. You can code the trading strategies on your own using 5paisa API documentation or can seek 5paisa expert assistance to develop your trading strategies.

    5paisa has also partnered with various third-party Algo trading software like Tradetron, Algoji, Algo temple, Algobaba, and Symphony to assist Algo trading. 5paisa offers a complete solution to support Algo trading from strategy coding, backtesting, deployment, and assistance in getting exchange approval for your strategy.



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Special Offer: FREE Account Opening (Rs 650 waived) + Brokerage-free Mutual Funds + Trade at flat Rs 20 per order. Open Instant Account with 5paisa and start trading today.


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