What is my demat account number in Angel One?

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Your demat account number is a unique number consisting of 16 digits assigned by CDSL, one of the two central depositories in India. Angel broking demat account number looks like 1203320012345678.

The demat account number is a combination of the DP ID and customer ID. The first 8-digits is your DP ID whereas the last 8-digits is your customer ID

The demat account number has two parts:

  1. First 8 Digits - Angel One CDSL DP ID 12033200
  2. Last 8 Digits - Customer ID

The first 8 digits remain the same for all Angel One customers. The customer ID is unique to the customer.


  • Angel One is a member of CDSL and all demat accounts are opened and managed by CDSL. Angel One works as a servicing agent for demat accounts.
  • The customer ID in demat account number is also known as Beneficiary Owner ID or BO ID.
  • The demat account number is sent along with the welcome kit while opening the account.
  • You can also find your demat account by login into Angel website's 'My Profile' section.


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