Does Angel Broking provide API?

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Angel Broking offers FREE Trading API for Algo Trading to all customers. Angel Broking APIs are known as SmartAPI. SmartAPI platform has 4 APIs; Trading API, Market Feed API, Historical Data API, and Publisher API. All kinds of customers including retail traders, advisory firms, and start-ups can use Angel Broking APIs for free.

The Trading API provides complete trading functionalities. It allows users to place, modify, cancel and execute various types of orders. It also helps to retrieve order history, provide trade notifications, manage user portfolio, and assist real-time trade execution.

The Market Feed API helps access live market data for the required stock or instrument.

The Historical data API helps to retrieve the backdated data (open, close, high, low, volumes) for any instruments of the NSE Equity segment that can assist in coding trading strategies and automate trading.

The Publisher API helps add a one-click trade button/s on your website/app to enhance the user trading experience.


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