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What is Angel One ARQ?

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Angel broking ARQ is an algorithm based recommendation engine for generating high returns. It is an automated investment advisory engine that offers personalized advice based on your investment horizon, risk profile and financial goals.

ARQ's Robo advisory is built on advanced technologies like Expert Insights, Machine Learning, Cognitive Algorithms and Teraflops of processing power.

It is available to all Angel One customers for a Rs 99 yearly fee.

Benefits of Angel One ARQ

  • Rule-based strategy for maximum returns
  • Minimises risks by cutting losses early
  • See returns from your subscription date
  • Free to try; No Auto-renewal
  • Live Updates: Never miss a Buy or a Sell

Steps to use Angel One ARQ

  1. Visit the Angel One website or mobile app.
  2. Go to the ARQ section.
  3. Setup your profile.
  4. The tool will analyze the information and start suggesting investment options.

Buy/Sell from the ARQ calls page.


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