How to download Angel One software?

Angel One Account Opening

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Angel One offers 3 trading software to its customers:

  1. Angel One App (Mobile Trading App)
  2. Angel One Trade (Trading Website)
  3. Angel SpeedPro

Angel One App and SpeedPro are downloadable software whereas Angel One Trade is a website which can be accessed at trade.angelbroking.com

Angel One Mobile App

The Angel One app is a free mobile app available for Android and Apple iPhone smartphone users. This app is a convenient way to invest/trade with Angel One.

Steps to download Angel One App

  1. Go to app stores of your phone
  2. Search for 'Angel One app'
  3. Download and install the app
  4. Login with your Angel One ID and start using the app

Angel SpeedPro

Angel SpeedPro is windows based installable software. It is a trading terminal for high-frequency traders. Angel customers can download and install it on any Windows desktop and laptop.

Steps to download Angel SpeedPro Trading Terminal

  1. Visit angelbroking.com
  2. Go to Platforms - Tools & Research
  3. Go to Our Platform
  4. Click on 'Angel Speedpro'
  5. Click the 'View Details' button
  6. Click the 'Download' button


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1. Nisarg   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|Sep 15, 2021 2:28:22 PMReply
angel broking no longer provides speed pro as its primary desktop trading software.
it now provides TRADE NXT which is new and misses on live excel link feature