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What is Robo order in Angel One?

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Angel Robo order allows automatic buying or selling of shares when they hit a triggered price in intraday trading. You can place two more orders along with the original order in the Robo order.

For example, you buy the shares of a company ABC at Rs.100. You then wish to sell it Rs. 130. However, you also would want to minimize your loss in any uncertain condition. Thus, using the Robo order, you can place the original buy order at Rs. 100. Along with this, you can also place two other orders - the sell order at Rs. 130 and the stop-loss order within the given price range. Once the original order gets executed, the status of the other two orders changes to Pending. These pending orders get executed when any of the two conditions get met.

Robo Order also provides the trailing stop loss feature in which a Stop loss gets set at a certain percentage below the securities market price, rather than on a single value. All Robo orders are intraday ordersand expire at the end of the trading session.


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