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NRO Non-PIS Trading Account

An NRO Non-PIS demat and trading account for NRI customers who would like to invest their earnings from India in Indian Stock Markets.

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NRO Non-PIS Trading Account is the most convenient trading account for NRIs. This account can be opened online in just a day. It is treated as a resident account in terms of compliances. This is the only account for NRIs where Intraday and F&O trading is permitted.

Requirement for NRO Non-PIS Trading Account

  1. NRO Bank Account with any bank.
  2. PAN Number
  3. Overseas address proof
  4. Indian address proof
  5. Photograph
  6. Passport

Segments Allowed to Trade in NRO Non-PIS Trading Account

NRIs with NRO Non-PIS Trading accounts are permitted to trade or invest in segments as:

  1. Equity Delivery
  2. Equity Intraday
  3. Equity F&O
  4. Equity F&O Intraday


  • NRI doesn't need a PIS Bank Account for this trading account.
  • Funds for held in a trading account with the broker. Unlike NRI PIS Trading Account, the banks are not involved in the transactions.
  • Currency and commodity trading is not permitted in NRO Non-PIS Trading Account.
  • Clients will deal with the broker for their trades, funds, and taxation.


ProStocks Non-PIS NRO Trading


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1. ND   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|September 4, 2022 2:06:54 AMReply
You have mentioned that NRI can do intraday/day trading in stocks in NRO non-PIS account. However when I check the Zerodha NRI account review on your website, there you mention that day trading in not allowed for NRI and same is mentioned on Zerodha website as well. Can you please clarify?