What is Star API in ProStocks?

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ProStocks Star API is the cheapest trading API available in India for alog trading. Prostocks customer can trade using API with unlimited monthly trading plan (Rs 899 per month for Equity, F&O and Rs 499 for Currency). Customers don't have to pay transaction based brokerage under this plan.

Star API in ProStocks is a set of HTTP APIs that grants users programmatic access to critical functionalities of the ProStocks trading platform to enhance the user trading experience.

ProStocks offers Star API to retail and NRI customers. It helps users to customize and build innovative alogs or trading platforms as per their trading needs and objective.

ProStocks has an API that supports end to end trading life-cycle like order placement, modification, margin enquiry, cancellation, real-time order execution, and live market data. It also offers the historical API required to backtest the trading strategies and automate trading.


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