Stock Market and Financial Education

Learn about IPOs, Rights Issues, Buyback of shares, NCD public issues, SME IPOs, and Stock Brokers. The book-style reading makes it easy to understand the fundamentals.


1. Introduction to IPO

8 chapters
Introduction to Initial Public Offer (IPO) in India Stock Markets. Learn about IPO basics, eligibility, process, valuation, pricing, grey market premium, refunds, and subscription. The IPO process enables the company to offer the shares to the public for the first time and get listed on the stock exchanges.
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2. Buyback of Shares

1 chapters
The buyback of shares is a process through which a company repurchases its shares from existing shareholders. This book offers basics about buyback, buyback examples & case studies, frequently asked questions, and a lot more details about buybacks in India.
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3. SME IPO Guide for companies

6 chapters

We offer a comprehensive, step-by-step process for listing your SME shares on the stock exchanges - NSE and BSE.

We work as your ally and guide you through all listing processes in detail. Initial Public Offering (IPO) is the first time an unlisted company sells shares to the public and raises funds.

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