IIFL Securities Stock Trading, Demat, Brokerage and Reviews 2021

33.28% 291,730 Clients

Incorporated in 1995, IIFL Securities, part of IIFL Group, is one of the largest independent full service stock brokering house serving retail and institutional clients. IIFL Group is a leading financial service provider in India offering a wide range of services. IIFL is a well-recognized brand for the quality of its advice, personalized service and the use of cutting-edge technology.

IIFL Securities offers online trading and research-based advisory services for an entire range of financial products including Stocks, Derivatives, Commodities, Insurance, FDs, Loans, IPO and Bonds etc.

IIFL offers one simple flat rate brokerage plan. This discount brokerage plan offers brokerage-free equity delivery trading. For other segments, it charges flat Rs 20 per executed order.

They have a wide network of branches spread across all major cities across India. IIFL Securities is popular among retail investors and traders for their personalized services through the relationship managers and a network of branches.

IIFL Securities also offers NRI Trading and Investment services. They have a local presence in Colombo, Dubai, New York, Mauritius, London, Singapore and Hong Kong.

IIFL Securities Special Offers

Free Equity Delivery Trading + Free Account Opening

  • Brokerage-free Equity Delivery and flat Rs 20 per trade for Intraday & F&O +
  • Trade with the best rated mobile trading app.

This is a limited-time offer. Open FREE Instant IIFL Account online and start trading today.

IIFL Securities Charges 2021

Account Opening Fees & Annual maintenance charges (AMC)

IIFL offers free online account opening. Customers pay Rs 250 for demat account AMC. The Demat AMC is free for 1st year.

  • IIFL Account Opening Charges: Rs 0 (Free)
  • Demat Account Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC): Rs 250 (Free for first year)

IIFL Securities Brokerage Plan

IIFL offers one simple flat rate brokerage plan. This discount brokerage plan offers brokerage-free equity delivery trading. For other segments, it charges flat Rs 20 per executed order.

IIFL Brokerage Charges List

Segment Brokerage
Equity Delivery Rs 0
Equity Intraday Rs 20 per order
Equity Futures Rs 20 per order
Equity Options Rs 20 per order
Currency Futures Rs 20 per order
Currency Options Rs 20 per order
Commodity Futures Rs 20 per order
Commodity Options Rs 20 per order

Visit IIFL Securities Brokerage Charges Review for more detail.

Special Offer: Invest brokerage-free Equity Delivery (truly no brokerage) + Pay flat Rs 20 per trade for Intra-day and F&O + FREE Account Opening Fee. Open FREE Instant Account online with IIFL and start trading today.

IIFL Securities Online Account Opening

For online trading with IIFL, the investor has to open an account. Fill in an online account opening form to open a FREE Instant Demat Account and start trading the same day.

IIFL Securities Trading Software (IIFL Securities Trading Platforms)

IIFL offers several trading platforms. Most of them are available for free to all the customers.

  1. IIFL Markets App (Android and iOS)

    IIFL Markets is a mobile app for trading at BSE, NSE and MCX. With lakhs of downloads, it is among the highest-rated trading app in India. The majority of IIFL customers use this app to monitor the markets and trade.

    The app provides you with the facility to trade, analyze and stay updated with the latest information on stock markets in real-time on your Android and Apple mobile phones. Key features of IIFL Markets Mobile App include free research reports, online IPO, trading tips and alerts and integrated back-office reports.

  2. Trader Terminal (TTWeb Website)

    The trading terminal on the web is a sophisticated trading website designed for trading on any computer or phone with a web browser. The India Infoline TTWeb has every trading feature needed for a casual investor to the frequent trader.

  3. Trader Terminal (TT.Exe Desktop PC)

    IIFL Trader Terminal is installable trading software for PC. It is designed for high volume traders. TT Terminal is an all-inclusive online trading tool, with superior charting and analytical capabilities. It has the fastest order execution speed. It offers the facility to trade in cash, derivatives, mutual funds, IPOs, currencies and commodities, all in one screen.

  4. TT Iris

    TT Iris is a stock market decision-making software designed for frequent traders. It helps analyze the market real-time and make decisions based on the most recent data. TT Iris's unique features include customized charting, strategy testing, portfolio optimization, candlestick scanners, and price watch.

    TT Iris is a 3rd party trading software build by Spider Software India. It is available for a yearly fee of Rs 54,000.

  5. IIFL Mutual Funds App (Android and iOS)

    IIFL Mutual Fund app is a smart phone app to invest online in Mutual Funds. This app allows Buy, Sell, SIP and Monitor Mutual Funds. This free app allows you to view mutual fund scheme performance, latest industry news & expert advice from Fund Managers. The app also offers an online paperless account opening.


Visit IIFL Securities Trading Software Review for more detail.

IIFL Securities Pros and Cons

IIFL Securities Pros (Advantages)

The following are the advantages of IIFL Securities. You must read IIFL Securities advantages and disadvantages before opening an account with IIFL Securities. IIFL Securities pros and cons help you find if it suits your investment needs.

IIFL is a full-service broker. Along with buying and selling, it offers research and recommendations. The personalized services offered through a dedicated relationship manager help traders and beginners.

The IIFL Securities advantages include:

  1. Full-service broker with an extended network of branches across India and abroad.
  2. Free Equity and MF research and recommendation services to all customers.
  3. The advanced trading platform 'Trader Terminal' is one of the best.
  4. Offer a wide range of financial products including stocks, derivatives, bonds, IPO, MF, Corporate FDs and Insurance.
  5. RM (Relationship Manager) services for trading assistance.
  6. IIFL takes personal FDs as collateral for margin funding.
  7. IIFL offers Equity Systematic Investment Plan (Equity SIP)
  8. It offers equity, commodity and currency trading on the same platform.
  9. Offer advanced order type like Valid till Date (VTD).

IIFL Securities Cons (Disadvantages)

The following are the cons of IIFL Securities. Check the list of IIFL Securities drawbacks.

IIFL brokerage charges are very high in comparison to the online discount stock brokers. It also has a high minimum brokerage and call & trade changes. IIFL charges high brokerage as it offers a range of add-on services including personalized service, research, and recommendations.

  1. Brokerage charges are 60% to 90% higher in comparison to discount stock brokers. Check Discount Broker vs Full-Service Broker in India.
  2. It doesn't offer a 3-in-1 account as IIFL doesn't have a banking license.
  3. It doesn't offer Direct Mutual Funds.
  4. The Rs 25 per scrip minimum brokerage change is very high.
  5. Call & trade changes are Rs 50 per call.
  6. Advisory on SMS is available at Rs 50 per month.

Open Instant Account with IIFL Securities

IIFL Securities Margin / Exposure

IIFL Securities leverage for intraday, delivery, options, currency and commodities.

Equity DeliveryUpto 3x (18% Annual Interest)
Equity IntradayUpto 20x
Equity FutureUpto 3x
Equity Options3x for shorting
Currency FutureUpto 2x
Currency Options2x for shorting
Commodity FutureUpto 3x
Commodity OptionsUpto 3x

Visit IIFL Securities Margin Review for more detail.

IIFL Securities Ratings

Overall Rating Rated 2.7 stars 2.7/5
Fees Rated 2.9 stars 2.9/5
Brokerage Rated 2.6 stars 2.6/5
Usability Rated 3.3 stars 3.3/5
Customer Service Rated 2.7 stars 2.7/5
Research Capabilities Rated 3.6 stars 3.6/5

Based on 114 Votes by IIFL Securities Customers

Do you trade with IIFL Securities? Rate IIFL Securities

IIFL Securities Complaint

The number of IIFL Securities customer complaint received by the exchanges. The IIFL Securities consumer complaint report helps understanding the IIFL Securities Ltd quality and relibility of service.

Exchange Financial Year Number of Clients* Complaints** %
NSE 2020-21 291,730 228 0.08%
BSE 2020-21 65,221 5 0.01%
NSE 2019-20 218,877 112 0.05%
BSE 2019-20 64,954 13 0.02%
NSE 2018-19 221,753 133 0.06%
BSE 2018-19 48,542 19 0.04%
NSE 2017-18 225,435 138 0.06%
BSE 2017-18 88,975 36 0.04%
NSE 2016-17 197,996 220 0.11%
BSE 2016-17 98,133 25 0.03%

* The number of active customers reported by the broker.

** The total number of complaints received against the broker at the given exchange.

Visit IIFL Securities Complaints at BSE, NSE and MCX for detail report.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. What is IIFL securities?

    IIFL Securities, formerly known as India Infoline, is a full-service stockbroking firm founded by Mr. Nirmal Jain and incorporated in 1995 in India.

    IIFL Securities is a leading advisory firm providing diversified financial services and products to corporate, institutional investors, foreign portfolio investors, mutual funds, insurance companies, alternative investment funds, trusts, high net worth individuals, and retail clients.

    IIFL Securities has been in the broking business for almost 25 years serving over 2.3 lakh active clients providing them trading and investment services in Equity, Currency, Commodities, Futures & Options, Mutual Funds, Bonds, and IPOs etc.

    IIFL Securities has a strong footprint in India with 2500+ centers spread over 500+ cities and also global presence in London, Mauritius, New York, Colombo, Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong.



  2. 2. What does IIFL securities do?

    IIFL Securities is one of the largest full-service brokers providing stockbroking and investment advisory and research services to its clients.

    IIFL Securities is a SEBI registered entity and has BSE, NSE, MCX, and NCDEX membership. It provides various investment options to its clients ranging from Equity (including Equity Systematic Investment Plans), F&O, Commodity, Currency to Mutual Funds. IIFL is also a depository participant of CDSL and NSDL thereby providing Demat services to its customers along with trading services.



  3. 3. How IIFL works?

    IIFL Securities or India Infoline is a full-service stock broker in India. The company offers online and offline trading and investment services to resident Indians as well as non-resident Indians in equity, commodity, currency, futures, and options.

    IIFL also offers Mutual Funds, IPOs, Bonds, Insurance, Loans, and Corporate FDs. IIFL offers its services online or through its branches spread across various cities in India.

    To avail of various services of IIFL, you need to open a trading & Demat account with the company and link it with a savings bank account. IIFL offers 3 different brokerage plans:

    1. Flat Brokerage Plan
    2. Variable Brokerage Plan
    3. Value-added Subscription Plan (Advance Brokerage Plan)

    You can choose one of the plans at the time of account opening or switch between accounts at any time. You will be charged brokerage (as per the chosen plan), fees, and taxes based on your transactions. Refer to Brokerage Charges for more details.

    To invest in mutual funds, you need to open a separate account with the company called 'IIFL Mutual Fund Account'.

    The Demat account will be linked to your trading and IIFL Mutual Fund Account and all the securities bought through the accounts will be held in it.

    Once you have opened the accounts, you can trade through IIFL in multiple ways:

    1. IIFL Markets App(Mobile Trading App)
    2. TT Web(Online Trading Website) or TT Desktop (Installable Trading Terminal)
    3. IIFL Mutual Funds App(Android and iOS)
    4. Call and Trade



  4. 4. Is IIFL good for trading?

    IIFL is one of the biggest full-service brokers in India serving residents, non-residents, corporates, and other institutional clients. IIFL is a one-stop-shop providing various online and offline investment options like Equity, currency, derivatives, commodity, FD's, Mutual Funds, Bonds, etc. along with the best research-based advisory services.

    IIFL's trading platforms are one of the best in the country based on cutting edge technology. You are assigned a dedicated relationship manager (RM) to help you guide and support at each step.

    IIFL being a full-service broker, the brokerage charges are 60%-90% higher compared to an online discount broker.



  5. 5. How to close IIFL trading account online?

    The IIFL Securities trading account cannot be closed online. The IIFL trading account closure involves filling and submitting a physical form. The form can be downloaded from the company's website or you can also contact your Relationship Manager (RM) to get a copy of the form.

    Steps to close IIFL trading account:

    1. Select the option in the form for the closure as (1) only trading account, (2) only Demat account, or (3) Both.
    2. Fill in the required details and sign the form
    3. Submit the form to your branch office or at the given address.


    • Clear all the outstanding dues before initiating the closure request.
    • Attach unused Delivery Instruction slips if the request also includes the closure of the Demat Account.
    • Sell or transfer existing securities if any to other Demat accounts.




379. Venkateshan  May 16, 2021 11:32 I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
For Funds transfer they are charging fees whereas other brokers are free. They credit the amount after 10 days citing technical issues.


Brokerage - Above Average
Account Maintenance Fees - Very Poor
Website Usability - Very Poor
Research Capabilities - Above Average
Customer Service - Very Poor
Overall Experience - Very Poor
Palash Paul
378. Palash Paul  May 2, 2021 23:02 I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
I'm very much disappointed with IIFL Demat. Thy are charging huge to clients. Last month I sold 4 script from my holding amounting 65K. They charged my 737 Rs as Demat charge apart from selling brokerages and other transaction charge.
Looking for other low brokerage demat
Dibya Ranjan Pradhan
377. Dibya Ranjan Pradhan  Apr 23, 2021 17:25 I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
India Ka No1 tension free or branded brokar.quick Oder place .low brokerage services best application app mobile best@all are best play form
Dibya Pradhan
376. Dibya Pradhan  Apr 23, 2021 17:21 I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
India Ka no 1 tension free brokar best of india


Brokerage - Excellent
Account Maintenance Fees - Excellent
Website Usability - Excellent
Research Capabilities - Excellent
Customer Service - Excellent
Overall Experience - Excellent
375. Dwarakish  Apr 2, 2021 10:01 I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
Totally disappointed with this DP for their additional hidden charges without intimating customers.


Brokerage - Very Poor
Account Maintenance Fees - Very Poor
Website Usability - Very Poor
Research Capabilities - Very Poor
Customer Service - Very Poor
Overall Experience - Very Poor
Ritesh Saluja
374. Ritesh Saluja  Mar 24, 2021 12:26 I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
This NBFC is very very very very bull shittttt services...no rispond on helpline no..as well email is also worst service...I 🙏 request to all whom to read my message plz don’t start any type of relationship with this bank...otherwise you will face a to much problem..
373. Divyansh  Mar 9, 2021 11:03 I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
Hey i am divyansh jain.
This msg is to inform you all that IIFL is totally fraud company.
It takes money and run away.
On 26 feb i have opened my account with the help of Ms. Shweta .that time she helps me very much but after taking money she didint even reply doesn't pic my calls. And ran away.
So i warn you not to open account in iifl .its totally cheaters and fraud .
Rohit Shukla
372. Rohit Shukla  Dec 6, 2007 10:11 I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
I just opened my acount in indiainfoline.After reading all the views I am thinking to cancel it .Please tell me now, what can I do?
372.1. Divyansh  Mar 9, 2021 10:58 I Like It. | Report Abuse
Chor or fraud h bro pese leke bhaag jate h
Nirmal Lad
371. Nirmal Lad  Feb 23, 2021 06:47 I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
IIFL is one of good broker company, I used it since last more than 10 years. Very professional, mobile app is also very user friendly. Their basic service is good and if you are capable to apply your own mind to take decision then no need to subscribe their other services. frequently they arrange the educational seminars, very interesting and provide you different ideas for investment.
370. Jatin  Jan 25, 2021 18:53 I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
It is a fraud company, stay away from it


Brokerage - Very Poor
Account Maintenance Fees - Very Poor
Website Usability - Very Poor
Research Capabilities - Very Poor
Customer Service - Very Poor
Overall Experience - Very Poor
369. Sub  Jan 18, 2021 16:55 I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
*DON’T OPEN AC HERE, JUST PURE CHEATER, - AMC is 450/ not 250. Stock tips -300/ month, fake return on STOCK VEIW 5000/ 6 Months. *** after opening Ac u cant find " Research On stock "** , it will view before open Ac. Every corner is aCJARGE/ SUBSCRIPTION. # TIPS ONLY ON FUTURE not on Equity ( cash)
Better experience , APP IS minus rating.
No support / resistance, deyail, chart is unusable , SMC provide more info than iifl without AC open. No cust. Care
Think before
368. Sumeet  Oct 27, 2020 23:37 I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
Worst rm service. Had a rm by name of n aya na ka da m. She and her team never bother to pick customer calls or reply to mails , even when you are having big fno positions. They keep on escalating calls. When you mail to customer service, you only get ticket numbers as your token for queries which never gets resolved. Also there is a big limit problem especially in margin calculation. They assign stocks their own created groups and most of the stocks in B1 B2 category are put in Z groups un their software with 100 percent haircut. So they provide zero limit on such stocks even when you have a portfolio value of more than 10 lakhs. And last, but not the least, Very high charges are debited like 25 rupees per call charge if you call your rm and your trade gets executed. And 60 rupees are debited for a physical contract note. Stay away from such cheaters and frauds
367. Sumit  Sep 1, 2020 20:46 I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
Worst customer service
They only want to sell its product like tips n adversary
No technical support ,no relationship manager support,no customer care support
If you complaint against any thing with mail you just replied by tickets number
No query No isssue nothing is resolved by them
Don't go only for flat 20 brokerage
If I can I will give negative star or negative points for IIFL
366. Mondal  Jul 16, 2020 21:22 I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
IIFL new Z20 plan launch...0 delivery and 20 intrady and Demat debit charge only Rs 12.5 . Demat AMC only Rs 250.
More more better than any discount broker. Customer service excellent with Ask IIFL chat also very good. IIFL is a big brand not like discount brokers those ve no offline presence , if any thing worst happened no body can trace that discount brokers....so always go with good brand IIFL, Motilal, Sharekhan , ICICI , Angel broking ....U can sleep peacefully . Cost not factor for long term invsetor look for brand who can give u safety.
Swarnavo Pal
366.1. Swarnavo Pal  Aug 16, 2020 02:49 I Like It. | Report Abuse
Can you please tell me about the new plan z20 plan because I am not able see that on their website just an agent called me what are the charges in this plan and is the plan valid for lifetime?
sumit patil
365. sumit patil  Aug 4, 2020 11:36 I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
iifl is very bad brooking firm ,bcz every time while i login its showing wrong password or technical error ,or second factor failed.and bcz of that i click on forget password no any password received from tt web and issue is we r in loss bcz of we cant buy the shares which u want in morning bcz of application login issue.so its very bad service providers.charges are very high. an also iffl is chetter.and pls dont open the demat accout with iifl.very bad app and service also.
364. pradeep  Jul 28, 2020 13:59 I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
Fake people they are cheaters they are not giving proper info on profit i have made when ever i am.asking that full detail they stop responding to me or not even reply to.my email
363. Mondal  Jul 16, 2020 21:32 I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
I like IIFL new Z 20 plan . Overall ok . Its a old brand with so many offline offices.


Brokerage - Excellent
Account Maintenance Fees - Excellent
Website Usability - Above Average
Research Capabilities - Above Average
Customer Service - Excellent
Overall Experience - Above Average
362. Gopal  Jun 23, 2020 13:17 I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
IIFL The Worst brokerage Firm

I dont recommend IIFL for your Dmat services. High service charges, there are few services like Swing Trader which is useless and they trap you and make you buy the service. you will never have chance to unsubscribe from that service. they keep debiting your account with out your knowledge. Ruthless service executives, very poor customer service. You never get a chance to speak to your RMs for any kind of issues or escalations.

Navneet Kumar
361. Navneet Kumar  Jun 8, 2020 20:24 I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
Margin calculation is not good.


Brokerage - Average
Account Maintenance Fees - Average
Website Usability - Below Average
Research Capabilities - Average
Customer Service - Average
Overall Experience - Average
Chain singh
360. Chain singh  May 29, 2020 20:55 I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
Very good trading app and comfortable for trading and there is lots of knowledge include inthe app related to product, research analysis which are useful for beginners.


Brokerage - Excellent
Account Maintenance Fees - Average
Website Usability - Excellent
Research Capabilities - Excellent
Customer Service - Excellent
Overall Experience - Excellent

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