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-8% 40,357 Clients

Dhani Stocks Limited (formerly known as Indiabulls Securities Limited) is a disocunt stock broker offering ultra-low brokerage plans. Dhani Stocks is among the best stock brokers in India offering unlimited subscription-based trading plans with zero brokerage, free trading platforms, free call & trade and free funds transfer.

Dhani Stocks is one of the oldest stock brokers in India serving over 7 lakh customers with a dedicated sales team of more than 900+ individuals across 18+ cities. It is a part of Indiabulls Group, a leading financial service provider with businesses spread across many sectors that include Infrastructure, Consumer and personal finance, Online medical service, Housing finance and Financial Services. Dhani Stocks is a pioneer of the online trading platform in the country and is also the first company to be assigned the highest broker quality grading of BQ-1 grading by CRISIL.

Dhani Stocks is a SEBI registered Stock Broker, a Depository Participant, a Research Analyst and a Merchant Banker; providing a wide range of services like Equity Trading, Derivatives Trading, Commodity trading and Currency Trading. The company also offers IPO investment. Dhani Stocks limited is a fully owned subsidiary of Dhani Services Limited that is a publicly listed company on BSE as well as NSE. The company also has its Global Depository Receipts listed on the Luxembourg stock exchange.

In 2020, Indiabulls securities limited re-branded themselves as Dhani Stocks Limited. They also launched online trading services under the new brand name dhanistocks in desktop, web and mobile app version.

Key Highlights of Dhani Stocks

  • Subscription based unlimited trading monthly plan at ₹500 per month.
  • Zero Brokerage of Equity Intraday, Delivery and F&O in unlimited trading plan.
  • Transparent Fee structures. No hidden fees.
  • Instant online account opening.

Dhani Stocks Special Offers

Unlimited Trading @ Flat ₹500 PM

Trade unlimited in a month for a fixed ₹500 per month fee. No brokerage, no hidden fee and no worries of brokerage bills. To open an account with Dhani Stocks, simply Request a callback.

Dhani Stocks Charges 2020

Account Opening Fees & Demat AMC

Trading Account Opening Charges ₹300
Trading AMC ₹0
Demat Account Opening Charges ₹0
Demat Account AMC ₹300

Dhani Stocks Brokerage Plans

Unlimited Trading Plan

Dhani Stocks Unlimited is a fixed subscription-based plan for unlimited trading in Equity, F&O, and Currency at ₹500 per month with no other hidden charges. The plan charges zero brokerage for Delivery and Intraday trades.

Plan Highlights:

  • Upto 16x exposure allowed for Equity intraday.
  • Upto 4x exposure allowed for F&O.
  • Use stocks for margin.
  • Unlimited trading in Equity, F&O and Currency.
  • Bracket Orders and Cover Orders available.

Visit Dhani Stocks Brokerage Charges Review for more detail.

Special Offer:

Trade unlimited in Equity, F&O and Currency for fixed ₹500 per month. Open a Demat Account in 15 Minutes. Request callback.

Dhani Stocks Online Account Opening

Dhani Stocks offers online as well as offline modes of account opening to its customers. To open the trading and Demat account online, you need to download the dhanistocks mobile app and sign up to initiate the account opening process. The account cannot be opened online through the company website but only through the mobile app.

To open an account offline, you need to visit the nearest Dhani Stocks branch office as the company does not provide the account opening form on its website. Alternatively, you can also call customer care and the company representatives will guide you through the entire account opening process.

Dhani Stocks Trading Software (Dhani Stocks Trading Platforms)

Dhani Stocks offers a range of trading options to its customers to trade via mobile, web, desktop, or over the call.

Dhani Stock customers can choose to trade online through dhanistocks Mobile App that is available on Android and IOS or trade via web or trading terminal using a desktop.



  1. Dhani Stocks Mobile App

    The Mobile Trading Platform of Dhani Stocks allows you to trade anytime from anywhere. It is offered free of cost to customers to trade across various asset classes. Dhani stocks app is built using robust technology and has a host of features like access to Real-Time Stock Quotes, in-depth stock and market analysis, multiple customizable watchlists, etc.

    This app also allows the clients to track transactions, invest in IPOs, Transfer Funds, and Track Portfolio.

  2. Dhani Stocks Web

    Dhani Stocks web is an online web-based trading platform that provides its customers with a seamless internet trading experience. This platform allows the clients to place orders online, track transactions, invest in IPO, Transfer Funds, Track Portfolio and view intraday and historical charts with technical studies.

  3. Dhani Stocks PIB (Power India bulls)

    Dhani Stocks PIB is an installable trading terminal designed for high-frequency and advanced traders. It is an advanced online trading platform with real-time stock prices, live trading reports and advanced charts.

  4. Call & Trade

    At any point in time, Dhani Stocks customers can use the Phone Trading Facility by calling on the central dealing desk to place trading orders. The Dhani Stocks Call & Trade Facility is free for all its customers.


Visit Dhani Stocks Trading Software Review for more detail.

Dhani Stocks Pros and Cons

Dhani Stocks Pros (Advantages)

The following are the advantages of Dhani Stocks. You must read Dhani Stocks advantages and disadvantages before opening an account with Dhani Stocks. Dhani Stocks pros and cons help you find if it suits your investment needs.

  • Brokerage free for equity intraday and delivery trades and all F&O transactions for customers opt for monthly subscription plan.
  • Free call & trade.
  • Offers free trading platforms to trade across multiple asset classes.
  • Use stocks for margin.
  • Has one of the best trading terminal 'Dhani Power Indiabulls' to enrich the online trading experience.

Dhani Stocks Cons (Disadvantages)

The following are the cons of Dhani Stocks. Check the list of Dhani Stocks drawbacks.

  • Branch support not available for customers
  • Lifetime free AMC Demat plans not available
  • Advanced order types likes GTC not available.

Dhani Stocks Margin / Exposure

Dhani Stocks leverage for intraday, delivery, options, currency and commodities.

Equity Delivery1x (no margin)
Equity IntradayUp to 16x (based on the stock)
Equity FutureIntra-day: 4x | Carry forward: 1x (no margin)
Equity OptionsIntra-day: 4x | Carry forward: 1x (no margin)
Currency FutureIntra-day: 2x | Carry forward: 1x
Currency OptionsIntra-day: 2x | Carry forward: 1x
Commodity FutureNA
Commodity OptionsNA

Visit Dhani Stocks Margin Review for more detail.

Dhani Stocks Ratings

Overall Rating Rated 4.0 stars 4.0/5
Fees Rated 3.0 stars 3.0/5
Brokerage Rated 4.0 stars 4.0/5
Usability Rated 4.0 stars 4.0/5
Customer Service Rated 4.0 stars 4.0/5
Research Capabilities Rated 5.0 stars 5.0/5

Based on 1 Votes by Dhani Stocks Customers

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Dhani Stocks Complaint

The number of Dhani Stocks customer complaint received by the exchanges. The Dhani Stocks consumer complaint report helps understanding the Dhani Stocks Limited quality and relibility of service.

Exchange Financial Year Number of Clients* Complaints**
NSE 2020-21 40,357 74
BSE 2020-21 10,567 4
NSE 2019-20 43,866 109
BSE 2019-20 10,547 10
NSE 2018-19 45,429 55
BSE 2018-19 5,177 8
NSE 2017-18 49,495 74
BSE 2017-18 12,143 10
NSE 2016-17 39,485 57
BSE 2016-17 9,382 5

* The number of active customers reported by the broker.

** The total number of complaints received against the broker at the given exchange.

Visit Dhani Stocks Complaints at BSE, NSE and MCX for detail report.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. How is Dhani Stocks?

    Dhani Stocks is part of an Indiabulls group that is one of the country's leading business houses offering a wide range of services across various sectors. It is a publicly listed company with its shares listed on NSE and BSE and its GDRs listed on LSE. Dhani Stocks was the first company to be assigned the highest broker quality grading by CRISIL.

    Dhani Stocks is a SEBI registered broker and a member of NSE, BSE, MCX, and NCDEX that provides trading and research services to its customers. It has a depository participant with CDSL and NSDL.

    It also provides trading platforms under the brand name of Dhani Stocks in web, mobile, and installable terminal version.

    Overall, Dhani Stocks is a good broker with no proprietary trading business and no margin trading facility.

    Read 'How safe is Dhani Stocks?' for more details.


  2. 2. What is Dhani Stocks?

    Dhani Stocks is a stockbroking firm providing trading services to its clients.

    Dhani Stocks is a part of the renowned Indiabulls group. It is a publicly listed company with its shares listed on NSE and BSE and GDRs listed on LSE.

    Dhani Stocks is a discount broker providing a wide range of services viz. trading in Equity, Derivatives, Commodity, Currency and IPO investment.


  3. 3. How do Dhani Stocks work?

    Dhani Stocks is an online discount broker providing a wide range of services viz. Equity trading, Derivatives trading, Commodity trading, Currency trading, and IPO investments.

    To avail of the various services offered by the company, you need to open a trading and Demat account with the Dhani Stocks. With a trading and Demat account, you also need to have a savings account with any bank in India. The Demat account gets linked to your trading account.

    Once all the accounts are ready, you can trade with Dhani Stocks through any of the below trading platforms:

    • Dhani Stocks App (for Android and iOS).
    • Dhani Stocks Web.
    • Dhani Stocks PIB (Power Indiabulls)
    • Call & Trade.

    Dhani Stocks provides unlimited trading in Equity, F&O, and Currency at ₹500 per month. You are required to pay minimum brokerage (₹0.01 per executed order), Demat charges, and other regulatory charges like STT, GST, exchange transaction charges, Stamp duty for every transaction done with Dhani Stocks.


  4. 4. How to transfer funds to Dhani Stocks?

    You could transfer the funds to Dhani Stocks using various modes of online transfer like UPI, Net banking, or by issuing a cheque.

    Dhani Stocks does not apply any charges for the online fund transfer except for the UPI gateway or bank charges that may apply.

    It is important to note that Dhani Stocks accepts the funds only from the linked bank accounts registered with them.



Sanjeev Singh
1. Sanjeev Singh  Nov 21, 2020 12:51 I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
I am using dhani mobile app for last few weeks and found it good. I trade in derivatives. The Rs 500 unlimited trading plan works cheaper for me in comparison to Zerodha where I have another account.


Brokerage - Above Average
Account Maintenance Fees - Average
Website Usability - Above Average
Research Capabilities - Excellent
Customer Service - Above Average
Overall Experience - Above Average

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